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Cable Television Coordinator : A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS -- Library
Calculating Call Waiting Bonuses and Premiums for Overtime Compensation Purposes
Calculating Overtime Pay for Firefighters and Police
Camouflaging Telecommunications Towers
Can a City Sell T-shirts on the Internet?
Can a Municipality Require Double Wides in Residential Areas to Have a Foundation?
Can the City Attorney Also Serve as the City Judge?
Can the City Either Prohibit or Regulate Blasting by a Certain Rock Quarry?
Can the City Enact Term Limits on Aldermen by Ordinance?
Can the City Make Appropriations to Nonprofit Organizations?
Can the County Sheriff Increase the Cost of Housing Prisoners Arrested by the City?
Candidate Running for Two Municipal Offices
Candidates for School Board Seats Must Be Residents of the District They Represent
Canine Team Policy
Caps on Compensatory Time
Car Allowance Policy
Car Allowance Survey
Caught in the Middle of Leadership
Cellular Phone Use Policy
Certain Employee Records Subject to the Open Records Act
Certificate of Compliance for Wine in Grocery Stores
Certificate of Compliance: Retail Package Store
Certificate of Occupancy
Certification Pay: a Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Certified Municipal Finance Officer Program: An Impact Analysis
Certified Population of Tennessee Incorporated Municipalities
Certifying Election Results before Swearing In Newly Elected Officials
Chancery Court Judge
Changes to Pay Schedule
Changing an Employee's Employment Status
Changing the Agenda of a Special Meeting During the Meeting
Changing the Mayor's Salary
Charges for Copies of Accident Reports and Incident Reports
Charging Non-Users a Garbage Collection Fee and Requiring Garbage Collection Recipients to Use Only the City Garbage Collection Service
Charging the Inside Tax Rate with Respect to Property in One City in the County and the Outside Rate with Respect to Property in Another City in the County
Charging Time for Employee Court Appearance
Charter and Conflict of Interest Questions
Charter Provisions Favoring Local Bidders
Charter Question about Property Taxes and Enforcing Ordinances
Charter Questions
Chattanooga/Hamilton County Area Recreation Services: Meeting the Recreational Needs for the Future through Partnerships and Cooperation
Chicken Manure Ordinance
Chief Accountant
Chief Mechanic
Chief of Police Insists He Is Entitled to a Leave of Absence to Run for Office
Chief of Police (1)
Chief of Police (2)
Chief of Police (3)
Chief Wastewater Plant Operator
Church Hill Methadone Treatment Clinic Ordinance
Citation Form for Offenses That Are Not Traffic Related
Citations in Lieu of Arrest and Ordinance Summonses
Cities' Ability to Offer Cable Service as Joint Venture
Cities Conducting Games or Contests for Money
Cities May Confer Employee Status for Purposes of the Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act to Another City Pursuant to a Valid Interlocal Agreement
Cities Providing Civil Leave and Paid Leave for Organ and Blood Donors: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Cities Providing Fire Service Outside Their Limits
Cities That Allow Non-Resident Voting
Cities That Operate Gas Departments
Citizens Information Manager
Citizens Information Services Coordinator
Citizens Information Services Office Assistant
Citizens Information Television Manager
Citizens Information Television Voice Mail Coordinator
City's Ability to Condemn an Easement Across Railroad Tracks to Construct a Street
City's Authority to Pay for Advertising of Businesses Within -- the City
City's Gas System Contributing Revenues for the Repair of the City's Streets
City's Purchase of Automotive Repairs
City's Responsibility to Maintain Private Drives That Were Annexed into the City
A City's Right to Annex in Its Urban Growth Boundary
City's Share of the State Beer Tax
City-Owned Golf Courses: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library for the Town of Smyrna
City Administrator
City Administrator Employment Agreement
City as a Landlord Pending the Termination of Leases
City Assumes Operation of the Presently Quasi-Independent Utility Board
City Attorney
City Authority over Housing Authority Board
City Authority to Name State Highway
City Cemetery Policies and Charges: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
City Cemetery Policies and Charges: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
City Charter Signatures
City Commissioner or City Recorder Serving as Volunteer Firefighter
City Constructs Its Own Building and Uses Volunteer Labor
City Contract with Unlicensed Contractor
City Council Agenda Formats
City Council Meetings
City Council Serving as School Board
City Council Vote
City Court Clerk
City Court Judgments Are Not Stayed During Appeal
City Donations to Non-Profit Organizations
City Drug Testing
City Employee Positions (Grant Writing, Grant Administration, Risk Management): A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library for the City of Bristol
City Employee Volunteering as a Reserve Police Officer
City Entering into a Contract with the YMCA to Allow City Residents to Use Their Pool
City Establishes a Public Sanitary Sewer System
City Gas Department Wishes to Loan the General Revenue Fund an Amount Necessary to Construct a Municipal Garage
City Issues a Building Permit for a Project Which Causes a Drainage Problem
City Judge Appointment Procedures
City Judge Benefits Survey
City Judge Compensation and Benefits Survey
City Judge Signing a Search Warrant in a State Case
City Judges' Terms of Office
City Judge, Vacancy, and Appointment of Special Judges
City Liability for Liquidated Damages on a Terminated Contract
City Manager
City Manager
City Manager's Authority Over Personnel Administration
City Manager Car Allowance
City Manager Compensation Survey 2014
City Manager Employment Agreements and Severance Pay
City Manager Evaluation
City Manager Evaluation Cover Letter
City Manager Evaluation Form
City Manager Evaluation Forms
City Manager of Irving: Classification Specification
City Manager Orientation
City Manager Performance Evaluation
City Manager Serving as Ex Officio Member of the City's -- Utility Board
City May Purchase Insurance from the Municipal Liability Pool
City Noise Ordinance
City Obtains a Certificate of Public Purpose and Necessity Before Borrowing Funds to Buy Land for an Industrial Park
City of Bluff City Request for Proposals for Automated Fixed Speed Photo Enforcement Program
City of Brentwood Fire Department Annual Report FY2004
City of Chattanooga Division of Codes & Inspection
City of Chattanooga Fleet Study
City of Chattanooga Procurement Instruction Manual
City of Cleveland Finance Department Banking Service Proposal
City of East Ridge Solid Waste Collection Study
City of Elizabethton Municipal Golf Course Study
City of Fairview Street Department Review
City of Gallaway, Tennessee, Contract Documents & Specifications for Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Service
City of Harrogate Purchasing Procedures
City of Jackson Fire Department: Past, Present, Future [Fire Department Annual Report]
City of Knoxville Division of Building Permit Review and Inspections Operations Assessment
City of Knoxville, Request for Proposals, Basic Life, AD&D, Basic Dependent Life, Supplemental Life and Long Term Disability Insurance
City of Lewisburg Water & Wastewater: MTAS Management and Operational Assessment
City of Manchester Board Evaluation
City of Manchester City Administrator Evaluation 2001
City of McMinnville 2013 Strategic Goals
City of Morristown, Tennessee, Contract Documents & Specifications for Brush Pick-up, Transporting and Processing/Disposal Services
City of Mount Juliet Planning Commission Annexation Study: Royal Oaks Service Area
City of Mount Juliet, Tennessee
City of Murfreesboro Fleet Service Evaluation
City of Niota Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Agreement
City of Oak Ridge Citizen Satisfaction Survey
City of Oak Ridge Strategic Plan Update Issues
City of Smithville, Tennessee: A Resolution
City of South Pittsburg Position Paper
City of Springfield Request for Proposals Contract Management of the Legacy Golf Course
City of Tracy City Court Cost Computations and an Ordinance Establishing City Court Costs
City of Tusculum Certified Municipal Finance Officer Job Description
City of Whitwell Fire Department
City of Winchester Administrative Review
City Parks and Security: A Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
City Permits for Mass Gathering Events: an MTAS Survey
City Planner
City Psychologist Usage
City Recorder
City Recorder Job Description with CMFO
City Recorder/Finance Director
City Regulation of Commercial Poultry Production Houses
City Required Contractor License: A Survey of Selected Cities in Tennessee
City Responsibility for Property Line Pin
City School District Admits Children Who Live Outside the City and Charges Tuition
City Surveyor Position in Selected Cities
City Treasurer Duties and Compensation
City Undertaking Drainage Work on Private Property
City Wishes to Prohibit Double Wide Mobile Homes
Civic Center Event Coordinator
Civic Center Manager
Civil and Criminal Liability under TOSHA
Civil Service Board Authority
Civil Service: Some Pros, Cons and Suggestions for Reform
Civilian Ride-Along Programs
Clarification of Provisions of the Municipal Finance Officer Certification and Education Act of 2007
Classified and Commercial Driver Licenses Chapter 1340-1-13
Classifying Employees in Labor and Management Categories
Clerk III - Accountant
Cleveland Beautification Survey
Clinton, Tennessee, Fire Station Location Study
Closed Meetings with City Attorney
CMR Board Member Type Questions
Code Enforcement Notices and Forms
Code Enforcement Officers
Code Enforcement on Buildings Partially Within City
Code of Ethics for City Officials and Employees
Code of Ethics Ordinance
Collecting State and Local Litigation Tax on Actions Filed in Municipal Court
Collection of Costs Related to Solid Waste
Collection of Fines and Costs While Decision is on Appeal
Collection of Municipal Court Costs
College Student Voter Registration
Collegedale Building and Property Maintenance Study: A Guide for Building Construction and Property Maintenance Code Enforcement
Columbia, Tennessee, Fire Station Location Study
Combined Annual Vacation, Sick, and Personal Leave Study
Combining Two Utility Boards
Commercial Drivers License and Ordinance Violations
Commission Form of Government
Commissioner of Public Works
Commissioners Take Oath of Office from Person Not Qualified to Issue Oaths
Commissioning Fire Investigators
Committed Fund Ordinance
Communications Equipment on Publicly Owned Facilities
Community Center Lease Agreement
Community Development Director
Community Improvements Coordinator
Community Planner II
Companies Who Can Do Compensation Studies
Compensation and Health Insurance for City Boards and Commissions
Compensation for Serving on Committees
Compensation of Police Officers
Compensation Policy Required by Law
Compensatory Time for FLSA-Exempt Employees
Compliance/Labor Relations Specialist
Composition and Authority of the City Beer Board
Comprehensive Fire Management Study Survey Form
Condemnation of Property with Deed Restrictions or Covenants
Conditions for the Return of a Biting Dog to Owner
Conditions of Abandoning a Street
Conditions of the Deed Abandoning the Street
Conditions Under Which the City Can Give Local Preference on Bids
Conducted Energy Weapon (M26 Taser) Policy
Confidentiality of Certain Internal Investigative Notes/Reports
Conflict of Interest Provision in City Charter
Conservation Easements on Recreational Property Owned by the City
The Consolidation of City and County Governments: A Look at the History and Outcome-Based Research of These Efforts (2012)
Constitutionality of Changes to Home Rule City Charters
Construction and Garage Sales on Sundays
Construction and Sale/Leaseback of Public Works Project by Municipality
Construction Inspector
Construction without a Building Permit
Consultant to Acquire Right-of-Way
Continuation of a Nonconforming Commercial Use in a Residential Zoning District
Contract between City and Alderman
Contract Documents and Specifications for Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Service for Curbside Recycling, Transporting and Processing Services
Contract Documents & Specifications for Residential Recyclable Materials Collection and Delivery
Contract Documents & Specifications for Wood Waste Pick-Up, Transporting and Processing/Disposal Services
Contract for Consolidated Law Enforcement
Contract for the County to Maintain the City's Streets in Exchange for Payment
Contract Law
Contract to Contribute to the National Guard Armory
Contract with Utility District
Contraction/Deannexation of Property by Ordinance
Contractors Licensing Law and Its Application
Contractors Licensing Law and Its Application
Contractual Agreement for Wastewater Testing
Contradictory Provisions of City Charter Related to Sidewalks
Controlling Mosquitos in Selected East Tennessee Cities -- A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Convenience Petition
Convention Center Management Agreement Among the Convention Center Corporation and John Q. Hammons Hotels, Inc.
Converting Two Way Streets to One Way Streets
Conveyance of a Portion of the City Building to the Utility Department
Corridor Annexation
Cost of Maintaining Fire Hydrants
Cost of Relocating a Water Line
Cost of Training Contracts
Cost Recovery of Hazardous Materials Clean-Up and Response
Costs of Multiple Charges
Councilmember Acting as City Judge, in Absence of Judge
Councilmember Running for Mayor
Counting Meal Time for Firefighters Towards Overtime Pay
Counting of Board Votes
County's Authority to Condemn Territory Within a Municipality's Corporate Boundaries Without Its Consent
County Assessor Service Fee Survey
County Beer Permits
County Funding of Roads
County Gift of Real Property to a City
County Mayor Serving on the Industrial Development Board
County Taxing Rental Property Owned by the Utility District
County Zoning Ordinances
Court Comparative Data 2012 and 2013
Court Costs Taxed
Court Reform and Your Municipal Code
Court System Survey Results
Creating an Industrial Board
Creation of An Additional Municipal Court Judge
Creation of Metropolitan Government
Criminal Background Check Authorization
Critical Need for Volunteer Incentive Programs
Crossville Water Rate Study
Current Topics Affecting Municipal Governments: Tennessee Sexual Offender and Violent Sexual Offender Registration, Verification, and Tracking Act of 2004
Customer Records Clerk
Customer Service Supervisor
Customer Service Supervisor
Customer Service Technician
Daily Cash Report
Damages Police Do to Buildings in the Process of Searches in Exigent Circumstances
Data Entry Operator
Dead Animal Pickup on Private Property: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Deannexation and the Payment of Property Taxes
Debt Reimbursement Resolution
Dedication and Acceptance of Sidewalks
Dedication of Streets That Are Essentially Private Driveways
Deducting Union Dues for Firefighters
Deducting Union Dues from Firefighters' Paychecks
Deferring Property Taxes
Defined Benefit Retirement Plans and Benefits
Defining School for the Purpose of Setting Speed Limits in School Zones
Definition of Grandfathering in the Sense of Allowing a Preexisting Use to Continue Despite a Later Regulation
Delinquent Business Tax and Garbage Fees
Demand by a Former Police Officer for Payment for Unused Vacation and Sick Leave
Demolishing an Old Building That Shares a Party Wall with an Adjoining Building
Demolition Bond in a Historic District
Demolition of Dilapidated and Unsafe Buildings
Denying a Business License to a Person Whose Business Establishment is in Violation of the City's Zoning Ordinance
Department Heads Are At Will Employees Under City Charter
Dependent Healthcare Coverage
Design-Build Contracts
Design Review Commission Resolution
Development of a Proposed Sewer System for Estill Springs
Differential Tax Rates and Questions from the Charter Commission
Director of Development Services
Director of Finance
Director of Golf/Head Professional
Director of Golf/Head Professional
Director of Health
Director of Human Resources
Disaster Response Documents
Disbanding Oakdale's Fire Department
Disciplinary Appeals Processes in Selected Tennessee Cities
Disclosing Medical Information to Emergency Service Providers
Discretion of Town to Refuse to Allow New Taps
Discussion of Comp-Time Use for Exempt Employees
Disease Management Program RFP or RFQ
Dismissing an Employee for Refusing to Take a Polygraph
Dispatcher, Lead
Dispatcher/Computer Supervisor
Dispatcher/Records Clerk
Disposing of an Abandoned Vehicle
Disposition of Court Costs, Litigation Tax Revenues, and Fines
Disposition of Seized Cash
Disposition of Unclaimed, Lost, or Abandoned Personal Property in Possession of Police Department
Dissolution and Reinstatement of an Industrial Development Board
Dissolution of Airport Authority
Distribution of Authority Between the City Administrator and the City Recorder-Treasurer
Distribution of Authority Over City School System
Distribution of Mulch Materials for the City of Athens
District vs. At-Large Elections
Divorced Employee Claimed He Was Married and Entitled to City-Sponsored Family Health Insurance Coverage
Do-It-Yourself City Street Paving: MTAS Library Survey
Does an Employee Have a Right to a Salary Increase by Virtue of Provisions Made in the Budget for Salary Increases
Does the City Have to Operate a City Court?
Does the City Have to Pay the County to Incarcerate Prisoners Arrested and Prosecuted for State Law Violations by the City?
Does the Mayor Have the Right to Vote?
Does the Tennessee Open Records Law Require a City to Mail Any Record to a Newspaper?
Dog Park Creation and Regulation
Drafting a Sewer Ordinance
Drainage Culverts and Ditches
Drainage Law and the Responsibility of the Design Engineer
Drainage Problems of Private Property Owners
Drainage Problems: Private vs. Public
Drainage Work Notice
Drainage Work on Private Property
Drug and Alcohol Testing of City Employees
Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
Drug Forfeiture Funds
Drug Task Force Financial Officer
Drug Testing of Board Members
Duties and Responsibilities of a Fire Chief
Duties and Time Allocation for Street Department Employees: an MTAS Survey
E-mail and Open Records Law
Early Retirement Incentives Survey
Economic Development Assessment
Economic Development Director
Economic Development Director
An Economic Development Review of the Fayetteville-Lincoln County, Tennessee Joint Industrial Board
Education Funding as It Relates to the Distribution of the County Property Tax and Wheel Tax Revenues
Education Revenues
Educational Assistance Survey
Effect of the Mayor's Veto
Effective Council Meetings Course Manual
Effective Date of the Incorporation of a City
Elected Official Acknowledgement of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy
Electing a Vice-Mayor
Election of Aldermen from Wards
Election of Municipal Court Clerk
Election of Municipal Judges with Concurrent General Sessions Jurisdiction
Electric System Director Job Description
Electrical Operating Superintendent
Electrical Technician
Eleventh Amendment Immunity
Eliminating the Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements in the 2012 International Building Code and International Residential Code
Emergency Call-In Duties
Emergency Debris Management RFP
Emergency Debris Removal RFQ
Emergency Management Director Survey Results
Emergency Management for Municipalities in Tennessee
Emergency Medical Services Executive Director
Emergency Personnel Annual Physicals and Overtime Pay Questions
Emergency Purchasing Provisions
Emergency Right of Way Press Release Template
Eminent Domain and Necessity of the Taking
Eminent Domain Proceedings to Acquire Property for a Maintenance Garage When the Property Is Owned by a Member of the City Commission
Employee Benefit Survey
Employee Benefits Report
Employee Benefits & Salaries in Selected Tennessee Cities
Employee Handbook Information
Employee Safety Measures
Employee Seeking Promotion Treated Like Other Candidates
Employee Service Awards for Retirement and Employee Recognition Programs: MTAS Library Survey
Employee Termination Survey Results
Employee Testing Survey and Results
Employees Subject to Summary Dismissal by the Mayor
Employing Minors in Establishments That Sell Beer
Employment Agreement between the Town of Baileyton, Tennessee, and a Wastewater Treatment Operator
Employment Agreement for City Manager
Employment Contract City Manager
Employment Contracts between City Manager and Department Heads
Employment Law Questions
Encryption of Radio Signals
Enforcement of Building Code on a Project under Construction -- at Time of Annexation
Enforcement of Floodplain Zoning Ordinance
Enforcing a Residential Zoning Classification on Annexed -- Properties
Enforcing Compliance with Posted Street Numbering
Enforcing False Fire Alarm Ordinance
Enforcing Municipal Ordinances Outside the City Limits
Enforcing Stormwater and Pretreatment Ordinances through the Administrative Process, Including the Use of Civil Penalties
Engineer Codes Official
Engineer / Codes Official
Engineering Assistant
Engineering Fees
Engineering Technician (1)
Engineer/Sewer/Codes Official
Englewood Debt Management Policy
Enhancing the Economic Vitality of the Central Business District
Ensuring Effective Municipal Service Delivery to Diverse Constituents: Preparing Tennessee Cities to Serve Changing Communities
Enterprise Software Survey
Entitlement of the City to In Lieu Of Taxes from an Electric System
Entry Level Firefighter Job Description
Equipment Operator (1)
Equipment Operator (2)
Equipment Purchases by the Joint City/County E-911 Board
Escorted funeral processions
Establishing a City Court
Establishing a Debt Policy and a Fund Balance Policy for the Town of Altamont
Establishing a Planning Commission and Initiating Zoning within the Corporate Limits
Establishing an Economic Development Program
Establishment of a City Environmental Court
Etowah, Tennessee, ISO Review
Evaluating an RFP/RFQ for Consulting Services
Evaluating Solid Waste Collection for Commercial Refuse and Cardboard Collection
Example of a Monthly Administrative Report
Examples of Vehicle Use Policies
Excavation Safety Policy Ordinance
Excess Funds in Public Improvement Bond
Exclusive Franchises for Sewer Treatment Services
Executive Secretary City Manager's Office
Executive Secretary II
Executive Secretary II Administrative Assistant
Exempt and Non-Exempt Cities Under the State Fire Marshal's Building and Fire Code
Exemption from Application of the State Fire Marshal's Minimum Statewide Standards under T.C.A. ยง68-120-101
Exotic Animals Law
Expending Municipal Funds to Relocate Sewer, Water, and Gas Mechanical Equipment at the Request of a Property Owner
Extending Contract Terms
Extending Fire Service on a Contract Basis Outside Corporate Limits
Extraterritorial Arrests
Facilities Management
Facilities Usage Policies and Procedures: an MTAS Survey
Facility Naming Policies
Fair Labor Standards Act Exemption Tests
Fairview, Tennessee, Fire Station Location Study
Farmers' Markets in Tennessee Cities
Fees Sent to State by City Courts
Filing Suit for Collection of Delinquent Real Property Taxes
Filling Vacancies in the City's School Board
Film Royalties: an MTAS Survey
Final Regulations: Volunteers and the Affordable Care Act
Finance Review of Parks and Recreation Dept. of Chattanooga
Financial Audit Advertisement
Financial Review of Non-City Athletic Leagues
Fines for Violation of Town Ordinances
Fire Chaplains
Fire Chief
Fire chief is in the driver's seat
Fire Chief Sample Job Descriptions
Fire Chief (1)
Fire Chief (2)
Fire Department Major
Fire Department Recognition Bill
Fire Department Schedule
Fire Department Sick Leave Policies
Fire Department Standard Operating Procedure: Fire Department Vehicle Safety, Emergency and Non-Emergency Response, Safe Emergency Operations on Roadways
Fire Department Training Records
Fire Department Training Requirements and Training Budget Comparisons
Fire Hydrant Flow Test Results Calculator
Fire Hydrant Installation, Maintenance, and Fees: an MTAS Survey
Fire Hydrant Ordinance
Fire Hydrant Rental
Fire Inspectors in the Codes Department
Fire Investigator Mentor Program
Fire Shift Supervisor Survey
Fire Support Specialist
Fire Watch Policy
Firefighter 1 Training
Firefighter Driver
Firefighter Mechanic
Firefighters' Pay Under Military Leave Statute
Firefighters Driving on a License from Another State
Firefighters Must Have Key to Fire Station
Firefighters Vacation Accrual Summary Report
Fireworks Sample Ordinance
Firing the City Attorney
Fitness Facility Manager
Fitness Facility Manager
Fitness Program Survey
Flea Market Dealers
Fleet and Materials Manager
Fleet Maintenance and Operations Schedules
Fleet Maintenance Services Survey
Fleet Management: an MTAS Survey
FLSA and Exempt Employees
FLSA Claims
FLSA Questions on Bereavement and Overtime
FMLA and Extended Leave of Absence: an MTAS Survey
FMLA Forms Now Updated by DOL
Forcing the City to Accept and Maintain Private Streets Located in Privately Owned Residential Developments
Forestry Inspector
Forestry Supervisor
Form for Operating a Business in the City of Lebanon
Form of Government in Tennessee Cities
Form of Petition for Liquor Sales
Forming a New Police Department
Forms of Payment Accepted for Plans Review and Permits Survey
Forms to Accompany Capital Asset Accounting System
Forms to Accompany the Drug Fund Manual
Four Questions on the Open Meetings Law
Fowl Ordinance Comparison
Free Water and Sewer Service Provided to School
Fringe Benefit Survey for Selected Cities
Fuel Reduction Task Force Report
Full-time Mayor and Benefits: MTAS Library Survey
Full Time Police Officer Wishes to Be Hired As Part Time Recreation Director
Function and Duties of a Home Rule Charter Commission
Funding Volunteer Fire Departments

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