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20 Days of Leave for Deployed Employees
2013 Workers' Compensation Reform Act
2014 Goals Planning Retreat: City of Fayetteville, Tennessee
911 Dispatch Service Agreements: A Survey Conducted for the City of Crossville
Abandoned or Suspended Construction
Abandonment by the City of Certain Service Drives
Ability of City Recorder to Serve as City Manager
Abolishing City Juvenile Court
Accepting Land, Gifts, or Donations from Property Owners to the City for Parks
Accepting Payment of Utility Bills in Pennies
Accepting Property to be Used as a Park Exclusively for Senior Citizens
Accepting Streets in a Subdivision
Accepting the High Bid
Accepting the Resignation of a Council Member
Accepting the Second Lowest Bid on a Construction Project
Accounting Clerk
Accreditation Manager
Accruing Leave While on Workers' Comp Leave
Accumulation of Comp Time Hours
Acquiring a Utility District
Acquiring Insurance for the City
Actuarial Services Resource List
Addition of Documents to the Minutes of the Commission
Addition to the Model Charter for Interference with the Duties of the City Manager
Addressing Dilapidated Structures and Saving Historic Buildings
Addressing Tall Weeds and Grass
Administrative Assistant to the City Manager
Administrative Assistant (1)
Administrative Assistant (3)
Administrative Powers of the Mayor
Administrative Secretary
Administrative Secretary for Public Safety
Administrative Secretary I for the Department of Development Services
Adopting a Plan of Services before Annexation
Adopting an Annexation Ordinance to Repeal a Previous One
Adoption of an Ordinance to Require Non-Resident Property Owner Voting by Absentee Mail Ballot
Adoption of Policies and Procedures to Remove a Member -- from the Board of Zoning Appeals
Adult Business Ordinance
Adult Oriented Establishment License and Permit
Adult Use Ordinance
Advanced Court Clerks Training Material
Advertising at City Ball Parks: a Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Advertising on Police Cars
Advisability of Installing Speed Bumps on Some City Streets
Advisory Charter Commission
Advisory Committees and the Open Meetings Law
Affidavit of Code Official
After-Hours Reconnect Service for Water and Electric Service: MTAS Library Survey
After Incident Citizen Satisfaction Survey Program
Age Limit on Mobile Homes
Agreement for Operations, Maintenance and Management Services of Wastewater System
Agreement for Reimbursement for Cost of Training, Salary and Transportation in Event of Resignation
Agreement for Sewer Service Outside Corporate Limits
AIDS in the Workplace
Airport Authority and City Roles
Airport Manager Position Survey for the City of Lebanon: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Alcoholic Beverage Distance Requirements
Alcoholic Beverage Laws and Regulations, Ordinances, and Resolution
Alcoholic Beverages On Premises Consumption
Alcoholic Beverages Ordinances
Alcoholic Beverages Questions Related to Residency Requirements
Alcoholic Beverages Sold Near Residential Property
Alderman's Use of Appointing Power
Alderman Appointed Commissioners over Departments of the City
Alderman Declines Salary
Alderman Operating a Municipal Vehicle as a Police Car and Stopping Citizens
Alderman Salaries : Mandatory vs. Optional
Alderman Vacancy
Alderman Voting for Himself as Mayor
Aldermen as Officers under Charter and Personnel Ordinance
Aldermen as Officers under Charter and Personnel Ordinance
Aldermen Decline to Accept Salary and Then Demand Payment of Salary
Alexandria Water/Wastewater Board Ordinance
All Consumers of Publicly-Provided Utilities Must Pay for What They Receive at the Same Rate Charged to Others for a Like Service
Allocation and Distribution of Beer Tax Revenues
Allocation of the First One-Half of the Local Option Sales Tax by the County to the City
Allowing Non-Resident Property Owners to Vote by Absentee Ballot
Alteration of Election Dates
Alteration of Mayor's Duties
Altering the Salary of the City Clerk/Coordinator
Ambulance Bill for Injured Prisoner
Amending a Private Act Charter
Amending an Agenda During a Meeting to Add Items That Did Not Appear in the Meeting Notice
Amending an Annexation Ordinance Between Second and Third Readings to Add Territory to the Ordinance
Amending Ordinance before Final Reading in Deannexing
Amending Private Act and Home Rule Municipal Charters
Amortization of Signs
Analysis of Floodplain Zoning Ordinance
An Analysis of the 1953 Tennessee Home Rule Amendments
Analysis of the Lien Provisions of TCA
Analysis of the Need For a City Administrator: City of Centerville, Tennessee
Analysis of the Need for a City Manager
Analysis of the Term Citizen
Animal Control and Animal Shelter Regulatory Information
Animal Control Attendant
Animal Control in Wartrace, Tennessee: A Review
Animal Control Officer
Animal Control Officers' Salaries: A Telephone Survey Conducted -- by the MTAS Library
Animal Control Operations: a Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Animal Control Service and Shelters
Animal Control Services Contracting: an MTAS Library Survey
Animal Regulations
Animal Service Proposal for Jefferson County
Animal Shelter Fees: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Annexation and Amending an Urban Growth Boundary
Annexation Handbook for Cities and Towns in Tennessee III
Annexation Notice
Annexation of Contiguous Properties
Annexation Outside the Urban Growth Boundary
Annexation Process and Resolution
Annexation Questions Pertaining to Notice Provisions Related to School Systems and Recording Minutes
Annexation Study for the Town of Bell Buckle
Annexation Study Two for the Town of Bell Buckle
Annexation Study Update
Annexing and Zoning Property in the Same Ordinance
Annual Benchmarks, Public Works & Utilities, FY 2014
Annual Contract for Mowing Developed and Vacant City-Owned and Abandoned Property (Re-Bid)
Annual Contract for Mowing Privately-Owned Developed and Vacant Property (Re-Bid)
Annual Publication of Notice under the Open Meetings Law
Anonymous Complaints of Code Violations
Appeals by City Employees Regarding Disciplinary Action or Termination -- A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Appeals from Decisions of the City's Board of Zoning Appeals
Appeals of Building Code Violations
Application for a Use on Review for the Siting of a Cellular Tower
Application for Adult Entertainment Permit and License
Application for Building Permit, City of Loudon, Tennessee
Application for Certificate of Public Purpose and Necessity for Industrial Parks
Application for Wastewater Service
Application of Jackson Law to Private Landfill
Application of Municipal Budget Law of 1982
Application of Nepotism Policy to Employee Whose Brother is Elected to Council
Application of Sunshine Law to Certain Personnel Processes
Application of the Preexisting Nonconforming Use Law on Certain Property
Applying City Zoning and Building Code Regulations to County Buildings
Applying Tennessee's Preexisting Nonconforming Use Law to Fireworks Establishments
Applying the Open Space Requirements in the City's Zoning Ordinance to Abutting Land in the County Zoned Residential
Appointed Positions Within City Government A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Appointing a City Administrator
Appointing a New Mayor
Appointing Members to Boards and Commissions
Appointing the Director of the Regional Planning Commission
Appointive City Offices
Appointment of City Judge
Appointment of Temporary Judge
Appointment of the Mayor to the Office of City Administrator
Apprentice Lineworker
Appropriation Agreement and Resolution Providing Funding for a Non-Profit Charitable Organization
Appropriation Agreement with the Bristol Chamber of Commerce for Program Support
Asking an Employee to Cover Up Tattoos and Piercings
Assessment Center Job Analyis Form
The Assessment Center Process
Assistant Chief of Police (1)
Assistant Chief of Police (2)
Assistant Chief of Police (3)
Assistant City Administrator
Assistant City Manager
Assistant City Manager for Development Services
Assistant City Manager: Development Services
Assistant Civil Engineer
Assistant Golf Pro
Assistant Purchasing Manager
Assistant Superintendent of Building Construction and Maintenance
Assistant Superintendent of Water and Sewer
At Large Elections of School Boards
At Will Employees
Athens Asphalt Price Comparison
Athens Rain Garden Program and Grant
Attempting to Block the School System from Building Ball Fields on the Theory That They Would Be a Nuisance
Attorney General Opines Local Regulation of Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine Unlawful
Auction Services Request for Proposals
Authority of Aldermen
Authority of Board of Public Utilities in Relation to the Authority of the Board of Mayor and Commissioners
Authority of City Judges with Concurrent Jurisdiction
Authority of City Official or Commission to Appoint Volunteer Fire Chief
Authority of City to Hold Binding or Nonbinding Referendum on Raising Property Tax for Library Purposes
Authority of City to Levy Whatever Tax Rate It Considers Necessary to Fund Municipal Purposes
Authority of City to Prohibit Ticket Sales Along City Streets Leading to Speedway
Authority of City to Prohibit Volunteer Firement From Running Red Lights and Using Sirens
Authority of City to Use a Local Referendum in Specific Instances
Authority of County Relative to Rural Self-Contained Wastewater Systems
Authority of Court Clerk
Authority of Interim City Manager
Authority of Municipalities to Enact Age-Restricted Elderly or Retirement Housing
Authority of the City Court to Impose Fines
Authority of the City to Require a Commercial Property Owner, Whose Property Lies Partly Within and Partly Without the Corporate Limits, To Comply With the City Sign Ordinance
Authority of the Mayor to Introduce Legislation
Authority to Accept and Quit Utility Easements
Authority to Call Special Meetings
Authority to Carry Firearms
Authority to Issue Arrest and Search Warrants
Authority to Levy Fine for Ordinance Violation of Fifty Dollars per Day
Authority to Set and Collect a City Litigation Tax After the Enactment of the Municipal Court Reform Act
Authority to Suspend Driver License
Awarding of Construction Contract and Competitive Bidding
Backing Up Heavy Equipment: MTAS Research and Information Center Survey
Band Uniforms
Baneberry Purchasing Limits Ordinance
Baneberry, Tennessee, Fire Protection Organizational Report
Basic Benefit Survey: MTAS Survey
Bed and Breakfast Regulation: MTAS Survey
Beer and Tobacco Store Wants to Sell Alcohol
Beer Board Authority to Suspend or Revoke Beer Permit
Beer Board Information
Beer Board Questions
Beer Definition Ordinance
Beer Establishments in Annexed Areas
Beer License and Proximity to Day Care Center
Beer License for a Liquor Store
Beer License Renewal
Beer Ordinance
Beer Permit
Beer Permit Applicants and U. S. Citizenship
Beer Permit Change of Ownership
Beer Permit for a Grocery Store in a Shopping Center
Beer Permits for a City Festival
Beer Permits for Contiguous Serving Areas and Use of One Permit for Two Businesses
Beer Permits for Golf Courses
Beer Permits, Workers Compensation, and Street Damage Caused by Trucks
Beer Permits: Restrictions on Fees, Taxes, Charges
Beer Regulations
Beer Sales and Alcohol Awareness Training: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library for the City of Morristown
Benefits Coordinator
Bereavement Policies: an MTAS Survey
Bicycle Ordinance
Bicycle Patrol Policy and Training Topics
Bid Specifications for Residential Garbage Collection
Bidding Requirements
Bids for Fire Truck
Billboards and Nonconforming Use: A Telephone Survey Conducted for the City of Cookeville
Billboards: A Survey Conducted for the City of Athens
Blending or Infusing Beer with Other Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Bluff City Comparison/Proposed Range System
Board Appointments or Dismissal Confirmations for Certain Staff Positions
Board Member Responsibilities and Job Description
Board of Mayor and Aldermen Has the Power to Correct the Minutes
Board of Mayor and Aldermen Serving as the Beer Board
Board of Zoning Appeals Grants Variances for Mobile Homes That It -- Does Not Have Authority to Grant
Body Armor Policy
Bond Resolution Repeal
Bonuses for Board Members
Booking Persons Charged with Crimes Before They Are Released
Borrowing Funds for School Construction
Breaking a Tie in the Election of an Alderman
Bristol Library Director Job Description
Bristol, Tennessee Subdivision Incentives Review
Brown-Bagging Regulations
Brush Collection Policies: an MTAS Survey
A Budget Continuance Ordinance
Budget Information: A Survey Conducted for Oliver Springs
Building Access/Security and Employee Time & Attendance Policies, Procedures and Products Survey
Building and Property Maintenance Codes Review
Building Codes Employee Classification System
Building Codes Inspector
Building Officials and Inspectors Salary Information: MTAS Library Survey
Building Permit Issued by Mistake
Burning Permit Sample Ordinance
Burying Bodies in the Backyard
Business Office Supervisor
Business Tax Exemption
Business Tax Licensing
Business Tax Paid in One County While Operating in a Second County
Business Zones
Bylaws of the Industrial Development Corporation of the Industrial Development Corporation of the City of _______, Tennessee

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