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Abandonment by the City of Certain Service Drives
Acceptance of Gifts
Accepting Payment of Utility Bills in Pennies
Accepting Streets in a Subdivision
Accepting the Second Lowest Bid on a Construction Project
Acquiring a Utility District
Acquiring Insurance for the City
Addition of Documents to the Minutes of the Commission
Administrative Powers of the Mayor
Advertising on Police Cars
Advisory Committees and the Open Meetings Law
Age Limit on Mobile Homes
Alcoholic Beverages Sold Near Residential Property
Alderman's Use of Appointing Power
Alderman Appointed Commissioners over Departments of the City
Alderman Operating a Municipal Vehicle as a Police Car and Stopping Citizens
Alderman Salaries : Mandatory vs. Optional
Alderman Voting for Himself as Mayor
Aldermen Decline to Accept Salary and Then Demand Payment of Salary
Amending an Annexation Ordinance Between Second and -- Third Readings to Add Territory to the Ordinance
Analysis of the Lien Provisions of TCA
Annual Publication of Notice under the Open Meetings Law
Applicant for Beer Permit at Site in Proximity to Church
Applying City Zoning and Building Code Regulations to County Buildings
Appointive City Offices
Appointment of Temporary Judge
Appointment of the Mayor to the Office of City Administrator
At Will Employees
Authority of an E-911 Board Regarding Towing
Authority of City Official or Commission to Appoint Volunteer Fire Chief
Authority of City to Levy Whatever Tax Rate It Considers Necessary to Fund Municipal Purposes
Authority of City to Prohibit Ticket Sales Along City Streets Leading to Speedway
Authority of City to Prohibit Volunteer Firement From Running Red Lights and Using Sirens
Authority of the City Court to Impose Fines
Awarding of Construction Contract and Competitive Bidding
Beer Permit for a Grocery Store in a Shopping Center
Beer Permits, Workers Compensation, and Street Damage -- Caused by Trucks
Beer Regulations
Board of Mayor and Aldermen Has the Power to Correct the Minutes
Bond Resolution Repeal
Booking Persons Charged with Crimes Before They Are Released
Brown-Bagging Regulations
Building Permit Issued by Mistake
Burying Bodies in the Backyard
Calculating Call Waiting Bonuses and Premiums for Overtime Compensation Purposes
Can a Municipality Require Double Wides in Residential Areas to Have a Foundation?
Can the City Attorney Also Serve as the City Judge?
Can the City Either Prohibit or Regulate Blasting by a Certain Rock Quarry?
Can the City Enact Term Limits on Aldermen by Ordinance?
Can the County Sheriff Increase the Cost of Housing Prisoners Arrested by the City?
Chancery Court Judge
Changing an Employee's Employment Status
Changing the Agenda of a Special Meeting During the Meeting
Charging Non-Users a Garbage Collection Fee and Requiring Garbage Collection Recipients to Use Only the City Garbage Collection Service
Charging the Inside Tax Rate with Respect to Property in One City in the County and the Outside Rate with Respect to Property in Another City in the County
Chief of Police Insists He Is Entitled to a Leave of Absence to Run for Office
City's Authority to Pay for Advertising of Businesses Within -- the City
City's Gas System Contributing Revenues for the Repair of the City's Streets
City's Purchase of Automotive Repairs
City's Right to Annex in Its Urban Growth Boundary
City's Share of the State Beer Tax
City as a Landlord Pending the Termination of Leases
City Assumes Operation of the Presently Quasi-Independent Utility Board
City Charter Signatures
City Commissioner or City Recorder Serving as Volunteer Firefighter
City Constructs Its Own Building and Uses Volunteer Labor
City Contract with Unlicensed Contractor
City Court Clerk
City Issues a Building Permit for a Project Which Causes a Drainage Problem
City Judge Signing a Search Warrant in a State Case
City Judges' Terms of Office
City Manager's Authority Over Personnel Administration
City Manager Employment Agreements and Severance Pay
City Manager Serving as Ex Officio Member of the City's -- Utility Board
City May Purchase Insurance from the Municipal Liability Pool
City Noise Ordinance
City Treasurer Duties and Compensation
City Wishes to Prohibit Double Wide Mobile Homes
Civil and Criminal Liability under TOSHA
Classifying Employees in Labor and Management Categories
Closed Meetings with City Attorney
Code Enforcement Officers
Code Enforcement on Buildings Partially Within City
Collection of Costs Related to Solid Waste
Collection of Fines and Costs While Decision is on Appeal
Collection of Municipal Court Costs
College Student Voter Registration
Commissioners Take Oath of Office from Person Not Qualified to Issue Oaths
Compensation and Health Insurance for City Boards and Commissions
Compensation of Police Officers
Conditions for the Return of a Biting Dog to Owner
Conditions of the Deed Abandoning the Street
Conditions Under Which the City Can Give Local Preference on Bids
Conflict of Interest Provision in City Charter
Constitutionality of Changes to Home Rule City Charters
Construction and Garage Sales on Sundays
Construction without a Building Permit
Contract between City and Alderman
Contract for the County to Maintain the City's Streets in Exchange for Payment
Contract Law
Contract to Contribute to the National Guard Armory
Contractors Licensing Law and Its Application
Contractors Licensing Law and Its Application
Conveyance of a Portion of the City Building to the Utility Department
Counting Meal Time for Firefighters Towards Overtime Pay
County Beer Permits
County Taxing Rental Property Owned by the Utility District
County Zoning Ordinances
Creation of An Additional Municipal Court Judge
Damages Police Do to Buildings in the Process of Searches in Exigent Circumstances
Dedication and Acceptance of Sidewalks
Deferring Property Taxes
Defining School for the Purpose of Setting Speed Limits in School Zones
Demand by a Former Police Officer for Payment for Unused Vacation and Sick Leave
Demolition Bond in a Historic District
Demolition of Dilapidated and Unsafe Buildings
Denying a Business License to a Person Whose Business Establishment is in Violation of the City's Zoning Ordinance
Department Heads Are At Will Employees Under City Charter
Design-Build Contracts
Differential Tax Rates and Questions from the Charter Commission
Disclosing Medical Information to Emergency Service Providers
Disposition of Unclaimed, Lost, or Abandoned Personal Property in Possession of Police Department
Dissolution of Airport Authority
Distribution of Authority Between the City Administrator and the City Recorder-Treasurer
Distribution of Authority Over City School System
Does the City Have to Operate a City Court?
Does the Mayor Have the Right to Vote?
Does the Tennessee Open Records Law Require a City to Mail Any Record to a Newspaper?
Drainage Problems of Private Property Owners
E-mail and Open Records Law
Effect of the Mayor's Veto
Election of Aldermen from Wards
Election of Municipal Court Clerk
Election of Municipal Judges with Concurrent General Sessions Jurisdiction
Eleventh Amendment Immunity
Emergency Purchasing Provisions
Employees Subject to Summary Dismissal by the Mayor
Enforcing Compliance with Posted Street Numbering
Enforcing Stormwater and Pretreatment Ordinances through the Administrative Process, Including the Use of Civil Penalties
Entitlement of the City to In Lieu Of Taxes from an Electric System
Establishment of a City Environmental Court
Exotic Animals Law
Extraterritorial Arrests
Filling Vacancies in the City's School Board
FLSA Claims
Form of Petition for Liquor Sales
Four Questions on the Open Meetings Law
Function and Duties of a Home Rule Charter Commission
General Sessions Judge Serving as the City Judge for Additional Compensation
Giving or Selling City Property to a Private Cemetery Association
Gratuitous Payment for Increased Price of Gasoline Under Garbage Collection Contract
Grievance Hearings and Rights of At Will Employees
Guidelines Governing Municipal Truck Regulations
Handicapped Parking at City Parking Meters
Hiring a City Manager
Hotel/Motel Tax from the Residents of Motels Who Rent Their Motel Rooms by the Week or Other Period
Implied Dedication of an Alley
Incompatible Offices
Incompetency as a Ground for Dismissal Without the Support of a Job Description
Increasing the Salary of the City Judge
Inspecting a Private Club That Has a Beer License
Interest Earned on Utility Deposit
Is a 'No U-Turn' Sign a Prerequisite to a 'No U-Turn' Prohibition or Ordinance?
Is a Certain Contract City Administrator an Employee or an Independent Contractor?
Is a Recall Election a General Election?
Is Taking the Oath of Office Mandatory?
Issuing a Beer Permit to an Illegal Alien
Job Protection for City's Employees
Jurisdiction of Juvenile Court Judge and Skateboarding as a Traffic Violation
Jury Trials
Keeping the City Payroll Records Secret and Accepting the Resignation of an Aldermen
Keeping the Proceeds of Utility Overbillings
Landowner's Liability under Tennessee's Natural Flow Rule
Laying a Motion on the Table While a Vote Is Being Taken
Leasing of Municipal Cemeteries
Legal Effect of Warning Signs
Legal Effect on the City for an Illegally Issued Building or Zoning Permit
Legal Fees and Court Costs of a City Employee
Legal Requirement for an Architect to Design Public Buildings
Legal Services Employment Agreement
Legality of a Business Owner to Put Iron Rods on the Edge of a Highway
Legality of a Combination Design-Build Contract
Legality of a Contract
Legality of a Separation Allowance Made to a Police Officer
Legality of City-County Sales Tax Allocation Agreement
Legality of City Contracting with Utility District Water System to Collect City's Sewer Charges
Legality of City in Accepting a Certain Street
Legality of Open-Ended Sales Tax Sharing Agreement with -- County
Legality of Requiring Police Officer Candidates to Move into the City If They Are Hired
Legality of the County Charging a Tipping Fee
Legality of Utility Service Contract Between State and City
Length of Term of Members of the Utility Board Who Are Also Members of the City Council
Levying an Amusement Tax
Levying Taxes to Fund the Operation of City Schools and the Methods of School Consolidation
Liability and Ownership of Sidewalks
Liability for Sewer Back-Ups
Liability of City Council for Mispaid Salaries
Liability of City for Damages under the Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act
Liens for Demolition and Clean Up
Liens for Slum Clearance and Clean Up
Location of a Cemetery
Maintenance and Operation of Street Lighting on Interstate Highways
Making the Mayor Follow the Agenda
Management of City Parks
Material on the Regulation of Adult Bookstores
Mayor's Authority Relative to the Authority of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
Mayor's Compensation and COLA
Mayor's Right to Make Motions and Speak on Matters before the City Council
Mayor's Right to Vote or Make Motions
Mayor's Salary and COLA
Mayor's Salary and Compensation Are Not the Same Thing
Mayor's Voting in Planning Commission Meetings
Mayor Wishes to Appoint One of the Aldermen to the Planning Commission When the Mayor and One of the Aldermen Are Already Members of the Planning Commission
McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act
Meaning of a Full Board
Measuring Methods Used in Beer Distance Regulations
Merger of Municipal Utilities
Minority Set-Aside Program
Minority Set-Asides
Misuse of City Equipment in Political Campaigns
Moral Turpitude
Moving a Building to Another Piece of Property
Municipal and Personal Liability Under the Tennessee Tort Liability Act Made Simple
Municipal Liquor Inspection Fees
Municipal Officers, Municipal Employees, Ministerial Officers, and General Supervision
Municipal Regulations Governing Blasting
Municipal Work on Private Property
Municipality May Have to Return Money Paid By a User Who Was Billed for Sewer Service When No Sewer Service Was Provided or Available
MUTCD and Engineering Study for Traffic Light
Negotiating Price with the Low Bidder When There Is Only One Bid on a Municipal Purchase
NFPA Rules Governing Exits from Existing Business Occupancies
Non-Resident of a Town Holding the Office of Alderman
Notice of a Special Meeting
Obligation to Stabilize Riverbank and Street
Obtaining Utility Payments from a Bankrupt Mobile Home Court
One-Way Street in Front of School
Opening Mail by Municipal Offices and Officers
Ordinance Publication Requirement
Outside Utility Rate Discrimination
Overriding the Decision of the Beer Board to Grant a Beer -- Permit
Overtime Compensation for E-911 Dispatchers
Overtime Compensation for Police Chief under FLSA
Overtime Compensation for Training Time for Police Officers
Overturning the Decision of the City Manager in Demoting the Police Chief
Package Liquor v. Liquor by the Drink
Participation of the Volunteer Fire Department in a Fund Raising Project
Passing Regulations on Structures and Excavations in Street Rights-of-Way
Passing Weight Limits on City Streets
Paving Eight Streets under a Bid for the Reconstruction of Another Street
Paying City Commission Members for Serving on Beer Board
Paying Interest on Contractor's Performance Bonds Deposited in Cash and Taking up Business Not Contained in the City Council Agenda
Payment in Lieu of Insurance Coverage
Payment of In Lieu of Taxes by a Municipal Water System
Permanent Utility Easement and Temporary Construction Easement
Personnel Authority of City Judges
Personnel Powers of City Manager v. Council
Planning and Zoning under Chapter 1101
Police Opening Locked Car Doors for Motorists
Pool Room Regulations
Power of Subpoena
Powers of a Mayor Who Has the Power of General Supervision
Powers of the Mayor
Pre-Existing Nonconforming Use Law Applied to Residential Mobile Homes
Preventing Encroachment on the City Right of Way
Prohibiting a Police Officer from Moonlighting as a Security Guard
Prohibiting by Ordinance the Broadcasting of Meetings of the City's Governing Body
Prohibiting the Practice of Hypnotism
Prohibiting Three Axle Vehicles on a Certain City Street
Property Annexed Before and During Construction
Property Rights in Employment
Proposed Handbill Ordinance
Protection of Single-Wide Mobile Homes as a Pre-Existing Nonconforming Use
Providing City Water Service Inside a Utility District's Service Area
Providing Health Insurance to the City Attorney
Provision of Insurance to Municipal Officers and Employees
Proxy Voting by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen
Purchasing Law and Sales Tax Liability
Questions About Amending a Proposed Ordinance Between Readings and the Secretary of the Planning Commission
Questions Arising When No City Manager Is Currently Serving
Questions on Capital Outlay Notes
Questions Related to Overtime Compensation
Quorum with Mayor
Quorum, Tie Votes, and Roberts Rules
Real Estate Signs in an Historical District
Reappointing the City Recorder
Reasonable Court Costs
Recording Abstentions in the Minutes of Meetings
Recovering the Cost of Emergency Fire Calls
Recovery of Utility Extension Costs Front-Ended by Developers
Reduction of Health Benefits by the Utility Board
Referenda on Bond Issues
Referendum on Annexation for One Voter
Refuse Fees Based on Considerations Other Than the Cost of Providing the Service
Regulating Day Trucks on City Streets
Regulating Hunting in the City by Private Act
Regulating Parking Through a Zoning Ordinance
Regulating the Exterior Appearance of Mobile Homes
Regulating Transient Vendors
Regulation of Cemeteries
Reimbursing a Property Owner Who Has Piped and Covered the Natural Drainage Easement
Rejecting Any And All Bids
Relative Personnel Powers of the Electric Power Board and the Water, Sewer, and Gas Board
Relative Powers of the Utilities Board
Removal of Members of Limited Purpose Appointed Boards and Commissions for the Purpose of Promoting Racial Balance
Removal of the City Attorney
Removing an Alderman from the Office of Housing -- Authority Commissioner
Removing Police and Fire Chiefs from the Classified Service
Replacing the Mayor
Requiring Developers to Construct Sidewalks in Developments in the County
Requiring Property Owners to Build or Repair Sidewalks
Requiring the User of Streets to Obtain a Bond to Cover Damages to the Streets
Rescinding an Appointment to the Utility Board
Residency Requirement for City Judge
Residency Requirement for Mayor and Aldermen
Residency Requirements for Aldermen
Residency Requirements for City Officers and Employees
Residency Requirements for Utility Board Members
Responsibility for Correcting the Sinking Pavement along a Sewer Line
Restricting Bid Specifications to Name Brand Items
Restricting Parking on City Streets to Customers of Businesses
Retail Liquor Licenses Certificate of Compliance Determined by Lottery or Drawing
Return to Work of Police Officer Who Has Been in a Detoxification Program
Returning a Share of the Sales Tax to the City
Right of a City to Demote or Dismiss a Police Chief
Right of a City to Sue a Carrier for Damages to City Streets
Right of Cities to Monopolize Garbage Services
Right of City Attorney to be Sessions Judge
Right of City Council to Appoint and Terminate the City Judge
Right of City to Excavate Ditch Adjacent to City Street
Right of Municipalities to Require Hook-Ups to the City Sewer System and/or Be Charged a Sewer Availability Fee
Rights of Municipal Department Heads, Their Appointment and Removal
Salary Increase for the Mayor During His Present Term of Office
Sale of Beer by Municipalities
Sale of Beer Within the City
Sale of Food at Special Events
Sales Tax and Transient Vendors Permit Relative to Special Events
Securing the Closing of a Street
Selecting a Police Officer in a Closed Meeting Held Without Public Notice
Selling the Right of Way to a Street
Serving City Warrants Outside the City for Municipal Ordinance Violations Committed Within the City
Setting a City'sTax Rate Before Adopting Budget
Setting Differential Tax Rates Favoring Greenbelt Property
Several Questions about City Council Procedures
Severance Package Contract with a City Manager
Severance Taxes
Sewer Tap Fees
Sewer Tap Fees and Sewer Extensions
Slum Clearance and Garbage Rates
Solicitation Roadblocks
Solid Waste Collection Contract
Special Meetings Requirements for the Ratification of Private Acts
Speed Bumps
Splitting the Authority to Operate the Parks and Recreation System Between the Recreation Commission and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen
Splitting Work into Components to Circumvent Competitive Bid Requirements
State Law Regarding the Regulation of the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages by the City
Status of a Letter of Credit
Stormwater Fees, Ordinance Enforcement Options, and Other Special Stormwater Issues
Stormwater Management Program
Subdivision Created by Division of Land Created by Road Construction
Taking the License of a Person Between the Ages of 18-21 -- for the Purchase of Beer
TDOT Contracts
Temporarily Closing Certain Streets
Temporary Appointment of a City Attorney by the Mayor
Temporary Traffic Control Devices under MUTCD
Term Limits Applied to Appointments to Certain Boards
Terminating Employees and Rehiring Them at a Lower Wage
Terminating the Utility Board Superintendent
Tort Liability at Railroad Crossing Improvements
Transient Merchants
TWA and Local Zoning of Cell Towers
Unconstitutional Since 1953 to Incorporate Municipalities by Private Act
Updating Personnel Safety and Health Issues in the Municipal Code
Use of Beer License By a Person Other Than the License Holder
Use of Funds from Increased Garbage Collection Fees
Use of Profits from Vending Machines in Municipal Buildings
Use of the City Drug Fund
Use of the Semi-Colon under the Rules of Statutory Construction
Using a Utility Service Applicant's Credit Report to Determine Amount of Utility Deposit
Using City Hall to Solicit Charitable Contributions
Utilities Must Charge Reasonable Rates
Utility Board Residency Requirement
Utility Board Setting Water and Wastewater Rates
Utility Board Setting Water Rates
Utility Extensions
Utility Rate Breaks for the Elderly
Vice-Mayor's Elevation to Mayor
Vicious Dogs
Viewing Investigative Records in Open Criminal Cases
Violations of the Open Meetings and Open Records Laws by the City
Volunteer Firemen (and Other Volunteers) Running for Local Office
Voting in City Elections by Non-Resident Property Owners
Voting in City Elections by People Who Reside Outside, But Who Own Property Inside the City
Voting in Municipal Elections
Water Main Extensions on Private Property
What Happens to a Motion That Has Not Been Seconded
What is the Earliest Date the City Can Terminate the City Manager?
When a Covenant Runs with the Land
Who Is Mayor If the Mayor's Resignation Is Not Accepted?
Who Performs Duties of the Mayor When the Office of the Mayor Is Vacant?
Wrecker Regulations
Zoning Ordinance and Stormwater Ordinance Regulating Land Use in Floodplains
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