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2014 Goals Planning Retreat: City of Fayetteville, Tennessee
Abandoned or Suspended Construction
Accepting Land, Gifts, or Donations from Property Owners to the City for Parks
Addressing Dilapidated Structures and Saving Historic Buildings
Addressing Tall Weeds and Grass
Adopting a Plan of Services before Annexation
Allowing Non-Resident Property Owners to Vote by Absentee Ballot
Animal Regulations
Annexation of Contiguous Properties
Appropriation Agreement and Resolution Providing Funding for a Non-Profit Charitable Organization
Appropriation Agreement with the Bristol Chamber of Commerce for Program Support
Authority of the Mayor to Introduce Legislation
Beer and Tobacco Store Wants to Sell Alcohol
Beer Board Information
Beer Permit Applicants and U. S. Citizenship
Beer Permit Change of Ownership
Beer Permits for a City Festival
Cities That Operate Gas Departments
City Establishes a Public Sanitary Sewer System
City Manager Evaluation Forms
City of Lewisburg Water & Wastewater: MTAS Management and Operational Assessment
City Regulation of Commercial Poultry Production Houses
City Undertaking Drainage Work on Private Property
Code of Ethics for City Officials and Employees
Continuation of a Nonconforming Commercial Use in a Residential Zoning District
Contraction/Deannexation of Property by Ordinance
Corridor Annexation
County Funding of Roads
Defined Benefit Retirement Plans and Benefits
Disposing of an Abandoned Vehicle
Dissolution and Reinstatement of an Industrial Development Board
Education Funding as It Relates to the Distribution of the County Property Tax and Wheel Tax Revenues
Eliminating the Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements in the 2012 International Building Code and International Residential Code
Employee Handbook Information
Enhancing the Economic Vitality of the Central Business District
Establishing a City Court
Establishing a Planning Commission and Initiating Zoning within the Corporate Limits
Example of a Monthly Administrative Report
Examples of Vehicle Use Policies
Excess Funds in Public Improvement Bond
Exemption from Application of the State Fire Marshal's Minimum Statewide Standards under T.C.A. ยง68-120-101
Facilities Management
Facility Naming Policies
Farmers' Markets in Tennessee Cities
Financial Review of Non-City Athletic Leagues
General Sessions Judge Serving as City Attorney
Gift and Gratuities Acceptance Policies
Goals and Objectives Plan for the Town of Bell Buckle
Health Benefits Consultant RFPs
Holding Dual Offices
Holston Business Development Center: A Report to the City of Kingsport, Tennessee
Impact Fees and Adequate Facilities Tax
Incorporation Process
Indemnification of City Officers, Employees, and Board Members
Introduction and Formalization of Work Sessions
Judge Interim Appointment
Lease Agreement for a City-Owned Building
Leave Equivalency Schedules for Employees Working Different Schedules
Letter for Employee with Salary Issue
Limiting the Location of Beekeeping through Zoning
Liquor Sales from a Liquor Store Drive-Up Window
Local Option Sales Tax Revenue Sharing Agreements
Maintaining the Appropriate Level of Unrestricted Fund Balance in the General Fund
Meeting Agenda Process
Motor Vehicle Privilege Tax
Mountainous Residential District Regulations
Oath of Office for a Codes Inspector
Obese Employee Is Unable to Perform the Major Functions of the Job
Office Efficiency Review
On Premise Liquor and Beer Hours with Privilege Tax Statute
Ordinance Adopting Personnel Policies and Procedures
Ordinance Correcting Minor Errors
Ordinance to Adopt Wastewater Regulations
Partial Payments of Property Taxes and Citations
Pedestrian Crossing Policies and Guidelines
Performing a Marriage Ceremony
Permitting Fire Department Pumpers to Connect to Hydrants During a Fire
Planning Commission Terms
Police Department Accreditation Programs
Population Threshold for Package Stores and Liquor by the Drink
Potentiality That an Insufficient Number of Candidates Will Qualify for the Open Board Seats
Pre-Annexation Agreement between the City of Fayetteville, Tennessee, Fayetteville Public Utilities, and Lincoln County, Tennessee, for Sewer Improvements to Enhance Economic Development and Job Growth
Pre-Annexation Agreement between the City of Woodbury, Tennessee, and _____________ and Related Improvements to Be Constructed Thereto
Process for Swearing-In the Mayor and Board
Procurement of Architect, Engineer, or Construction Services
Providing Police Services After Authorizing Liquor by the Drink
Public Employee Owning a Retail Liquor Store
Public Works Project Constructed by Civic Group
Purchasing Used Police Vehicles
Purging of the Local Election Rolls
Questions on Cable Service
Records Retention for Police In-Car Video Systems and Body-Worn Cameras
Regulating the Minimum Size of a Residential Dwelling
Regulating the Practice of an Individual Buying and Offering Used Cars for Sale
Regulation of the Opening and Closing Hours for the Sale of Beer on Sunday
Removal of Board and Commission Members for Excessive Absences
Repealing the Prohibition of Manufacturing or Wholesaling Intoxicating Liquors
Residency and Ownership Limitations for a Retail Alcoholic Beverage License
Residency Requirement
Resolution Extending Group Medical Insurance Benefits to the Board of Commissioners
Resolution to Opt Out of the Statewide Building Codes
Responsibility of Rental Property Owner for City Utility Payments Left Unpaid by Tenant
RFP for Website Design and Maintenance
Salary Increase for the Board of Mayor and Aldermen
Sale Hours for Beer and Alcohol
Sale of Surplus Property
Sales Hours of Peddlers
Sample Demolition by Neglect Ordinances
Sample Policies for Background Checks
Sample Purchasing Ordinances
Sample RFPs for Collection Agency Services
Sample RFPs for Managed Information Technology Services
Sample RFPs for Vending Services
Selected City Codes Regulating Livestock and Fowl for the City of Ethridge, Tennessee
Selling Liquor by the Drink
Setting a Split Tax Rate in Municipalities Located in More Than One County When the Counties Have Different Reappraisal Cycles
Social Media Policies
Special Event Regulations and Forms
Status of a Beer Permit Issued to a Person Now Deceased
Statutory Exception Regarding the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
Subdivision Regulations
Summary of the Incorporation Process
Swimming Pool Regulations
Temporary and Special Beer Permit Ordinances
Terms of Appointed Aldermen and Election of Replacements
Training Requirement for Planning Commissioners and Staff
Use of City Funds to Advocate for an Outcome in a Referendum on Metropolitan Government
Use of County Law Enforcement Services in the Absence of a Municipal Police Force
Wine Tasting in Liquor Stores
Youth Concussion and Head Injury Law
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