Employment Opportunities

All job vacancies are listed on the MTAS website for 60 days. Positions may be re-listed upon request.

For more information on a position, please contact the municipality or agency listed below.
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To request a Tennessee municipal position be posted on the MTAS website, contact Frances Adams-O'Brien, Librarian | 865.974.9842.

Position Openings in Tennessee Cities
Collierville, TN -- Human Resources Technician - Posted 01/02/2018
Gleason, TN - Patrol Officer - Posted 12/19/2017
Hendersonville, TN - Building & Codes Inspector - Posted 01/09/2018
Hendersonville, TN - Police Officer - Posted 11/17/2017
Hendersonville, TN Special Events Program Supervisor - Posted 01/22/2018
Johnson City, TN -- Director of Development Services - Posted 11/28/2017
Lakeland, TN - Accounting Clerk - Posted 12/14/2017
Mason, TN - Bookkeeper Administrative Assistant - Posted 01/22/2018
Sevierville, TN - Police Chief - Posted 01/17/2018
Trenton, TN - Police Chief - Posted 01/22/2018
White House, TN - Administrative Services Director - Posted 01/17/2018

Position Openings at IPS
Institute for Public Service Job Openings
MTAS Management Consultant (based in Nashville office) - Posted 12/22/2017

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