Step 4: Evaluate Statements of Qualification

Reference Number: MTAS-765
Tennessee Code Annotated
Reviewed Date: May 09, 2018
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When statements of qualification have been received, each member of the selection committee should use the criteria from A-6:  Statement of Qualifications Evaluation Form to independently evaluate the written submittals and assign points. Part of the evaluation and scoring includes reference checks. Checking references is very important. Direct conversation with other owners who have dealt with the firms on other projects will give good information on how well the firms manage complex projects, how they work with contractors, how well they stay on schedule, etc. A suggested form for reference checks is found in A-7:  Statement of Qualifications Reference Check Form. Reference check assignments could be divided among committee members to prevent multiple calls to the same reference.

After evaluating the written submittals, the selection committee chairman should compile all score sheets from individual committee members (see A-8:  Statements of Qualifications Evaluation Summary Form). The results of the committee’s evaluation yield the short list of firms to invite for presentations and interviews. For a large project, up to five firms may be interviewed. For smaller projects, at least three firms should be interviewed.