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, "The Academy" Newsletter, Training Today, To Lead Tomorrow, , For decades the ISFSI published a well respected training magazine known as "The Voice". The Voice was the go-to publication for ISFSI members to gain knowledge and resources to improve their personal development within the profession. With the ever growing ease of technology at our fingertips and the desire to bring quality resources to our members, the ISFSI is pleased to announce the name of our bi-monthly member-only newsletter. The Academy, chosen by our membership as the name of the publication, draws awareness back to the beginning of the profession. Let's be honest, we know that everyday is an Academy day in the fire service. Everyday is a day to train! While a new recruit might go through the Academy to begin their career, we at ISFSI know the importance of building upon that training each and everyday. We are changing the face of the training department and stacking it with skilled, knowledgeable and talented instructors who are committed to instructional excellence and leading every firefighter who comes through their doors to exceptional levels of performance. ISFSI members are exceeding the standard and striving for nothing less than being industry leaders. Learn from each other and live by example.

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