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GANGS The Evolution of street gangs : a shift toward organized crime 1996
GANGS New weapons in the fight against gangs 2009
GAS DISTRIBUTION Distribution - Book D-1 - System design Arlington, Va. : American Gas Association, 1990
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS GIS solutions for community development Redlands, Calif. : ESRI, 2002
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Thinking about GIS : geographic information system planning for managers Redlands, Calif. : ESRI Press, [2005],2003
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS The GIS guide for local government officials Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2005
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Facility management departments can implement GIS asset management technology to address the ongoing budget squeeze 2018
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Model job descriptions for GIS professionals Park Ridge, Ill. : URISA, 2000
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Digital orthophotography : the foundation of GIS 1995
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Modeling our world : the ESRI guide to geodatabase design Redlands, Cailf. : ESRI Press, 1999
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Computer-mapping the infrastructure 1987
GOVERNMENTAL INVESTIGATIONS Internal investigations of public entities Portland, Ore. : IMLA, 2006
GOVERNMENTAL TORT LIABILITY Public duty doctrine : annual report of the litigation and risk management section Washington, D.C. : International Municipal Lawyers Association, 1999
GOVERNMENTAL TORT LIABILITY Governmental tort litigation and the balance of power 1985
GOVERNMENTAL TORT LIABILITY Tort liability and mutual aid San Antonio, Tex. : IMLA, 2004
GOVERNMENTAL TORT LIABILITY Municipal liability for building inspections Toronto : City of Toronto Legal Department, 1999
GOVERNMENTAL TORT LIABILITY Constitutionality of Private Act authorizing The City of Carthage - on majority vote of its council - to make payment for property damage to private homeowner due to city sewer overflow in case of extraordinary rainfall Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Office of the Attorney General, 1991
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Juneau - Douglas - Greater Juneau borough consolidate in Alaska N.Y. : State University of New York, Graduate School of Public Affairs, 1970
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION City-county consolidation and the rebuilding of image: the fiscal lessons from Indianapolis's UniGov program 2000
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION City-county consolidation in Georgia 1973
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION City-county consolidation reading list Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Municipal Technical Advisory Service, 2005
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION City-county consolidation : a guide for Virginians Charlottesville, Va. : Urban Research Division, Institute of Government, University of Virginia, 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION City consolidation suggested outline of study Seattle, Wash. : University of Washington. Bureau of Governmental Research and Services, 1961
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Knoxville-Knox County consolidation and public welfare - public health - public recreation - public housing Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Bureau of Public Administration, 1959
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Las Vegas--Clark County consolidation : a unique event in search of a theory Reno, Nev. : Bureau of Governmental Research, University of Nevada, 1976
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Study of city and county consolidations Washington, D.C. : Price Waterhouse & Co., 1977
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Study of consolidation of governmental functions in Sullivan County - Tennessee - 1970-71 Johnson City, Tenn. : ETSU, 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Suburbs without a city : power and city-county consolidation 2005
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Designing an electoral system for a consolidated government Albany, N.Y. : Graduate School of Public Affairs, SUNY at Albany, 1969
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Metropolitan governmental adaptation and the lessons of reform
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION A transactions costs model of metropolitan governance : allocation versus redistribution in urban America 2005
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Lessons from 35 years of city-county consolidation attempts Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2006
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Impact of city-county consolidation of the rural-urban fringe : Nashville--Davidson County - Tennessee Washington, D.C. : United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Economic Research Service, 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION The impact local government consolidation has on community goals : experiences in other regions Syracuse, N.Y. : Onondaga Citizens League, 2005
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Quandaries of pragmatic reform : a reassessment of the Jacksonville experience 2000
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Multijurisdictional reorganization : city-county consolidations and federated governments
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Municipal consolidation : an analysis of the financial benefits for fiscally distressed small municipalities Newbury Park, Calif. : Sage Publications, 1992
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Unigov : what it is - what it isn't Indianapolis, Ind. : Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, 1972
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Regionalism and city-county consolidation in small metro areas 2000
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Fiscal implications of city-city consolidations Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, 2014
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation of city and county governments - where a portion of the principal city lies outside of the county Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Office of the Attorney General, 1988
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation of county and city functions and other devices for simplifying Tennessee local government 1955
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Carson City : the "consolidated municipality - " a unique institution Carson City, Nev. : The City, 1969
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation : Columbus/Moscogee County Governments - Columbus - Georgia Columbus, Ga. : The City, 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation : Jacksonville - Duval County : the dynamics of urban political reform Jacksonville, Fla. : Crawford Pub. Co., 1968
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation : partial or total : an edited transcript of the National Conference Washington, D.C. : National Association of Counties, 1973
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION The proposed consolidation of Charlotte and Mecklenburg county 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Consolidation : partial or total : preface Washington, D.C. : National Association of Counties, 1973
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Sparta/White County consolidation study of projected revenue base Knoxville, Tenn. : MTAS, 1986
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Charlotte--Mecklenburg consolidation defeated : the issues - the principals - the results 1971
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION Is consolidation the answer? 1980
GOVERNMENTAL UNITS--CONSOLIDATION County--city consolidation Lincoln, Neb. : University of Nebraska. Governmental Research Institute, 1972
GREENWAYS Knox County Greenways plan Knoxville, Tenn. : Knoxville/Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1994
GREENWAYS Knox/Blount Greenway phase 1 kicks off 2014
GREENWAYS Park - recreation - open space and greenway guidelines Arlington, Va. : National Recreation and Park Association, 1996
GREENWAYS Greenways for the Southeast Tennessee River Valley : a regional vision for greenways in and around Chattanooga - Tennessee Tennessee : National Park Service, 1995
GREENWAYS Trails and greenways Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2000
GREENWAYS Growth spurs greenway projects Kingsport, TN, 2018
GREENWAYS The Knoxville greenways & community trails commission : report to Mayor Victor Ashe and Knoxville City Council Knoxville, Tenn. : Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1992
GREENWAYS Reedy Creek greenway plan - Kingsport - Tennessee Kingsport, Tenn. : The City, 1988
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Countywide growth planning - annexation - and boundary adjustments under Tennessee law Knoxville, Tenn. : Municipal Technical Advisory Service, 2001
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Joint economic and community development boards Knoxville, Tenn. : Institute of Public Service, The University of Tennessee, 2000
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Public Chapter 1101 progress report Nashville, Tenn. : The Office, 1999
GROWTH MANAGEMENT This is smart growth Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 2006
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Growth concentration in Tennessee regions Nashville, Tenn. : The Commission, 2008
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Growth plans and infrastructure needs in Tennessee : a nine-county analysis : a report for the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Nashville, Tenn. : TACIR, 2006
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Growth policy plan : recommendations of the Growth Policy Coordinating Committee to the Knoxville City Council - Farragut Board of Aldermen - and Knox County Board of Commissioners Knoxville, Tenn. : The Committee, 2000
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Growth policy update Nashville, Tenn. : Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 2000
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Quality growth toolbox [electronic resource] Nashville, Tenn. : Cumberland Region Tomorrow, 2006
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Implementation of Tennessee's Growth Policy Act in CY 2000 : a year of progress Nashville, Tenn. : The Commission, 2001
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Implementation of Tennessee's Growth Policy Act : a staff information report on the history of Public Chapter 1101 and the early stages of its implementation Nashville, Tenn. : The Commission, 1999
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Tennessee's growth policy in 2001 : promises and progress Nashville, Tenn. : The Commission, 2002
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Plain talk on quality growth [videorecording] : an East Tennessee conference Knoxville, Tenn. : East Tennessee Quality Growth, 2007
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Smart communities : rethinking infrastructure Washington, D.C. : International City Management Association, 2017
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Smart growth for local governments Washington, D.C. : ICMA, 1999
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Smart growth for Tennessee towns and counties : a process guide Knoxville, Tenn. : Waste Management Research and Education Institute, Energy, Environment and Resources Center, The University of Tennessee, 1999
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Smart growth : why local governments are taking a new approach to managing growth in their communities 1998
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Planning for rural areas in Tennessee under PC 1101 : white Paper prepared for the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Knoxville, Tenn. : University of Tennessee Energy, Environment and Resources Center, 2001
GROWTH MANAGEMENT Hot topic discussion PC 1101 Nashville, Tenn. : TACIR, 2005