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Transportation, public facilities and infrastructure section annual report 1999 1/31/2005
Tree boards : their purpose and function 1/31/2005
Tree city USA guide : tips and tools for successfully becoming designated a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation 4/13/2004
Trees : the green infrastructure 1/8/2003
Trees in the community : managing the urban forest 8/20/2001
Trencher specifications 8/21/2001
Trends and issues in the use of intergovernmental agreements and privatization in local government 8/21/2001
Truck mounted leaf loader 9/30/2004
UC Davis onboarding toolkit : new employee checklist 1/17/2013
ugly truth about tax abatements -- and strategies to benefit from them - The 6/7/2011
Understanding local government financial statements : a citizen's guide 4/27/2004
Uniform citation and complaint, Health Services Department, Oak Ridge 2/14/2003
Uniform policy 2/9/2004
Unigov : what it is, what it isn't 5/11/2004
University-city relations : from coexistence to cooperation 4/20/2004
University/city relations revisited 4/20/2004
up-to-date primer on controlling strip joints and other adult uses through licensing and zoning regulations - An 3/27/2003
Upgrading city hall : building and renovating city and county centers 3/22/2002
Urban forestry best management practices for public works managers, 1 : budgeting & funding 12/14/2016
Urban forestry best management practices for public works managers, 2 : staffing 12/14/2016
Urban forestry best management practices for public works managers, 3 : ordinances, regulations, & public policies 12/14/2016
Urban forestry best management practices for public works managers, 4 : urban forest management plan 12/14/2016
Use of council committees in local government 8/21/2001
Use of public funding to attract industry : how far may a local government go? 8/21/2001
Use of volunteers in local government service delivery 8/21/2001
Use of waste glass and tire rubber for aggregates in flowable fill 11/13/2006
User fees : current practice 8/21/2001
users' guide to fiscal capacity in the basic education program - A 1/4/2005
Using the IACP police facility guidelines 6/11/2008
Utilities technical information report 8/21/2001
Utility industry restructuring : a municipal owner's perspective 2/2/2005
utility manager's guide to water and wastewater budgeting - A 8/21/2001
Vacant properties : revitalization strategies 1/8/2003
Vision Lewisburg 2035 9/28/2016
volunteer fire service : a management perspective - The 5/6/2004
Volunteer programs in cities and counties 8/21/2001
Volunteer service application 2/4/2005
Volunteers in local government : 75 ways that municipalities use volunteers to augment public services 8/20/2001
Waste-to-energy facilities : a decision-maker's guide 8/21/2001
Wastewater personnel job descriptions 5/9/2005
Wastewater services agreement 2/4/2005
Wastewater surcharges : a telephone survey conducted by the MTAS Library July 2002 1/13/2003
Wastewater technical assistance final report for the Sweetwater Water & Wastewater Department, Sweetwater, Tennessee, & the University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service 1/26/2011
water and wastewater manager's guide for staying financially healthy - A 8/21/2001
Water and wastewater service agreement 1/27/2005
Water and wastewater services : meeting current challenges 8/21/2001
Water and wastewater utility performance standards 2/4/2005
Water and wastewater utility performance standards 02/04/2005
Water company agreements 2/10/2005
Water fluoridation in Tennessee 4/28/2006
Water loss control program and operations consulting assessment for the City of Monterey, Tennessee, Water and Sewer Department and its city council 2/10/2005
Water purchase and sale agreement 2/10/2005
Water purchase contract 8/21/2001
Web research : sanctuary laws and trends among local governments with respect to immigration reform 2/2/2007
Wetlands and watersheds : six case studies 8/21/2001
wetlands issue : what should we do with our bogs, swamps, and marshes? - The 8/21/2001
What every city attorney should know about bonds 3/22/2007
What is a study circle? 8/25/2004
What to do booklet 12/1/2005
What to do when pigeons become a big problem 3/17/2003
What you need to know about wastewater disposal and septic systems in the Seymour community 2/9/2005
What's the future of local government? : an Alliance white paper intended to provoke a needed conversation 4/20/2011
Where is Rocky Top? 6/15/2015
Whether a local government may authorize additional exemptions to local option amusement tax 12/14/2016
Who will bell the cat? : a fable for our time : a guide to performance measurement in government 8/21/2001
WiFi : what it is and how to deal with it 3/23/2007
Win-win strategies for communities in managing animal services 12/7/2011
Wireless E 9-1-1 5/7/2004
Wireless providers : do they have a right to use your public ROW? 10/18/2004
Work-life balance : integrating benefits with expectations 7/13/2004
Workforce planning and development 7/13/2004
Working with nature : how to start a paper recycling program at your company 8/21/2001
Workplace harassment policies 5/9/2005
Worksheet supplement to evaluating residential refuse collection costs : a workbook for local government : prepared with the support of the National Science Foundation 8/21/2001
Wrecker application and permit 7/2/2004
You can run but you can't hide : paparazzi protocol : managing the media during the storm 3/8/2002
You can't go with the flow... : but you can do other things : thoughts on municipal control of waste disposal after C & A Carbone, Inc. V. Town of Clarkston. 8/21/2001
Zero-base budgeting : modern experiences and current perspectives 2/24/2012
Zoning decisions : a checklist for municipal decision makers 8/20/2001
Format: Article
Trapping tourists for fun and profit 8/20/2001
Treasury department questions : what you don't know can hurt you 8/20/2001
Treatment plant is beneficiary of value engineering 12/17/2001
Tree inventories : save time & money with data 8/1/2016
Tree line USA 8/20/2001
Trees and parking lots 8/20/2001
tremendous tenures of Haley , Thornton come to a close - The 8/20/2009
True cost of personnel - The 8/20/2001
truth about cats and dogs : vaccinations, licenses, service, revenue - The 8/28/2002
Turning down the volume : effective strategies for community noise enforcement 8/21/2001
TVA payment in lieu of taxes distributed 8/20/2001
Tweet salvation : Atlanta explores 911 texting 8/24/2009
Two roles of the safety officer - The 8/21/2001
U.S. experience with smoke detectors : who has them? how well do they work? when don't they work? - The 8/20/2001
U.S. experience with sprinklers : who has them? how well do they work? - The 8/20/2001
U.S. Supreme Court makes it harder for cities to block group homes in single-family neighborhoods 8/20/2001
U.S. Supreme Court rules on asset forfeiture and traffic stop evidence 8/21/2001
ubiquitous plastic bag--and what to do - The 9/28/2016
Ultrasonic sound systems on buildings repel birds harmlessly 12/17/2001
Understanding the ADA's Title III 8/20/2001
Understanding the need for soft skills in the workplace 12/8/2006
Understanding the Stafford Act 4/8/2009
Unethical actions of public servants : a voyeur's view 8/21/2001
Unintended negative effects of diversity management 5/14/2004
United States census 2010 7/17/2009
University commitment to public service for state and local governments 5/12/2005
Updates on ponytails, PPE and more 8/21/2001
Ups and down of rural water - The 8/20/2001
Urban agriculture (UA) is no longer an oxymoron 1/25/2012
Urban economic development in a rural context : preparing for the future in Orillia 1/16/2018
Urban entertainment centers 8/20/2001
Urban forestry: it's all about trees in places where people live 3/26/2010
Urban tech sector : growth drives economic resilience 1/16/2018
Use of drones in law enforcement 8/11/2017
Use of force during a medical emergency : a new standard from the Sixth Circuit 10/8/2018
Use of force options 4/28/2006
Using 360 degree feedback to predict performance 12/6/2007
Using art to define our parks 10/1/2015
Using keypad polling to enhance public meetings 6/23/2010
Using software that puts the customer first 6/23/2004
Using strategic planning in economic development 8/20/2001
Using video for industrial recruitment and community promotion 8/20/2001
Utility solves stormwater problems 8/20/2001
value of going back to the basics - The 8/31/2005
value of volunteer firefighters - The 7/21/2009
versatility of oxidation ditches - The 5/19/2006
Viewpoint : somebody has to pay, Tennessee county should find a new way to fund fire services 1/20/2012
Village can't require nonresidents to annex their land in exchange for water and sewer services 8/20/2001
Vision screening for police officers 8/21/2001
voice of the public : why citizen surveys work - The 12/18/2001
Volunteers : building stronger communities and better municipal programs 8/20/2001
Volunteers : how to get them, train them and keep them 8/20/2001
Volunteers can make a difference 12/20/2001
Volunteers in local government : partners in service 8/20/2001
Votes and goodwill : achieving genuine success in bond elections 8/20/2001
Waiting at the station 5/29/2007
Wanted : executive director, hazard mitigation 8/20/2001
Waste not, want not : putting wastewater to work 8/20/2001
Wastewater system vulnerability and security 10/19/2005
Water meters 101 : consider your options 5/26/2015
Water reuse : reclaim water for public water supplies 10/8/2018
Water system preparedness and best practices for pandemic influenza 2/18/2009
Water treatment through the ages 4/18/2006
We have a contract out for the fire chief 8/20/2001
Wearable technology : the game-changer in managing risk 4/15/2016
Weighing costs and relative benefits : Phoenix' comprehensive program budget review 8/20/2001
What are the top 10 cybersecurity mistakes water utilities make? 1/11/2018
What can coaches do for you? 7/17/2009
What city foresters do 8/20/2001
What consultants owe county and city managers 10/29/2008
What councils want from managers...but do not tell them : seven unspoken council assumptions 8/20/2001
What councils want from managers...but do not tell them : seven unspoken council assumptions 08/20/2001
What do administrators think citizens think? Administrator predictions as an adjunct to citizen surveys 12/17/2001
What every chief should know about plane crashes 8/20/2001
What every leader needs to know about followers 5/16/2008
What fire departments 'make' and how to measure it 8/20/2001
What happens when a large discount store comes to town? 8/20/2001
What makes municipal councils effective? : an empirical analysis of how council members perceive their group interactions and processes 3/29/2012
What motivates municipal employees : a comparison study of supervisory vs. non-supervisory personnel 5/13/2004
What should contract operators know? 1/10/2006
What's in a name? How your public park can secure naming rights for facilities 9/16/2014
What's mine is yours and yours and yours 1/2/2002
What's new in winter road maintenance? 8/21/2001
What's the difference between good and great economic developers? : surprisingly little if you follow these 12 steps 12/8/2006
What's the hard return on employee wellness programs? 4/23/2013
Wheels in motion 9/19/2002
Wheels up : new FAA regs let utilities fly small drones 9/26/2016
When an auto giant moves to town : the experience of Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada 8/20/2001
When and when not to use incentives to attract business or to retain existing business 8/21/2001
When internal collaboration is bad for your company 6/10/2009
When one plus one makes one 8/20/2001
When the investigator knocks : be prepared 8/20/2001
When to give or not to give 8/21/2001
When you've got to cut costs now 5/10/2013
Where tools and people meet 8/20/2001
Where will we find tomorrow's leaders? 5/19/2008
Who are you? 10/8/2018
Who gets to use agency seals, logos, letterhead and other insignia? 6/20/2013
Who has authority to change service area without voter approval 8/20/2001
Who let the dogs out? : towns are scrambling to provide the newest amenity--dog parks 3/2/2005
Who pays more?: local tax burdens on Tennessee households by county 10/5/2007
Who wants to work for the government? 1/13/2003
Who's that with the red pencil? 8/21/2001
Why good leaders make bad decisions 7/15/2009
Why it may not be a good idea to incorporate under certain conditions 8/20/2001
Why mentoring matters in a hypercompetitive world 5/19/2008
Why pet evacuation makes sense 10/23/2014
Why retention demands first attention : the Greater Baltimore program 8/20/2001
Why small towns do not need managers 8/20/2001
Why surveys work and how they can disappoint 5/10/2016
Wide-ranging decision on FLSA implications of premium pay 2/24/2014
Winning combination - A 8/20/2001
Winning with the media 12/20/2001
Wired for learning 8/21/2001
Women in the workplace : a research roundup 4/16/2014
Work with customers to reduce water use during drought conditions 6/24/2016
Workers' comp injury is not ADA injury 8/21/2001
Workers' comp top ten : how to cut costs in 2011 4/14/2011
Workforce and succession planning : no longer a zero-sum game 2/23/2011
Workforce dynamics in Tennessee: a comparative perspective 10/3/2007
Workforce wellness 8/1/2016
Working for the public good 8/21/2001
Working with TDOT to manage utility relocations 8/21/2001
Workplace wellness in the public sector: the Onondaga County employee wellness program 7/29/2008
Writer's guide to SOPS - A 08/20/2001
Writer's guide to SOPS - A 8/20/2001
Yard art and the first amendment : pink flamingo display enforcement issues 8/19/2009
Ye cads! 8/20/2001
You ain't see anything yet : emerging risks for the public risk manager 7/28/2017
Young African American males 8/21/2001
Youth participation & community building 8/21/2001
Youth participation & community building in 1999 8/21/2001
Youth safety 8/21/2001
Zebra technology evidence tracking 5/25/2004
zero-base approach to government budgeting - The 8/20/2001
Zika and parks : what you need to know 6/6/2016
Zoning ordinance excluding incineration of medical waste from outside geographical area upheld 8/20/2001
[The Municipal Technical Advisory Service] MTAS executive director Jim Thomas to retire after 40-year career 7/14/2017
Format: Book
Trauma in the lives of children : crisis and stress management techniques for counselors, teachers, and other professionals 8/21/2001
Tree ordinance development guidebook 2/12/2010
Trenton pickle ordinance and other bonehead legislation - The 8/21/2001
Troubleshooting and optimizing wastewater treatment in small communities 12/8/2006
true cost of education in Tennessee : alternative geographic cost adjustment measures - The 8/21/2001
True north : discover your authentic leadership 3/30/2010
Trust but verify : increasing voter confidence in election results 2/21/2008
Trying hard is not good enough : how to produce measurable improvements for customers and communities 6/6/2006
Turnaround : how America's top cop reversed the crime epidemic 8/21/2001
TVA : an approach to the development of a region - The 4/24/2002
TVA : democracy on the march 8/21/2001
TVA and the power fight, 1933-1939 4/24/2002
TVA, fifty years of grass-roots bureaucracy 4/24/2002
TVA, the first twenty years : a staff report 4/24/2002
U. S. unintentional fire death rates by state 11/20/2012
U.S. cities solid waste management survey 8/19/2009
Under the gun : weapons, crime, and violence in America 8/21/2001
Understanding and promoting transformative learning : a guide for educators of adults 8/21/2001
Understanding public opinion and support for the maintenance and protection of trees in Knox County, Tennessee: a study of area homeowners 6/30/2006
Understanding street gangs 8/21/2001
Understanding street gangs 08/21/2001
Understanding Tennessee's tax system : problems and issues 8/21/2001
Undoing racism : fairness and justice in America's cities and towns 8/21/2001
Uniting communities through crime prevention 8/21/2001
University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service's recommended guidance to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation's minimum monitoring requirements for NPDES MS4 program 3/14/2008
Unmasking the myths about signs : learning to use signage as a planning tool for intelligent community development 2/6/2006
Urban & community forestry : a practical guide to sustainability 2/23/2006
Urban decline and the future of American cities 8/21/2001
Urban decline and the future of American cities 9/11/2014
Useful, usable, desirable : applying user experience design to your library. 4/19/2017
user's guide for City of Virginia Beach tree planting, preservation and replacement ordinance - A 8/21/2001
User-fee-funded stormwater utilities 8/21/2001
Using and understanding engineering service and construction contracts 8/21/2001
Ut Institute for Public Service annual report 1/5/2018
Utility policy manual 4/8/2015
Vehicle stops and race : a study and report in response to Public Chapter 910 of 2000 4/15/2002
Vestal, Knoxville, Knox County 8/21/2001
Violence in America : a public health approach 8/21/2001
Vital partners : mayors and police chiefs working together for America's children and youth 2/26/2007
volunteer firefighters' management book - The 2/7/2002
Washington County/Johnson City school consolidation study 8/21/2001
Wastewater biology : the habitats 4/14/2004
Wastewater collection system : construction management, inspection and testing. Instructor's manual 12/18/2007
Wastewater collection systems management 12/21/2004
Wastewater laboratory analysts' guide to preparing for the certification examination 4/17/2013
Wastewater microbiology 8/21/2001
Wastewater microbiology : a handbook for operators 2/11/2005
Wastewater operator's guide to preparing for the certification examination 7/5/2017
Wastewater technical assistance assessment report for the Kingston Wastewater Treatment Plant, Kingston, Tennessee, & the University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service 10/22/2015
Water and wastewater calculations manual 8/7/2002
Water and wastewater finance and pricing : a comprehensive guide 3/22/2006
Water audits and loss control programs 12/14/2010
Water distribution operator training handbook 4/16/2003
Water distribution system operation and maintenance : a field study training program 8/21/2001
Water distribution system operation and maintenance : a field study training program 5/21/2007
Water distribution systems : a troubleshooting manual 2/14/2002
Water meters : selection, installation, testing, and maintenance 11/19/2004
Water operator certification study guide 4/17/2013
Water quality : principles and practices of water supply operations 5/16/2006
Water quality : principles and practices of water supply operations 8/21/2001
Water quality and treatment : a handbook of community water supplies 8/21/2001
Water quality student workbook : principles and practices of water supply operations 4/17/2013
Water rate structures and pricing 8/21/2001
Water rates, fees, and the legal environment 9/23/2010
Water sources : principles and practices of water supply operations 8/21/2001
Water transmission and distribution student workbook : principles and practices of water supply operations 4/17/2013
Water treatment : principles and practices of water supply operations 10/24/2006
Water treatment : principles and practices of water supply operations 8/21/2001
Water treatment plant operation : a field study training program 10/24/2006
Water treatment student workbook : principles and practices of water supply operations 4/17/2013
Water utility executive's community relations portfolio 7/15/2002
Water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure management 1/6/2006
Waterborne pathogens 6/2/2003
We don't make widgets : overcoming the myths that keep government from radically improving 1/26/2017
Webster's collegiate thesaurus 8/21/2001
Webster's New World dictionary 8/21/2001
WEF/ABC/C2EP collection systems operators' guide to preparing for the certification examination 6/6/2016
West's Tennessee law finder 8/21/2001
What everyone needs to know about the new fund balance 4/27/2009
What if? : short stories to spark diversity dialogue 4/27/2016
What works : how local governments have made the leap from measurement to management 6/22/2012
What you should know about your local government's finances : a guide to financial statements 2/22/2012
When a child reports a crime : encouraging children to report crime and responding appropriately when they do 8/21/2001
When government regulates itself : EPA, TVA, and pollution control in the 1970s 8/21/2001
When violence hits home : a resource handbook on domestic violence for survivors, friends, and the community to help stop the violence 7/26/2002
When your child is missing : a family survival guide 8/21/2001
Who pays? : a distributional analysis of the tax systems in all 50 states 1/29/2003
Why bad ads happen to good causes : and how to ensure they won't happen to yours 7/12/2017
Why bad presentations happen to good causes : and how to ensure they won't happen to yours 7/12/2017
Why police organizations change : a study of community-oriented policing 8/21/2001
Winchester fire study report 1/13/2017
wit and wisdom of politics - The 8/21/2001
With heritage so rich : a report of a special committee on historic preservation 4/18/2002
Workbook : applied math for wastewater plant operators 4/28/2004
Workbook : applied math for water plant operators 4/28/2004
Workforce Investment Act 101 : a toolkit for elected officials 2/20/2015
Workforce of tomorrow 1/8/2016
Workforce planning resource guide for public sector human resource professionals 9/24/2007
Working knowledge : how organizations manage what they know 8/21/2001
Working together : a guide for elected and appointed officials 8/21/2001
Working with the news media : a guide for Tennessee municipal officials 1/28/2002
Workplace accommodations under the ADA 3/6/2002
Workplace catastrophes : an employer's guide to workplace violence, terrorism, and natural disasters 7/13/2009
World class : thriving locally in the global economy 8/21/2001
world of violence : corrections in America - A 8/21/2001
World's Fair Park and Festival Center master plan 8/21/2001
Yard waste proposal for the City of Knoxville 3/6/2002
Yesterday's Memphis 8/21/2001
You'd better have a hose if you want to put out the fire : the complete guide to crisis and risk communications : professional tips, tactics, dos, don'ts and case histories 8/21/2001
Your town a destination : the 25 immutable rules of successful tourism 5/13/2008
youth charter : how communities can work together to raise standards for all our children - The 8/21/2001
Youth focused community policing 3/22/2002
Format: Serial
TREEDC newsletter [electronic resource] 7/5/2011
TVPPA news 10/22/2003
Understanding community oriented policing 8/21/2001
Uniform disposition of unclaimed property act reporting forms & instructions 1/15/2002
Use it or lose it [electronic resource] 8/29/2014
view - The 10/1/2003
Virginia town & city 10/6/2003
voice e-newsletter [electronic resource] - The 7/14/2014
Water environment & technology 10/23/2003
Water utility compensation survey 4/14/2004
weekly [electronic resource] - The 9/5/2012
WEF highlights [electronic resource] 6/2/2011
Western city 10/21/2003
What's on tap? [electronic resource] 10/9/2012
Zoning and planning law handbook 8/21/2001
Zoning law and practice 5/22/2006
Format: DVD
Tuesday night council meeting [videorecording] 11/8/2007
Value of an urban tree [videorecording]-- The 3/27/2006
Violence in the workplace [videorecording] 7/17/2007
Violence in the workplace [videorecording] : supervisor training 7/16/2007
Water supply operations : water loss control [videorecording] 12/2/2014
Workplace violence [videorecording] : the early warning signs for employees 3/18/2013
Format: Video
Tug of war [videorecording] : strategies for conflict resolution 8/21/2001
Uniting youth and adults in crime prevention [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Urban turf [videorecording] : a focus on street gangs 8/21/2001
Violence [videorecording] : changing a learned behavior 8/21/2001
Violent times [videorecording] : a time of rage. 8/21/2001
W.A.R.N. [videorecording] : weapons are removed now 8/21/2001
W.A.R.N. [videorecording] : weapons are removed now 8/21/2001
Wasted dreams [videorecording] : a peer to peer video dealing with guns & violence 8/21/2001
Weapons in our schools [videorecording] : examining the problem 8/21/2001
Working it out together [videorecording] : a peer mediation & conflict resolution program 8/21/2001
You've graduated, what now? [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Youth afterschool programs and the role of law enforcement [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Youth as resources [videorecording] : the power to change 8/21/2001
Youth as resources [videorecording] : the power within 8/21/2001
Youth-oriented community policing [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Format: CD-ROM
University of Tennessee fact book 2005-2006 [electronic resource] - The 9/29/2006
WiFi [electronic resource] 3/10/2008