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Sharing medical costs with workers may not curb health care inflation 8/20/2001
Shaw, Miller and the districting thicket 8/20/2001
Shift your focus with modern mentoring 10/1/2015
Short line railroads in economic development 12/8/2006
Should employers rely on local validation studies or validity generalization (VG) to support the use of employment tests in Title VII situations? 3/15/2011
Shreveport initatives : strategic economic development plan for the future - The 8/20/2001
Sign language 12/20/2001
Sister cities promote economic development 3/7/2007
Siting new airport runways : who should decide? 9/8/2004
Six-layered liability protection system for police - The 8/20/2001
Skateparks : a key to community engagement 5/30/2014
slippery slope of leadership : leaders are not making the grade in developing successors - The 2/16/2009
Small business incubators for local economic development 8/20/2001
Small cities overcome hurdles to win budget award 8/21/2001
Small communities in the 21st century 3/1/2011
small town revival through tourism : Jamesport, Missouri - A 8/20/2001
Smart city infrastructure : initiatives that can transform community services 10/8/2018
Smart city solutions : applications that power connectivity 10/8/2018
Smart growth : why local governments are taking a new approach to managing growth in their communities 8/21/2001
Smarter detectors 8/21/2001
Smoke detector nuisance alarms : a field study in a Native American community 8/21/2001
Smokin' hot topic for the new year : e-cigarettes 3/17/2014
Social media : balancing the rights of employers and employees 1/24/2012
Social media : Legal issues for municipalities 1/25/2012
Social media : local governments embrace potent communications tool 5/4/2010
Social media strategizing 10/5/2018
Social media, the law, and you 3/26/2010
Solar 4 all : turning landfills and brownfields green with solar power 1/3/2018
Solar flair : how three TVPPA members serve up the sun 2017
Solar flair : how three TVPPA members serve up the sun 1/10/2018
Solving multiyear budget problems in a single budget cycle : learn from the Lee County experience 8/20/2001
Some duties of utility board members 8/19/2009
Some thoughts on obtaining easements for STEP systems (part one) 3/22/2006
Sometimes a dilemma : 'lowest and best bid' 8/20/2001
SORP minimizes sewer public health concerns 3/14/2011
Speaking up : 10 tips for making a C-level presentation 10/14/2010
Special district governments : examining the questions of control 8/4/2005
Special issue on administrative failure in the wake of Hurricane Katrina 2/12/2008
Special librarian to knowledge counselor in the year 2006 8/20/2001
Specialized courts 8/21/2001
Specifications for the ideal fire chief 8/20/2001
Spend a dime, save a dollar : do a treatment plan operations audit first 2/17/2009
Stafford Act : hazard mitigation and public entities - The 4/8/2009
Start small and think big 8/20/2001
Starting a police department 5/10/2004
State and local government cyber-budgeting 8/21/2001
State of the industry report 2008 : charting the course ahead 1/6/2009
Statistics on less lethal munitions 4/28/2006
Stepping into the cloud 6/18/2012
Strategies for containing local government health insurance costs 8/20/2001
Stream rehabilitation gets back to nature 8/20/2001
Street smarts 1/5/2005
Strengthening communities through the arts 4/16/2015
Strengthening the library's strategic role : prepare to focus on public access technology 1/26/2016
Strengthening the policy role of city council 8/20/2001
Structural reform impulse in local government : its past and relevance to the future - The 8/20/2001
Struggling small businesses : can (should) the community/economic development professional help? 8/20/2001
Studies assess performance of residential detectors 8/20/2001
Succession planning : a case study 12/11/2008
Succession planning : it should and can be done 2/23/2011
Suggested approach for a city manager during the first 90 days in a new city - A 8/20/2001
Supercomputing in Danville: Cray XMT2 is evidence of transformation from manufacturing center to technology hub 7/24/2012
Supreme Court : flow control ordinance violates commerce clause 8/20/2001
Sweeping the city streets : public or private? 8/20/2001
System eyes competence before cost 8/20/2001
Take a card 8/20/2001
Take the mystery out of marketing your learning function 10/5/2018
Taking it to the street 10/4/2006
Taking the bite out of blogs : ethics in cyberspace 5/16/2008
Taking the guesswork out of promotions 8/20/2001
Talent management for the twenty-first century 5/19/2008
Taming taxonomy terrors 10/8/2018
TASER tactical conference 12/7/2007
Tax increment financing : opportunities and concerns 6/21/2007
Tax-exempt lease-purchase financing options for local governments 2/10/2009
Taxpayer's guide to the Hillsborough County budget : turning the tide from distrust to understanding 8/20/2001
Teach fire fighters to think? 8/20/2001
Team approach - The 8/20/2001
Teetotallers lack standing to challenge annexation in Alabama 8/20/2001
Telecommuting : saving energy and promoting progress 9/25/2008
Telling your story through effective media relations 2/10/2009
Ten classic assessment center errors : challenges to selection validity 11/19/2004
Ten myths about sexual harassment 8/20/2001
Ten--hour shifts : a good fit 8/10/2005
Tennessee blasting standards : new rules 8/20/2001
Tennessee cities lead by example to encourage economic investment 1/8/2018
Tennessee landfills : the old and the new 8/20/2001
Tennessee's 2015-2025 solid waste and materials management plan 5/22/2015
Tennessee's fiscal capacity model, FY 2005 : equalizing funding for education 6/14/2004
Tennessee's most business-friendly cities 4/21/2006
Tenuous interpretation : sections 2 and 5 of the Voting Rights Act 8/20/2001
Term limitations movement in U.S. cities 8/20/2001
Term limitations movement in U.S. cities 08/20/2001
Thank millenials for growth : live-work-play neighborhoods attract today's generation of young adults 10/8/2018
That difficult conversation : 11 tips for protecting your organization when talking about poor performance 5/12/2016
That secure feeling 8/21/2001
There's more to volunteering than fighting fires 8/21/2001
They'd like to thank the academy 8/20/2001
They'll want to pay if you know what to say 8/20/2001
Think different 8/29/2018
Thinking about the unthinkable 8/21/2001
This is a sign it's going to be complicated 1/26/2016
This old firehouse 8/21/2001
Threat of water supply bioterrorism : who will it impact? 3/22/2002
Three interrelated and frequently confused concepts that affect local funding requirements for education 1/29/2004
Three ways to better utility-community relations 8/20/2001
Three-city venture for wastewater utility service - A 8/21/2001
three-dimensional assessment of U.S. county e-government - A 4/16/2014
time has come : municipal fleet alternative fuel vehicles - The 1/17/2013
Time to act is now : meeting the challenges of short-term rentals in a digital economy-- The 1/16/2018
To hire or not to hire... : what was your question? 8/20/2001
To stay in the dough, keep revenue in the know 8/20/2001
To tweet or not to tweet : legal issues in social media 4/13/2011
To-do list for emergency media relations 8/21/2001
Today's city managers : a legacy of success-becoming-failure 8/20/2001
Top 10 employee handbook updates for 2016 5/10/2016
top 10 FLSA mistakes public employers make - The 2/21/2011
Top 12 considerations for a successful mobile computing project, part 1 8/26/2009
top 5 video surveillance trends - The 1/23/2012
Town and gown 6/1/2005
Town and gown relations revitalize America's downtown 10/14/2014
Traffic calming : the essentials 8/21/2001
Train sergeant candidates before promoting them 12/20/2001
Train the whole brain 8/20/2001
Training deficiencies and municipal liability 8/20/2001
Training for chemical emergencies 8/20/2001
Training sergeants : today's leaders, tomorrow's executives 8/21/2001
Training the water supply officer 8/20/2001
Training to prevent workplace violence 8/30/2018
Transferring funds from its general fund to the street aid fund 8/20/2001
Transitioning from a weak mayor form of government to a strong mayor form of government 8/20/2001
Translating technobabble : all you really need to know about URIS, linked data, and FRBR 10/8/2018
Format: Book
Shelby unity plan : a recommended charter for the consolidation of the governments of the city of Memphis and the county of Shelby 1/23/2002
signage sourcebook : a signage handbook - The 2/6/2006
Simplified procedures for water examination 5/14/2002
Site planning 4/17/2002
small town planning handbook - The 5/10/2004
Small water system operation and maintenance : a field study training program 12/21/2010
Small water system operation and maintenance : a field study training program 8/21/2001
Smart choices : a practical guide to making better decisions 8/21/2001
Smart communities : how citizens and local leaders can use strategic thinking to build a brighter future 3/16/2004
Smart growth for Tennessee towns and counties : a process guide 8/21/2001
So now you're a trainer : a practical guide for practical trainers 3/18/2002
So you want to build a dog park? : a comprehensive guide for municipalities and private entities 11/24/2014
Solar powering your community : a guide for local governments 10/10/2013
Solid waste contract negotiation handbook 8/21/2001
Solid-waste management : a guide for competitive contracting for collection 3/6/2002
South-Link 2000 : leadership development in the south 8/21/2001
Southeast Tennessee Development District annual report 11/12/2009
Southern Appalachian region : a survey - The 8/21/2001
Southern Consortium of University Public Service Organizations survey of member institutions 8/21/2001
Sparks at the grassroots : municipal distribution of TVA electricity in Tennessee 4/24/2002
Sparta/White County experience : an attempt to unify governments - The 8/21/2001
Special libraries : a survival guide 4/22/2016
Special purpose districts in Washington State 10/13/2003
Speeding in residential areas 2/14/2002
Springer Road : a report for the City of Lawrenceburg 5/20/2008
Standard methods for the examination of water & wastewater 9/4/2012
Standard methods for the examination of water & wastewater 5/16/2006
Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater 08/21/2001
Standard operating procedures and guidelines 11/11/2002
Standard specifications for public works construction 12/9/2002
Standard specifications for road and bridge construction 8/21/2001
Standard specifications for road and bridge construction 4/20/2015
Standing with the public: the humanities and democratic practice 2/23/2010
Start with why : how great leaders inspire everyone to take action 11/10/2016
State & local government environmental liability 8/21/2001
State and local government procurement 6/22/2012
State and local taxation and finance in a nutshell 7/24/2007
State highway aid to local governments in Tennessee 3/8/2005
State mandates : fiscal notes, reimbursements, and anti-mandate strategies 8/28/2007
State municipal leagues : the first hundred years : 1900-1999 8/21/2001
state of Tennessee Constitutional Convention 1953 - The 3/26/2003
state of the cities : report of the Commission on the Cities in the '70's - The 2/13/2002
State tax sharing, fairness, and local government finance in Tennessee 8/12/2004
State-local relations : a partnership approach 2/9/2009
Statement of interest and qualifications : to provide water and sewer systems record drawings to the Town of Rutledge, Tennessee 2/8/2002
Statement of qualifications : professional engineering services to prepare water and sewer system record drawings : Town of Rutledge, Tennessee 2/8/2002
Statement of qualifications package of James + Associates, Inc. for the Town of Rutledge for preparation of water and sewer system record drawings 2/8/2002
Statistics for public administration : practical uses for better decision making 11/22/2011
Still more games trainers play : experiential learning exercises 8/21/2001
Stop bullying at work : strategies and tools for HR & legal professionals 8/11/2015
Stormwater BMP manual : best management practices 4/16/2015
Stormwater management 9/22/2011
Stormwater utilities survey 12/4/2007
Storytelling as best practice : how stories strengthen your organization, engage your audience, and advance your mission. 6/5/2017
Storytelling with data : a data visualization guide for business professionals 8/23/2018
Straight from the CEO : the world's top business leaders reveal ideas that every manager can use 8/21/2001
Strategic planning : a how-to manual for local government 8/21/2001
Strategic planning basics for special libraries 8/21/2001
Strategic planning for local government 8/21/2001
Strategic planning for local government 10/29/2007
Strategic planning for local government : a handbook for officials and citizens 8/21/2001
Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations 8/21/2001
Strategies for high performance organizations : the CEO report : employee involvement, TQM, and reengineering programs in Fortune 1000 corporations 8/21/2001
Strategy pure and simple II : how winning companies dominate their competitors 8/21/2001
Street design guidelines for healthy neighborhoods 4/24/2002
Street design specifications 2/20/2015
Street graphics : a concept and a system 5/3/2002
Street prostitution 2/14/2002
Street signs : an identification guide of symbols of crime and violence 8/21/2001
Strengthen social security for working families : today's unions 07/16/2002
Strengthening America's families : an agenda for municipal leaders 4/1/2005
structure of state taxes in Tennessee : a fiscal primer - The 6/25/2003
Structuring lodging taxes to preserve the economy and encourage tourism 3/3/2016
Study of city and county consolidations 2/8/2002
subdivision and site plan handbook - The 12/3/2001
Subdivision regulations 2/25/2015
Subdivision regulations of the Town of Farragut 10/8/2013
Successful new employee orientation : a step-by-step guide for designing, facilitating, and evaluating your program 1/4/2018
Successful public meetings : a practical guide for managers in government 8/21/2001
succession planning model for the City of McMinnville and small Tennessee municipalities - A 12/15/2009
Suggested rules of procedure for a city council 10/12/2004
summary : Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 - A 08/21/2001
Supervision for success in government : a practical guide for first line managers 8/21/2001
Supplement to the elected officials handbooks : a guide for orientation and training 12/13/2001
Survey of local stormwater utilities 8/21/2001
Sustainable Communities Task Force report 8/21/2001
Tackling crime and other public-safety problems : case studies in problem-solving 12/11/2001
Taking charge of change : 10 principles for managing people and performance 8/21/2001
Taking the offensive to prevent crime : how seven cities did it 8/21/2001
Talent is overrated : what really separates world-class performers from everybody else 3/30/2010
Tales for change : using storytelling to develop people and organizations 07/22/2004
Tales for change : using storytelling to develop people and organizations 1/4/2018
Talking with youth about prevention : a teaching guide for law enforcement and others 8/21/2001
Tapping the power of city hall to build equitable communities : 17 promising practices 3/21/2007
Tax administration : participant manual 8/21/2002
Tax incentives for economic development 8/21/2001
Tax increment financing 6/22/2012
Teaching for critical thinking : tools and techniques to help students question their assumptions 2012
Teaching for critical thinking : tools and techniques to help students question their assumptions 1/5/2018
Team development 2/8/2002
Team power : making library meetings work 8/21/2001
Teams in government : a handbook for team-based organizations 8/21/2001
Teens, crime, and rural communities : how youth in rural America can help reduce violent and property crimes 8/21/2001
Teens, crime, and the community : implementation guide 8/21/2001
Teens, crime, and the community and adjudicated youth 8/21/2001
Teens, crime, and the community in boys & girls clubs 8/21/2001
Telephones for Tennessee 8/27/2004
Telling ain't training 4/23/2003
Ten principles for reinventing America's suburban business districts 9/19/2002
Ten steps to effective presentations 8/21/2001
ten-minute trainer : 150 ways to teach it quick and make it stick! - The 7/14/2016
Tennessee : a guide to the state 8/21/2001
Tennessee : a short history 8/21/2001
Tennessee : a university portrait 8/21/2001
Tennessee and the knowledge economy 1/29/2002
Tennessee annexation law : history, analysis, and proposed amendments 8/21/2001
Tennessee beer laws and the county beer board 1/18/2002
Tennessee blue book 08/21/2001
Tennessee Business Tax Guide 6/5/2017
Tennessee code annotated 12/10/2001
Tennessee constitutional manual 8/21/2001
Tennessee constitutional spending limitation : history of spending limitations and the budgetary effects of Tennessee's proposal nine - The 4/25/2002
Tennessee economic development guide 7/14/2011
Tennessee environmental regulatory overview 8/21/2001
Tennessee foundation databook - The 5/19/2009
Tennessee general sessions handbook 2/11/2016
Tennessee government officials directory 1/10/2002
Tennessee locator-- The 8/21/2001
Tennessee place-names 9/8/2003
Tennessee planning commissioner handbook 8/21/2001
Tennessee planning commissioner handbook 10/8/2013
Tennessee purchasing laws annotated 2/15/2002
Tennessee recreation services study 2012 11/20/2012
Tennessee school system budgets : authority and accountability for funding education and operating schools 3/12/2015
Tennessee standards for non-metropolitan public libraries 3/10/2014
Tennessee state agencies and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 8/21/2001
Tennessee statistical abstract 6/5/2002
Tennessee tax guide : a comprehensive survey of major Tennessee state and local taxes 8/21/2001
Tennessee towns : from Adams to Yorkville 8/21/2001
Tennessee valley authority payments in lieu of taxes annual report to the Tennessee General Assembly 5/15/2013
Tennessee Valley Authority's payments in lieu of taxes annual report to the Tennessee General Assembly 2/20/2014
Tennessee Valley Authority's payments in lieu of taxes annual report to the Tennessee General Assembly 4/5/2018
Tennessee zoning boards : practice and procedure 1/14/2014
Tennessee's growth policy act : a vision for the future 8/21/2001
Tennessee's growth policy in 2001 : promises and progress 8/21/2002
Tennessee's homestead exemptions : adjusting them to reflect the cost of living 3/3/2016
Tennessee: 2000 : population and housing unit counts 10/11/2006
Themes and variations in community policing : case studies of community policing 8/21/2001
Thinking about GIS : geographic information system planning for managers 1/24/2007
Third century of biochemical oxygen demand 8/21/2002
This is Memphis 8/21/2001
This is smart growth 4/20/2010
This is the place : a history of Lebanon, Tennessee, 1780-1972 2/11/2002
Three-Star program: excellence in community development 2007 1/11/2007
Tools & tips for newsletter planning 8/27/2002
Tools for decision making : a practical guide for local government 5/9/2005
Tools for making financial decisions : an annotated shopping list 9/12/2007
Top ten performance measures for fleet managers 6/6/2017
Total quality management in government : a practical guide for the real world 8/21/2001
Traffic engineering handbook 8/21/2001
trainer's guide to Web-based instruction : getting started on Intranet- and Internet-based training - A 03/18/2002
trainer's tool kit - The 08/21/2001
Trainer's tool kit-- The 1/4/2018
Training design and delivery 12/22/2010
Training requirements in OSHA standards and training guidelines 2/20/2015
Training student library assistants 8/21/2001
Transforming suburban business districts 9/19/2002
Transportation issues briefing paper 12/6/2002
Format: Vertical File
Shelbyville airport fixed base operator lease contract 2/12/2003
Shopping Center Group : retail real estate specialists - The 12/20/2011
Signline 1/12/2004
Simple solutions : your trash reference guide 8/21/2001
Six lessons for municipal lawyers : City of Monterey v. Del Monte Dunes at Monterey, Ltd., 119 S. Ct. 1624 (May 24, 1999) 6/22/2004
Six steps for staying union-free 6/25/2007
Sizing up your fire department 4/27/2004
Skateboard operator assumption, waiver and release 8/25/2005
Skateboard park 11/1/2004
Skateparks 101 11/1/2004
skills gap 2001 : manufacturers confront persistent skills shortages in an uncertain economy - The 9/14/2007
Smart communities : rethinking infrastructure 2/15/2018
Smart democracy : how to engage citizens 12/8/2004
Smart growth for local governments 8/21/2001
Smoke detector packet 5/6/2004
Smoke, dye, and television : ways and reasons to fix sewer defects on private property 8/21/2001
Smut shop outlets 3/27/2003
So you just got elected 3/18/2003
Sodium hypochlorite usage in water treatment facilities 3/5/2008
Software procurement : avoiding the pitfalls 2/2/2007
Soils suitable for septic tank filter fields : a soil map can help you 11/2/2004
Soliciting foreign business to meet local economic development goals 8/21/2001
solid waste mess : what should we do with the garbage? - The 8/21/2001
Sparta/White County consolidation study of projected revenue base 11/14/2006
Special collections in Tennessee public libraries 8/21/2001
Specification bids for pavement marking paint 12/3/2004
Specifications and bid documents : miscellaneous asphaltic concrete patching 8/21/2001
Specifications and invitation for bids : selected solid waste collection equipment 8/21/2001
Specifications for collection of residential/small commercial garbage and recyclable materials 8/21/2001
Specifications on metal buildings 8/21/2001
Spreadsheet pavement management systems for local roads 1/29/2015
Staffing and utilization studies 8/3/2005
Standard consumer safety performance specification for home playground equipment 7/9/2004
Standard consumer safety performance specification for playground equipment for public use 3/17/2005
Standard form of agreement between owner and engineer for professional services 2/21/2008
Standards of qualification for the Tree City USA recognition award for Tennessee communities 1/31/2005
Starting a logo gift store 8/21/2001
State highway maintenance contract 7/22/2005
State municipal bond banks 8/21/2001
state of garbage in America - The 1/26/2015
STEADY : a system providing for the direct deposit of state-shared and state collected taxes 6/21/2004
Stop 2/3/2005
Stop sewer backups : how to safeguard your home and the environment by disconnecting downspouts 8/21/2001
Stormwater maintenance agreements 9/17/2014
Straight talk about automated refuse collection 2/3/2003
Strategic economic development 8/21/2001
Strategic human resource management 9/6/2006
Strategic issue management : improving the council-manager relationship 8/21/2001
Strategies for implementing performance measurement 7/6/2004
Streamlining development and building permitting 8/3/2005
Strengthen your local economy through economic gardening 8/30/2010
Strengthening America's families : what municipal leaders must do 1/21/2005
Strengthening families in America's cities : family economic security 6/11/2004
Strengthening state and local government finances: lessons for negotiating public pension plan reforms 10/7/2011
Stronger schools, stronger cities : a report on the Municipal Leadership in Education Project 5/15/2008
Structured assessment process for the position of lieutenant 8/21/2001
Study circle handbook : a manual for study circle discussion leaders, organizers, and participants - The 8/21/2001
Study of consolidation of governmental functions in Sullivan County, Tennessee, 1970-71 5/11/2004
Study of incorporation of Tellico Village : draft 8/21/2001
Study of the effects of the concentration of adult entertainment establishments in the City of Los Angeles 3/27/2003
Subdivision regulations 8/21/2001
Subdivision review 8/21/2001
Suburbs without a city : power and city-county consolidation 10/19/2005
Successful project management in local government 6/11/2004
Sugested speech on council-manager government 3/15/2004
Suggested guide for airport rules and regulations 2/11/2003
Suggested guide for airport rules and regulations [resolution] 2/11/2003
Summary of maintenance requirements for existing buildings and properties : a guideline for property owners and landlords 8/21/2001
Sunday transit service study 8/21/2001
surety bond in court proceedings - The 1/13/2017
Survey of state agency water loss reporting practices : final report to the American Water Works Association 8/29/2008
Sustainable economic development : navigating pitfalls and reaping rewards 3/10/2011
Sustainable energy : power solutions for local governments 8/3/2005
syllabus for development of specifications & boilerplates - A 10/5/2004
Synopsis of charter of the Unified Government of Knoxville and Knox County 8/21/2001
TABOR tutor : ABC's of TABOR, accountability, budgets, citizen control 1/24/2007
Talking with citizens about money 4/15/2002
Tapping your own resources : a decision-maker's guide for small town drinking water 8/21/2001
Task C: An evaluation of unaccounted-for water 8/29/2008
Tax equivalent payments by municipal electric systems in Tennessee : a review of the issues 7/13/2004
Technology corridor zoning assessment 8/21/2001
Technology-based economic development 1/8/2003
Tempe bikeway plan - The 3/11/2003
Tennessee Department of Transportation criteria for replacement of vehicles 5/7/2004
Tennessee great American cleanup 3/6/2003
Tennessee local sales tax bill 12/6/2004
Tennessee municipal benchmarking project conference - The 10/15/2009
Tennessee Municipal League congresses and conventions 12/9/2004
Tennessee needs a new constitution 11/18/2004
Tennessee Open Records Act 8/21/2001
Tennessee property tax rates 7/6/2005
Tennessee recreation initiative program (TRIP) : grant guidelines and application 9/15/2005
Tennessee recreational joint facility use agreements 8/18/2014
Tennessee state recreation plan 2003-2008 9/15/2005
Tennessee traffic laws relating to bicycles : a handbook for motorists & bicyclists 2/8/2007
Tennessee's business census 2010 10/7/2011
Tennessee's trash in the 1990s 8/21/2001
Terrorism : defending the homeland 3/7/2002
This is the house that Jack built 3/26/2004
Three cities 7/1/2004
Three-year capital outlay notes 12/16/2010
Title VII and the uniform guidelines on employee selection procedures : what we do about testing and assessment centers 7/27/2004
Tort liability and mutual aid 10/18/2004
Total energy management : a practical handbook on energy conservation and management 4/22/2004
Tourism, travel and taxes in Tennessee 8/21/2001
Town meetings that work : a guide to organizing the process 8/21/2001
Town of Farragut annual report 6/10/2009
Town of Signal Mountain brush collection and disposal report 12/16/2010
Town of Tiptonville, Tennessee contract documents & specifications for solid waste collection and disposal service 8/21/2001
Town of Vanleer application for water service 8/21/2001
Trails and greenways 8/3/2005
Transaction screen questionnaire 8/21/2001
transactions costs model of metropolitan governance : allocation versus redistribution in urban America - A 10/19/2005
Transfer and materials recovery system planning 11/14/2006
Transferring burdens and benefits in land development : two case studies in habitat conservation 8/21/2001
Format: DVD
Signs [videorecording] : the speech of the street 2/6/2006
Storm watch [videorecording] : municipal stormwater pollution prevention 5/15/2006
Tabor [videorecording] : is it working for Colorado? 1/24/2007
Tennessee town squares [videorecording] 4/10/2008
Format: Serial
Small flows magazine 3/20/2009
Small flows quarterly : SF 9/23/2003
Smartbrief on cybersecurity [electronic resource] 6/16/2015
Solutions journal [electronic resource] 1/22/2014
Standard & Poor's public finance criteria 8/21/2001
Standard amusement device code 8/20/2001
Standard building code 8/21/2001
Standard excavation and grading code 8/21/2001
Standard existing buildings code 8/21/2001
Standard fire prevention code 8/21/2001
Standard gas code 8/21/2001
Standard housing code 8/20/2001
Standard mechanical code 8/21/2001
Standard plumbing code 8/21/2001
Standard swimming pool code 8/20/2001
Start budgeting : from scratch 8/20/2001
State & local government review 9/25/2003
State & local law news 11/4/2010
State & local law news [electronic resource] 11/19/2013
State municipal leagues and National League of Cities staff directory 5/11/2005
stormwater report [electronic resource] - The 9/10/2013
Stormwater [electronic resource]: the journal for surface water quality professionals 1/26/2010
Straight from the tap 3/12/2013
Straight from the tap [electronic resource] 3/12/2013
Streamlines : the KY-TN WEA newsletter 10/30/2013
Streamlines [electronic resource] : the KY-TN WEA newsletter 11/12/2010
Survey of municipal government finance 11/29/2001
SWANA newsletter 11/5/2003
T+D 10/10/2003
T.G.F.O.A. news 10/3/2003
T.G.F.O.A. news [electronic resource] 3/20/2009
TACIR fast facts 1/29/2004
TACIR fiscal flexibility 6/21/2007
TACIR staff education brief 10/10/2003
TACIR staff research brief 6/17/2011
TACP news [electronic resource] 10/24/2011
TAMCAR news 2/25/2015
TAMCAR news [electronic resource] 8/21/2009
Tax aggregate report of Tennessee 8/21/2001
TD 1/27/2015
Team Tennessee times [electronic resource] 12/14/2015
Technical section 6/17/2009
Tennessean [electronic resource] - The 8/31/2015
Tennessee Association of Utility Districts membership directory 6/18/2004
Tennessee attorneys directory 8/21/2001
Tennessee bar journal 5/3/2016
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation annual report 12/1/2015
Tennessee county news 9/25/2003
Tennessee employment law letter 9/25/2003
Tennessee employment law letter [electronic resource] 4/13/2009
Tennessee environmental law letter 9/25/2003
Tennessee environmental law letter environmental directory 8/21/2001
Tennessee excavation guide 6/24/2004
Tennessee land life & science [electronic resource] 7/22/2009
Tennessee law enforcement accreditation program update [electronic resource] 1/11/2012
Tennessee municipal benchmarking project annual report for FY . . . 6/23/2004
Tennessee newspaper directory 8/21/2001
Tennessee public works 9/25/2003
Tennessee State Data Center news update [electronic resource] 3/20/2009
Tennessee State Data Center news update [electronic resource] 1/6/2014
Tennessee town & city 10/10/2003
Tennessee town & city [electronic resource] 7/25/2011
Tennessee utility news 10/22/2003
Tennessee vital statistics 8/21/2001
Tennessee's business 3/24/2004
TNSA times [electronic resource] 11/24/2014
Town of Mount Carmel, Tennessee financial statements. 4/19/2017
Training 10/21/2003
Transformations 7/18/2007
Transformations [electronic resource]: Alliance for Innovation newsletter 3/18/2009
Format: Video
Smarter teens, safer communities [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Tale of "O" [videorecording] : on being different : a training tool for managing diversity-- A 8/21/2001
Telemarketing fraud [videorecording] : don't let it happen to you 8/21/2001
Tell my mom I love her [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Tragic consequences [videorecording] : teenagers and guns 8/21/2001
Format: CD-ROM
Solving the parliamentary puzzle [electronic resource] 2/20/2014
Sourcebook of criminal justice statistics [electronic resource] 8/21/2001
Staying legal [electronic resource] : a guide to copyright and trademark use 3/12/2008
Tennessee emergency management plan (TEMP) [electronic resource] 4/15/2002
Tennessee planning commissioner handbook [electronic resource] 5/29/2008
Format: Compact Disc
Tennessee traditions [sound recording] : celebrating 200 years of Tennessee 10/23/2008