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Preparing a RFP for public/private developments 8/20/2001
Preparing for bids 7/18/2007
Preparing for tomorrow : a case study of workforce planning in North Carolina municipal governments 3/15/2011
Preparing VFOs 8/20/2001
Princeton's first parklet 11/18/2015
Principles of affirmative action are clear 8/20/2001
Private delivery of public services : sorting out the policy and management issues 5/13/2005
Privatization : contracting local government services 8/20/2001
Privatization and competition in Charlotte 8/21/2001
Privatization how-to 8/20/2001
Privatization of hazmat response - The 8/21/2001
Privatization of municipal services in America's largest cities 8/21/2001
Privatization supplement 8/21/2001
Privatizing wastewater treatment in Franklin, Ohio 8/20/2001
Process improvement train is leaving -- are you on board?-- The 8/11/2017
Production & usage of alternative fuels rising 7/22/2009
Professionalism : national fire service certification 8/20/2001
Professionalism : where is the fire service? 8/20/2001
Progress on sewer improvements 10/5/2018
Promoting civility in public discourse 10/23/2003
Promotion by 'fuzzy logic' 8/20/2001
Proper performance evaluations : you owe it to your personnel 8/14/2003
Proper preparation prevents poor performance 9/23/2003
Property rights and at-will employment 8/20/2001
Property rights report 7/27/2009
Property tax disparity among Tennessee counties : an analysis of changes in real per capita property tax bases 4/16/2009
property tax inTennessee : a summary of TACIR reports on the property tax and property tax issues 1999-2010 - The 10/12/2010
Proportional representation 8/20/2001
pros and cons of buying and selling wastewater plants - The 8/20/2001
pros and cons of long-term privatization - The 2/21/2005
Prospecting : twenty-five tactical considerations 8/20/2001
Protecting our prisoners : the challenge of keeping prisons safe from fire 8/20/2001
Protecting wetlands is good business for local governments 8/21/2001
Protective service physical ability tests : establishing pass/fail, ranking, and banding procedures 5/13/2004
Proven strategies for economic conversion 8/20/2001
Public & private marriage : For P3s to be successful, governments must educate themselves, dispel common misconceptions and carefully tailor their project's approach 8/17/2018
Public employer's nepotism policy upheld 8/20/2001
Public entity risk managers speak out : results of the 2017 public entity employee safety & loss control survey 1/10/2018
Public housing tenants' right to quiet enjoyment and freedom from illegal searches 8/20/2001
Public participation and recycling performance : explaining program success 8/20/2001
Public-private cooperation creates the right chemistry 8/20/2001
Public-sector benchmarking : a practical approach 8/20/2001
Pulling the plug : the legal implications of utility terminations for local governments 3/9/2005
Pumper/tanker - The 8/20/2001
Purchase of cellular phones for city commission and planning commission members 8/20/2001
purchasing agent's view of privatization - A 5/13/2005
Purposeful networking 12/8/2006
Put health and safety into your own hands 8/21/2001
Putting a bias for action into planning agency management : a practitioner's perspective 8/20/2001
Putting the I-codes to work for you 8/14/2003
Quality fix for safer sidewalks 10/8/2018
Quandaries of pragmatic reform : a reassessment of the Jacksonville experience 10/19/2005
question of participation : toward authentic public participation in public administration - The 12/17/2001
Questions and answers : workers' compensation 8/21/2001
Rain that's plain goes mainly down the drain 8/20/2001
Rarity Ridge : a traditional neighborhood development 10/23/2003
Rate your city--here's how! 8/20/2001
Reading the dollar signs : when pennies are pinched, turning to leases can make ends meet 10/14/2010
Realistic answer to mobile computing needs - A 8/20/2001
Reap the rewards of pipeline assessment 10/8/2018
Reclaiming landfills 8/20/2001
Recommended budget practices : incorporating stakeholders in the process 3/1/2005
Recording custodial interrogations 4/14/2005
Recruit and retain great employees : proven approaches you can implement now to address the workforce gap 1/6/2009
Recruiting and retaining volunteers 8/20/2001
Red light cameras save lives 6/30/2014
Reengineering the purchasing function : identifying the best practices for the City of Chicago 3/1/2005
Regional cooperation : strategies and incentives for global competitiveness and urban reform 8/21/2001
Regional economic development organizations and their inter- organizational networks : toward a broadened view of development 8/20/2001
Regionalism : a road to rural renaissance 8/20/2001
Regionalism : the new geography of opportunity 8/21/2001
Regionalism and city-county consolidation in small metro areas 10/19/2005
Regionalism, localism, and metropolitan governance : suggestions from the research program on local public economies 10/19/2005
Regionalism, localism, and metropolitan governance : suggestions from the research program on local public economies 10/19/2005
Regionalization concept aids wastewater systems 8/20/2001
Regulating clothing donation bins 10/23/2008
Regulating drones : what municipal lawyers need to know 1/11/2018
Relevance of fire service training do fire chiefs and fire fighters agree? - The 8/20/2001
Religious Freedom Act stifles local police powers 10/5/2009
Religious speakers' access to public spaces 1/10/2018
Remedies in employment bias cases : the stakes are rising 8/20/2001
Removing red light cameras was an easy decision 6/30/2014
Repairing street cuts on a timely basis 8/20/2001
Reporting the use of force 8/20/2001
Requirement to publish annual operating budget 8/20/2001
Residential water use trends in North America 4/29/2011
Responding to the challenge of a changing workforce : recruiting nontraditional demographic groups 5/14/2004
Responsible executive : municipal, county and state - The 8/20/2001
Restructuring fire and emergency medical services : building consensus with strategic planning 8/20/2001
Retention : recognize, reward, and retain operators 9/4/2009
Retirement tsunami 10/3/2007
retirement tsunami - The 1/26/2016
Reuse vs. tear down 3/28/2008
Review of the Guide to implementation of GASB statements 43 and 45 on other postemployment benefits : questions and answers 2/1/2006
Review of yard waste composting in Tennessee 8/20/2001
Revitalizing Cleveland : organizing citizens to respond to the challenge 8/20/2001
RFP 101 12/21/2001
Roadway micro-surfacing 1/20/2015
Robocar revolution : automated vehicles are able to take over our streets 10/8/2018
Role of state tax incentives in attracting and retaining business - The 8/20/2001
role of the public fleet department : keeping the fleet moving - The 8/11/2006
Role of voluntary organizations in a small town : a case study of Coldwater, Ohio - The 8/21/2001
Roll out the welcome wagon : structuring new employee orientations 8/20/2001
Rosenberg's Rules of Order : simple parliamentary procedures for the 21st century 10/14/2010
Rust busters : putting idle industrial sites back to work 8/21/2001
Safeguarding water systems 3/13/2002
Safer response in personal vehicles 8/20/2001
Safety in the sewers 8/20/2001
Safety versus privacy : when may a public employer require a drug test? 8/14/2003
Salt brine : good business sense for Knoxville 3/18/2011
Sample "starter" social networking policy 3/26/2010
Saving place : land trusts as conservators of local and regional landscapes 8/20/2001
Scaling the digital summit 5/30/2007
Scandal 7/28/2017
Scandal 2017
School system consolidation 1/6/2006
Schooling seniors in safety 8/21/2001
Scott County and Cookeville benefit from biosolids application 5/19/2008
Searching suspects 8/21/2001
Securing local government 8/20/2001
Seeing is believing : the use of trained observer ratings for performance measurement 3/7/2003
Selecting a professional engineering firm (without a crystal ball) 8/20/2001
Self-Driving cars : A look into municipalities' future responsibilities 10/5/2018
Self-insured health care plan 8/20/2001
Senior centers : A cost-effective community asset 1/25/2012
sense of security, part 1 : protect your facility's most precious resource--personnel - A 4/8/2002
sense of security, part 2 : enhance your facility's on-site chemical security - A 3/22/2002
sense of security, part 3 : maintain your facility's integrity by installing security measures inside and out - A 4/8/2002
Service efforts and accomplishment measures : development and use for government services 8/20/2001
Seven laws you need to know before you begin construction 8/20/2001
Seven steps to consultant selection 8/20/2001
Sevierville water employee bonus program linked to retained earnings 8/20/2001
Sewer fitness : cutting the fat 2/3/2003
Sewer system on TV 8/20/2001
Sharing a training facility 8/20/2001
sharing economy's impact on cities - The 11/17/2015
Format: Book
Preparing consumer confidence reports (CCRs) 8/21/2001
Preparing sewer overflow response plans : a guidebook for local governments 12/3/2010
Preservation 2013 : report to the Mayor 3/9/2015
Preserving and revitalizing older communities : sources of federal assistance 8/21/2001
Preventing crime in urban communities : handbook and program profiles 8/21/2001
Preventing death by lecture! : terrific tips for turning listeners into learners 3/18/2002
price of government : getting the results we need in an age of permanent fiscal crisis - The 6/24/2004
primer on energy efficiency for municipal water and wastewater utilities - A 6/14/2012
Principal emergency response and preparedness requirements and guidance 2/20/2015
Principles of accounting 8/4/2015
Principles of emergency medical dispatch 8/21/2001
Principles of water rates, fees, and charges 9/23/2010
Private Act sample code - The 8/21/2001
Private acts of the State of Tennessee passed by the General Assembly 8/21/2001
Privatization : the key to better government 8/21/2001
privatization decision : public ends, private means - The 8/21/2001
Problem-oriented policing : crime-specific problems, critical issues and making POP work 8/21/2001
Procedures & theory for administrative professionals 11/11/2016
Proclamations from the mayor's office 3/5/2002
Producing your own power : how to make nature's energy sources work for you 2/4/2002
Professional development as transformative learning : new perspectives for teachers of adults 8/21/2001
professional privilege tax in Tennessee : taxing professionals fairly - The 1/12/2017
Professionalism in local government : transformations in the roles, responsibilities, and values of city managers 8/21/2001
Program analysis for state and local governments 8/21/2001
Project manual for demolition of buildings in the 100 block of W. Broadway for the city of Maryville, Tennessee 8/21/2001
Project VIP (Violence Is Preventable) 8/21/2001
promise of diversity : over 40 voices discuss strategies for eliminating discrimination in organizations - The 8/21/2001
Promoting a development culture in your organization : using career development as a change agent 8/21/2001
Proposed metropolitan government charter for Nashville and Davidson County 1/23/2002
Protecting solar access for residential development : a guidebook for planning officials 8/21/2001
Protecting the interests of homeowners in planned developments : insuring and maintaining common property, completing infrastructure, and providing fair and adequate regulation 3/17/2015
Protecting water resources with higher-density development 6/8/2006
Protecting your community's assets : a guide for small wastewater systems 9/22/2003
Protection of environment 3/28/2003
prototype model for school-system-level fiscal capacity in Tennessee : why & how - A 11/1/2005
Public administration desk book 8/21/2001
public administration dictionary - The 8/21/2001
Public administration evolving : from foundations to the future 5/25/2016
Public administration in perspective : theory and practice through multiple lenses 9/23/2014
Public assistance : policy digest 3/13/2015
Public Chapter 1101 progress report 8/21/2001
Public employee benefits: from inquiry to strategy 12/3/2001
Public employee privacy : a legal and practical guide to issues affecting the workplace 8/21/2001
Public employer's guide to FLSA employee classification 8/21/2001
Public opinion polling : a handbook for public interest and citizen advocacy groups 8/21/2001
Public sector performance measurement : successful strategies and tools 8/21/2001
public sector's guide to skill-based pay system development & implementation : targeting the essential techniques, tips and pitfalls in skill-based pay system design - The 8/26/2003
Public works ... costbook 9/27/2018
Public works 2007 costbook 05/16/2007
Public works management practices 08/21/2001
Public works management practices manual 7/17/2007
Public works management practices manual 8/4/2015
Public works performance management : creating accountability and increasing performance 1/26/2005
Public works services : local government delivery choices 6/21/2004
Public-private partnerships 1997 : issues and resources for state and local governments 8/21/2001
Publication manual of the American Psychological Association 10/24/2002
Publication manual of the American Psychological Association 5/30/2018
Pulaski history, 1809-1950 : the beginning, the building, the development, the institutions, and the people of the town of Pulaski, Tennessee 8/21/2001
qualifications based selection system and owners/clients manual - The 8/21/2001
Quality management today : what local governments need to know 8/21/2001
Rage in the streets : mob violence in America 8/21/2001
RAND reports : money matters in education depending on how it's spent 5/3/2002
Random House thesaurus - The 8/21/2001
Random House Webster's college thesaurus 8/21/2001
Rda workbook : learning the basics of resource description and access-- The 5/25/2018
Re-inventing the corporation : transforming your job and your company for the new information society 08/21/2001
Reaching high risk groups : the community-based fire safety program 8/21/2001
Reaching out to troubled kids 8/21/2001
Real time : preparing for the age of the never satisfied customer 8/21/2001
Recommendations for accessibility guidelines : recreational facilities and outdoor developed areas 8/21/2001
Recreational organization and development 8/21/2001
Recruiter's handbook : a complete guide for sourcing, selecting, and engaging the best talent-- The 8/13/2018
Recruiting local government executives : practical insights for hiring authorities and candidates 8/21/2001
Recycling : a packet of selected articles, ordinances, and reports in the MTAS library 7/16/2002
Recycling historic railroad stations : a citizen's manual : prepared for U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of the Secretary, Office of Environment and Safety 4/18/2002
Reducing nonpoint source water pollution by preventing soil erosion and controlling sedimentation construction sites : a training manual for construction inspection personnel 8/21/2001
reengineering handbook : a step-by-step guide to business transformation - The 8/21/2001
Reengineering management : the mandate for new leadership 8/21/2001
Reengineering the corporation : a manifesto for business revolution 8/21/2001
Reflections of a rivertown 8/21/2001
Reframing organizations : artistry, choice, and leadership 3/15/2018
refrigerant recovery book - The 8/21/2001
Refuse collection practice 07/16/2002
Regional excellence : governing together to compete globally and flourish locally 8/21/2001
Regulating sexually oriented businesses 8/21/2001
Regulatory barriers to affordable housing : a resource guide 8/21/2001
Reinventing government : how the entrepreneurial spirit is transforming the public sector 8/21/2001
Reinventing the workplace : how business and employees can both win 8/21/2001
renewal factor : how the best get and keep the competitive edge - The 8/21/2001
Request for proposal wastewater plant management contract Morristown, Tennessee, January 20, 1992 4/16/2002
Request for proposals for professional auditing services 8/21/2001
Residential streets 8/21/2001
Resolving conflict: strategies for local government 8/21/2001
respect effect : using the science of neuroleadership to inspire a more loyal and productive workplace - The 12/19/2014
Response to the report of the retreat on takings jurisprudence 8/21/2001
responsible administrator : an approach to ethics for the administrative role - The 8/21/2001
Responsible managers get results : how the best find solutions--not excuses 8/21/2001
Results : annual report for fiscal . . . 8/21/2001
Revenue collection administration : a guide for smaller governments 8/21/2001
Revenue forecasting made easy for local governments 8/21/2001
revenue guide for local government - A 8/20/2001
Revenue guide for local government-- A 9/14/2005
Revenue implications of the streamlined sales tax project in Tennessee 2/21/2005
Rights of firefighters-- The 9/26/2017
rights of Indians and tribes : the basic ACLU guide to Indian and tribal rights - The 8/21/2001
Rightsizing for local governments 8/21/2001
rise of the city manager : a public professional in local government - The 1/23/2002
Risk management program guidance for wastewater treatment plants (40 CFR part 68) 4/15/2002
Road atlas '04 : United States, Canada & Mexico-- The 9/8/2003
Roadway lighting design guide 7/5/2011
Robert's rules of order newly revised 1/10/2012
Robert's rules of order newly revised 1/30/2002
Robert's rules of order newly revised in brief 2/8/2005
Role call : strategy for a professional clerk 3/23/2006
role of cities in the economic growth of northeast Tennessee - The 8/21/2001
roles of municipal governing bodies and development of council members - The 8/21/2001
Rosabeth Moss Kanter on the frontiers of management 8/21/2001
Rules for reaching consensus : a modern approach to decision making 8/21/2001
Rural by design : maintaining small town character 8/21/2001
rural firefighting handbook - The 1/6/2004
Sacred cows make the best burgers : developing change-ready people and organizations 8/21/2001
Safe kids in control : a complete educational program for life skills training, grades K-3 8/21/2001
Safe passage : making it through adolescence in a risky society 8/21/2001
Salary & benefit survey : Water, wastewater & natural gas utilities 12/30/2008
San Diego community profile : final report 8/21/2001
Scenario planning : managing for the future 9/12/2007
Schaum's outline of principles of accounting I 7/21/2010
School crime & violence : victims' rights 8/21/2001
Schools and parks as local partners 8/21/2009
Scott, Foresman Robert's Rules of order newly revised - The 8/21/2001
Seamless government : a practical guide to re-engineering in the public sector 8/21/2001
SEC rule 15c2-12 reference guide 8/21/2001
Secretary of the Interior's standards for rehabilitation and illustrated guidelines on sustainability for rehabilitating historic buildings - The 3/9/2015
Seeing systems : unlocking the mysteries of organizational life 9/12/2007
Selecting a police chief : a handbook for local government 8/21/2001
Selecting and implementing an integrated library system : the most important decision you will ever make 7/12/2017
Selection and use of engineering and architectural consultants : guidelines for public agencies 12/10/2001
Selection and use of engineers, architects and professional consultants : guidelines for public agencies 12/10/2001
Sensible justice : alternatives to prison 8/21/2001
Service contracting : a local government guide 8/21/2001
Service contracting : a local government guide 10/29/2007
Service efforts and accomplishments reporting : its time has come : an overview 8/21/2001
Serving better together : the Tennessee Chapter of the American Public Works Association 1954-2004 10/19/2006
Seven trends that will transform local government through technology 6/27/2012
Sevierville, 1795-1986 : a homecoming look at our past, present, and future 8/21/2001
Sewers for growing America : planning, designing, financing and building modern sewer systems 5/14/2002
Shadow over the city : special legislation for Tennessee municipalities 10/19/2005
Format: Vertical File
Preparing for a pandemic 5/31/2007
Preparing for a possible avian flu pandemic : critical steps you can take now 8/10/2006
Preparing for pandemic influenza 2/26/2007
Preparing for that HOSTILE takeover : one chapter in the traditional municipalization saga 8/21/2001
Preserving community character in the face of "Teardowns" and "McMansions" : zoning approaches 10/18/2004
Private property rights : regulating the regulators 8/21/2001
Privatization : involving citizens and local government employees 8/21/2001
Privatization : public-private partnerships 8/21/2001
Privatization : strategies for success 10/19/2004
Privatization of municipal wastewater treatment 2/4/2005
Problems and solutions with geese and ducks in Tennessee 2/14/2003
Procedures for local government investments in repurchase agreements 6/21/2004
Procurement handbook : developing specifications 10/5/2004
Procurement manual and code addressing bond language 10/5/2004
Program performance measurement 7/22/2004
Progress report payments in lieu of taxes (pilot) 7/13/2004
Project manual for resurfacing asphaltic concrete streets for the City of Maryville, Tennessee 8/21/2001
Promote economic development with public-private partnerships 2/12/2010
Proper maintenance makes tanks last longer 8/21/2001
Proposed agreement for fire services between the City of Cleveland and Bradley County 8/21/2001
proposed amendments to the constitution of Tennessee : adopted by the Constitutional Convention and to be submitted to the voters of Tennessee for their action on November 3, 1953 - The 11/18/2004
Proposed charter for Morristown-Hamblen County metropolitian government as adopted by the Morristown-Hamblen County metropolitan government charter commission 2/20/2004
Proposed charter for Sullivan Consolidated Government : second legal draft 11/14/2006
Proposed charter of Chattanooga--Hamilton County consolidated government 2/20/2004
Proposed charter of Memphis--Shelby County consolidated government 7/8/2011
proposed consolidation of Charlotte and Mecklenburg county - The 5/11/2004
Proposed metropolitan government charter for Knoxville and Knox County Tennessee 2/20/2004
Pros and cons of green boxes (not attended) and attended convenience centers 11/2/2004
Providing emergency medical services 4/22/2004
Public access television 11/14/2003
Public access tv : don't just view it 8/21/2001
Public duty doctrine : annual report of the litigation and risk management section 5/11/2004
Public entity risk management : Zero in on workers' compensation cost drivers 2/20/2014
Public golf courses : planning and management 8/20/2001
Public opinion and metropolitan reorganization in Nashville 7/1/2004
Public playground safety checklist 9/16/2005
Public private partnerships for environmental facilities : a self- help guide for local governments 8/21/2001
Public record access and notification 10/25/2004
Public works : improving productivity 8/21/2001
Public works organization charts 10/1/2004
public/private partnership : development of a convention hotel and conference center - A 8/20/2001
Pulaski, TN All-America city 1993 8/21/2001
Purchase of city land 8/20/2004
Purchasing 2003 benchmarking survey 1/12/2004
Putting together a festival 8/21/2001
Putting together the nuts and bolts of local government practice : update of home rule in America project 5/24/2004
Rain does not fall on one roof alone 9/2/2004
Raising revenues through alternative revenue streams 10/26/2004
Rate structure design : setting rates for a pay-as-you-throw program 8/19/2009
Reaching your highest potential : executive coaching for local government leaders 5/16/2008
Rear loader compaction body 8/21/2001
Rebudgeting in larger U.S. municipalities 8/21/2001
Recommendations for firefighter schedules for White House, Tennessee 5/6/2004
Recommendations for the Dana Truck Terminal 3/19/2003
Recreation & parks dept. scholarship program 8/21/2001
Recreation trails manual 8/21/2001
Recruiting key management personnel 3/22/2002
Recruitment guidelines for selecting a local government administrator 11/26/2007
Recycle aerosols : it's smart for your community 8/21/2001
Recycling trailers and bins and garbage trucks 11/17/2004
Reducing false alarms : a systemic approach 10/28/2002
Reducing the co$t of operating municipal wastewater facilities 2/7/2005
Reducing waste management costs using solar evaporators 8/21/2001
Reedy Creek greenway plan, Kingsport, Tennessee 8/21/2001
Reference checking packet 12/18/2012
Reference interview questions : used in calls to mayors from current or previous cities of employment for selection of City Administrator 7/27/2004
Refunds (reimbursement of tap fees) for developers for sewer line extensions 1/20/2005
Regenerative air sweeper 9/30/2004
Regional community building : the Kalamazoo, Michigan experience 9/19/2002
regional importance of Reelfoot Lake - The 10/2/2007
Regulating local cable television access channels 11/14/2003
Regulating outdoor sales and storage 3/27/2003
Religious accommodations, discrimination and harassment 4/24/2007
Relocation tips for local government professionals 8/21/2001
Rental uniform information 8/21/2001
Rental uniform specifications 10/5/2004
Renton v. Playtime Theatres, Inc., 475 U.S. 41 (1986) 3/27/2003
Report of constitution revision commission 11/18/2004
Report of the Tennessee Commission on Practical Government 8/21/2001
Report on adult oriented businesses in Austin 03/27/2003
Report on adult oriented businesses in Austin 3/27/2003
Report on unaccounted-for water for Kentucky American Water Company Distribution Operations 8/29/2008
Reproduction of copyrighted works by educators and librarians 2/18/2015
Request for bid proposal for transfer station, transportation and/or disposal service for Cocke County, Tennessee 8/21/2001
Request for detailed proposal : level I complete contract operations and maintenance, water pollution control plant and lift station and sludge disposal facilities 2/4/2005
Request for proposal : consultant services : develop job-related medical standards and/or medical screening guidelines 8/21/2001
Request for proposal : time, attendance and labor management system 10/21/2004
Request for proposal appraisals of damaged vehicles 1/26/2005
Request for proposal for audit services and employee benefits consulting 8/21/2001
Request for proposal for financial services for _____ County, Tennessee 10/21/2004
Request for proposal for independent investment consultant 8/21/2001
Request for proposal for the interlocal solid waste cooperative board 8/21/2009
Request for proposal from the City of Bellingham regarding their police and fire pension funds 10/21/2004
Request for proposal to provide liability coverage to lessees of its Plano Centre Complex and to cover special events held at various city parks, athletic fields and the streets and byways 8/21/2001
Request for proposal worker's compensation administrative claims handling and reporting services 8/21/2001
Request for proposals ... to provide various architectural services for the Salem Fire Department 8/21/2001
Request for proposals : consultant services for development of right-of-way management plan 8/21/2001
Request for proposals : E-government services 9/22/2004
Request for proposals : North Chancery Street right-of-way acquisition 1/10/2005
Request for proposals liability claims administration 8/21/2001
Request for qualifications (RFQ) : public safety station location consulting services 10/21/2004
Requests for water and sewer service 5/27/2004
Residential building fires (2010-2012) 1/15/2015
Residential construction waste management : a builder's field guide : how to save money and landfill space 8/21/2001
Residential construction waste management : a builder's field guide : how to save money and landfill space 08/21/2001
Residential fire sprinkler ordinances 8/21/2001
resolution authorizing execution of a Chapter 28E agreement for disaster recovery between the City of Iowa City, Iowa, and the Town of Normal, Illinois - A 8/20/2001
resolution authorizing execution of an intergovernmental agreement : sewer construction agreement - A 8/20/2001
resolution authorizing execution of an intergovernmental agreement : sewer maintenance agreement - A 8/20/2001
resolution authorizing execution of an intergovernmental agreement : water main maintenance - A 8/20/2001
resolution providing for the merger of the libraries of the City of Knoxville and Knox County - A 6/23/2004
Responding to utility restructuring : a non-owner's perspective 2/2/2005
Responsible energy use in Tennessee state parks 10/18/2010
Responsive local government 7/8/2011
Results-oriented government : a guide to strategic planning and performance measurement in the public sector 8/21/2001
Retaliation in the workplace : strategies for avoiding the danger of retaliation lawsuits 6/25/2007
retreat as a management tool - The 7/13/2004
Return from duty, return to work : understanding the employer's new USERRA obligations 2/15/2006
review of off-budget financing techniques utilized by governmental entities in the U.S - A 8/20/2001
Revised intergovernmental agreement for solid waste management 8/21/2001
Rezoning 2/24/2005
RFP for engineering services for a traffic control plan 3/3/2005
RFP for group health/life consulting 8/21/2001
RFP telecommunications consulting services 8/21/2001
RFP [for] general liability insurance and related services 8/21/2001
RFPs for food concessions 3/18/2003
RFPs for selection of a financial advisor to assist in issuance of bonds 4/26/2004
RFPs for work comp TPA 8/21/2001
RFPs on long term disability insurance 5/28/2004
Right-of-way construction permit application 12/13/2005
Risk/benefit review of volunteer services 8/21/2001
River Road Central Business Improvement District of the City of Gatlinburg 3/27/2003
Role of evaluation in fire service management 4/27/2004
role of federal mandates in intergovernmental relations - The 8/21/2001
role of the public library - The 8/21/2001
Roll out garbage carts 9/30/2004
rules : defining the structure of the evolving market for municipal electric utilities - The 2/2/2005
Rules and regulations City of Savannah cemeteries 2/19/2004
Rules and regulations regarding the use of parks, recreation, and leisure services facilities in the city of Cookeville 8/21/2001
Rules of professional responsibility vs. rules of ethics 10/18/2004
Safety : determining regulatory requirements 12/16/2014
Sample affirmative action policy plan for equal employment opportunities for Tennessee cities 8/21/2001
Sample applications and contracts for utility service, including one for disconnection 2/3/2005
Sample clerical interview questions 7/26/2004
Sample of city hall floor plans : a telephone survey conducted by the MTAS Library July 1997 3/11/2004
Sample purchase orders 10/20/2004
Sample recall petition and recall election requirements 4/21/2004
Sample RFPs for police facilities 6/11/2008
Sample utility bills 2/3/2005
San Diego City Store 3/27/2003
Sanitary sewer collection system purchase contract 2/25/2013
Saturn : the Tennessee lessons 8/20/2001
Saturn : union and community issues 8/20/2001
School consolidation in Tennessee 12/8/2010
School consolidation in Tennessee 8/21/2001
School consolidation packet 8/21/2001
Scope of guard service 10/21/2004
Scottsdale experience : building a sustainable community through transfer station planning and design - The 11/14/2006
Searching for a fiscal capacity model : why no other state is comparable to Tennessee 11/9/2006
Seasonal decorations 5/6/2004
Securities regulation : SEC's oversight of privately placed transactions among large investors : report to Congressional requesters 8/21/2001
Seeking potential insurance coverage for environmental claims 8/21/2001
Seizing opportunities to develop and preserve affordable housing 5/15/2008
Selected provisions of Philadelphia's home rule charter compared with charters of 11 other cities with population over 700,000 5/24/2004
Selecting a landscape architect for public sector projects 2/18/2015
Self-insurance and claims administrators/adjusters selection/evaluation checklist 8/21/2001
Septic system owner's guide 8/21/2001
Septic tanks and soil absorption systems : an owner's guide to care and maintenance 2/9/2005
Series 1: planning for the future : a complete, step-by-step, easy to understand guide to strategic planning : workshop 101 11/14/2006
Setting up a solid waste recycling program in schools 8/21/2001
Sevierville strategic issue management 8/21/2001
Sevierville-Sevier County volunteer fire department bylaws and charter 5/6/2004
Sewage treatment by artificial wetlands : innovative, effective, cheap 2/9/2005
Sewer agreement 2/4/2005
Sewer agreement 2/4/2005
Sex, churches and newsracks : (The First Amendment v. zoning) 8/21/2001
Sexual harassment : a guide for faculty, staff and students 8/21/2001
Sexual harassment : successful policy implementation 7/27/2004
Format: Video
Preventing gangs [videorecording] : signs, strategies, solutions 8/21/2001
Qualification based selection of design professionals by public owners [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Safer communities, brighter futures [videorecording] 8/21/2001
School crisis [videorecording] : under control 8/21/2001
SCOPE promo [videorecording] 8/21/2001
SCOPE [videorecording] : challenge to change testimonials 8/21/2001
Seniors [videorecording] : victims or partners in community solutions 8/21/2001
Format: Serial
PRIMA newsbriefs [electronic resource] 6/18/2009
Public administration review 7/23/2003
Public employment law report 7/24/2003
Public entity debt report fiscal year ended June 30 8/21/2001
Public management 7/24/2003
Public management [electronic resource] 3/3/2010
public manager [electronic resource] : federal leadership that works - The 1/8/2015
public manager [electronic resource] : partner digest - The 6/6/2016
public manager [electronic resource] : partner digest - The 12/15/2016
Public personnel management 5/17/2004
Public personnel management [electronic resource] 4/16/2009
Public risk 8/29/2003
Public safety labor news 11/1/2005
Public works manual 8/21/2001
Publications directory of the Regional Economic Development Center and the Graduate Program in City and Regional Planning, the University of Memphis 8/21/2001
Revenue collections 10/2/2009
Revenue review 8/13/2007
RiskWatch [electronic resource] 3/8/2016
River neighbors [electronic resource] 4/14/2015
Roadtalk [electronic resource] 8/29/2003
Schedule of taxes disbursed to cities and state agencies 8/21/2001
Searcher : the magazine for database professionals 8/29/2003
Format: DVD
Principles of modern fire attack : SLICE-RS training video [video recording] 8/11/2016
Rain check [videorecording] : stormwater pollution prevention for MS4s 4/21/2014
Secret city, the Oak Ridge Story [videorecording] : the war years 2/8/2007
Sexual harassment [videorecording] 7/16/2007
Format: CD-ROM
Public safety employer-employee cooperation act [electronic resource] : Mandatory collective bargaining-- The 7/29/2009
Pumps [electronic resource] : operation & maintenance 4/4/2002
Quality growth toolbox [electronic resource] 4/29/2010
Realizing change [electronic resource] : from the interactive manager series 7/8/2002
Robert's rules of order newly revised [electronic resource] 2/19/2014
Format: Ordinance
Scavengers 8/20/2001