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Format: DVD
Mentoring matters [videorecording] 3/7/2008
Performance appraisals [videorecording] : getting results 3/18/2013
Peter Block on Community [videorecording]: the structure of belonging 6/12/2009
Plain talk on quality growth [videorecording] : an East Tennessee conference 4/29/2010
Format: Book
Merck index : an encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals - The 05/14/2002
Metering best practices : a guide to achieving utility resource efficiency, release 3.0 5/26/2015
Method of revenue enhancement verifying local option sales tax distribution-- A 8/20/2001
Metro historic zoning handbook 3/10/2015
Metropolitan government in Tennessee : a legal framework 8/21/2001
metropolitan problem and American ideas : five lectures delivered on the William W. Cook Foundation at the University of Michigan, March 6-10, 1961 - The 3/4/2002
metropolitan revolution : how cities and metros are fixing our broken politics and fragile economy - The 5/25/2016
Metropolitics : the Nashville consolidation 8/21/2001
Military leave 2/22/2002
Millennials rising : the next great generation 10/16/2007
Millersville Police Department property manual 8/21/2001
Mindfulness reinvented : a toolkit for trainers 7/5/2017
Miscellaneous local taxes and fees 10/21/2008
Mixed plastics recycling technology 8/21/2001
Model cable television franchise, short version and accompanying comments 6/24/2004
Model city charter : defining good government in a new millennium 10/15/2003
Model job descriptions for GIS professionals 12/21/2007
Model procurement code for state and local governments 8/21/2001
model procurement code for state and local governments - The 8/21/2001
Modeling our world : the ESRI guide to geodatabase design 8/21/2001
Modernizing democracy : innovations in citizen participation 11/16/2007
Monthly fire prevention and public fire education planning guide 2011-2012 10/11/2011
Moody's on municipals : an introduction to issuing debt 8/21/2001
More games trainers play : experiential learning exercises 8/21/2001
Municipal attorney law : appointment, election, qualifications, tenure, powers, duties, liabilities, conflicts of interest, outside municipal counsel 8/21/2001
Municipal benchmarks : assessing local performance and establishing community standards 5/9/2005
Municipal benchmarks : assessing local performance and establishing community standards 12/10/2001
Municipal benchmarks : assessing local performance and establishing community standards 4/16/2012
Municipal bonds : the comprehensive review of tax-exempt securities and public finance 8/21/2001
Municipal boundaries in Tennessee : annexation and growth planning policies after Public Chapter 707 3/12/2015
Municipal consolidation issues, theory and effect 10/24/2006
Municipal government and administration in Tennessee 3/5/2002
Municipal management 3/5/2002
Municipal politics and power : Tennessee Municipal League in action 8/21/2001
Municipal productivity : a comparison of fourteen high-quality- service cities 8/21/2001
Municipal refuse disposal 07/16/2002
Municipal stormwater management 9/28/2004
Municipalities and multiple residential housing : condominiums and rent control 2/13/2002
MUTCD 2009 : manual on uniform traffic control devices for streets and highways 3/15/2010
My own thoughts and feelings (for boys) 8/21/2001
My own thoughts and feelings (for girls) 8/21/2001
My own thoughts on stopping the hurt 8/21/2001
My years with General Motors 8/21/2001
Nashville : conserving a heritage 8/21/2001
Nashville : personality of a city 8/21/2001
Nashville metro : the politics of city-county consolidation 3/4/2002
Nashville metropolitan government : the first decade 3/4/2002
Nashville since the 1920s 8/21/2001
Nashville, 1900-1910 8/21/2001
nation of lords : the autobiography of the Vice Lords - A 8/20/2001
National fire service resource guide 6/4/2010
National perspectives on Tennessee taxes 8/21/2001
Navigating change : how CEOs, top teams, and boards steer transformation 8/21/2001
necessity of strangers : the intriguing truth about insight, innovation, and success - The 12/14/2016
Neighbor law : fences, trees, boundaries and noise 8/21/2001
Neighborhood development strategies 11/3/2004
Neighborhood-oriented policing in rural communities : a program planning guide 8/21/2001
NeighborWoods alliance for community trees guide and workbook : recipes for community action. 2/23/2006
new agenda for cities - A 03/05/2002
new CGL policies : a guide for public agencies - The 2/13/2002
new global leaders - The 8/21/2001
new leaders : guidelines on leadership diversity in America - The 8/21/2001
New supervisor training 4/26/2016
Newport 8/21/2001
Newsletter designs and formats 8/27/2002
Newsletters from the desktop : designing effective publications with your computer 8/21/2001
NFPA's illustrated dictionary of fire service terms 3/16/2006
NIGP compensation survey report 2005 10/19/2005
Nimlo model ordinance service 8/21/2001
NIMS incident command system field guide 5/15/2006
Nine counties, one vision : a region growing into greatness 8/28/2002
No more Wacos : what's wrong with Federal law enforcement and how to fix it 8/21/2001
Not in my back yard : removing barriers to affordable housing : executive summary : report to president Bush and secretary Kemp 8/21/2001
Notary public handbook 7/30/2009
Nuisance regulation for Washington cities and counties 8/21/2001
Nutrient removal 2/17/2011
Nuts! : Southwest Airlines' crazy recipe for business and personal success 9/11/2007
Oak Ridge : looking to the future : final report 8/21/2001
Occupational health and safety for the fire service 10/7/2011
Occupational safety and health standards for general industry (29 CFR 1910) : with amendments as of December 6, 1991 08/21/01
Office of Lieutenant Governor, the Tennessee alternative - The 8/21/2001
Official leadership in the city : patterns of conflict and cooperation 3/5/2002
Official negligence : how Rodney King and the riots changed Los Angeles and the LAPD 8/21/2001
Old North Knoxville historic district design guidelines 3/9/2015
Old times in West Tennessee : reminiscences, semi-historic, of pioneer life and the early emigrant settlers in the Big Hatchie country 8/21/2001
On a clear day you can understand the Clean Air Act : an overview of the Clean Air Act amendments of 1990 and compliance assistance available to Tennessee businesses 8/21/2001
On-premise signs as storefront marketing devices and systems 2/6/2006
One hundred years of public works equipment : an illustrated history 8/21/2001
One river-- seven States : TVA-state relations, in the development of the Tennessee River 4/24/2002
Opening the doors to municipal government 8/21/2001
operability review process - The 5/24/2005
operating budget : a guide for smaller governments - The 8/21/2001
Operation and maintenance guidelines for use in the design review of wastewater treatment plants 8/21/2001
Operation and maintenance of wastewater collection systems : a field study training program 6/12/2006
Operation of municipal wastewater treatment plants 8/21/2001
Operation of water resource recovery facilities 1/4/2017
Operational control of coagulation and filtration processes 8/21/2001
Operational control of coagulation and filtration processes 08/21/2001
Operations and maintenance benchmarks 4/1/2010
Opportunity 21 : an economic vision for growth and prosperity in the 21st century : a report to Governor Don Sundquist 8/21/2001
organization of the future - The 8/21/2001
Original pronouncements : governmental accounting and financial reporting standards 7/24/2018
Origins of the TVA : the Muscle Shoals controversy, 1920-1932 4/24/2002
OSHA inspections 2/20/2015
Overtime ins and outs : how to comply with the FLSA 7/27/2009
Oxford handbook of state and local government finance - The 1/17/2013
Park, recreation, open space and greenway guidelines 3/1/2004
Parliamentary procedure : a guide for city officials 7/18/2007
Partner with the media to build safer communities : an action kit 8/21/2001
Pass it on : what we know, what we want you to know 6/22/2015
Past times : a daybook of Knoxville history 8/21/2001
Pavement management 8/21/2001
Paying for prosperity : impact fees and job growth 7/22/2003
Peak performance : how Denver's Peak Academy is saving money, boosting morale and just maybe changing the world (And how you can too!) 1/10/2017
Pedestrian/bicycle bridge conceptual design phase : Knoxville south waterfront redevelopment area 5/16/2012
People styles at work : making bad relationships good and good relationships better 3/12/2002
People styles at work and beyond : making bad relationships good and good relationships better 10/10/2016
Performance and cost data : Phase 1 : City services 3/5/2002
Performance appraisals : the ongoing legal nightmare 10/1/2002
Performance auditing in local government 8/21/2001
Performance budgeting for state and local government 3/22/2006
Performance management 11/7/2003
performance management framework for state and local government: from measurement and reporting to management and improving - A 7/23/2010
Performance measurement : getting results 11/14/2007
Performance measurement in public works : a nuts and bolts guide for public works professionals 1/26/2005
Performance measures and benchmarks in local government facilities maintenance 3/21/2006
Performance measures for the City of Calgary 3/13/2003
Performance scorecards : measuring the right things in the real world 2/14/2005
Personnel management in government : politics and process 08/21/2001
Personnel management in government : politics and process 1/5/2018
Peter Drucker on the profession of management 8/21/2001
Pfeiffer book of successful team-building tools : best of the annuals, 2 - The 7/14/2016
Plan of metropolitan government for Nashville and Davidson County 3/4/2002
Plan or die : 10 keys to organizational success 8/21/2001
Plan review forms for the 2000 international codes 3/25/2003
Planning & zoning workshop : subdivision regulations & infrastructure 3/23/2006
Planning for hillside development 9/8/2011
Planning for rural areas in Tennessee under PC 1101 : white Paper prepared for the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations 2/7/2002
Planning issues for on-site and decentralized wastewater treatment 4/8/2008
Plants, people, and environmental quality : a study of plants and their environmental functions 2/4/2002
Plants, people, and environmental quality : a study of plants and their environmental functions 02/04/2002
Play to learn : everything you need to know about designing effective learning games 7/5/2017
Pocket guide to the humane control of wildlife in cities & towns 1/11/2007
Pointers on parliamentary procedure 2/19/2014
Pointers on parliamentary procedure workbook 2/19/2014
police & society : touchstone readings - The 8/21/2001
Police as community organizers : the Houston field test : technical report 8/21/2001
Police assessment testing : an assessment center handbook for law enforcement personnel 8/21/2001
Police chief selection : a handbook for local government 07/16/2002
Police Department Information Systems Technology Enhancement Project, ISTEP 12/11/2001
Police field operations : analysis and evaluation 8/21/2001
Police management : issues & perspectives 8/21/2001
Police management examinations : preparation guide 8/21/2001
Police officer selection : a handbook for law enforcement administrators 8/21/2001
Police operations : analysis and evaluation 8/21/2001
Police program evaluation 8/21/2001
Police sergeant examination : preparation guide : the way of the sergeant 8/21/2001
Police work : the social organization of policing 8/21/2001
Population projections for the state of Tennessee, 2010-2030 9/17/2009
Position descriptions in special libraries 3/12/2002
positive approach to defending municipalities - A 8/20/2001
positive dog : a story about the power of positivity - The 10/10/2016
Power and restraint : the moral dimension of police work 8/21/2001
Power phrases! The perfect words to say it right and get the results you want 6/2/2009
power principle : influence with honor - The 8/21/2001
PPC's guide to preparing governmental financial statements 2017
Ppc's guide to preparing governmental financial statements 1/19/2018
Practical approaches to problem solving 4/4/2002
practical guide to job analysis - A 1/6/2017
practical guide to Tennessee construction law - A 8/20/2001
Practical help for new supervisors 8/21/2001
Practical issues in employment testing 8/21/2001
practice of local government planning - The 12/3/2001
practitioner's guide to development impact fees - A 08/20/2001
Format: Article
Meth hazards 4/14/2005
Metrics and the diminishing ton 10/5/2018
Metro Animal Control barking up the right tree with high technology 10/5/2009
Metropolitan business recruitment organizations 8/20/2001
Metropolitan consolidation versus metropolitan governance in Louisville 10/19/2005
Metropolitan Nashville's combined sewer overflow abatement program 8/20/2001
Middle Tennessee short line railroad delivers 8/20/2001
Mightier than the keyboard 8/20/2001
Millennials, safety and ergonomics 1/10/2018
Minding the STOR : JSTOR expands access 10/8/2018
Mining for gold in unconventional places 4/16/2015
Missing the mark 3/30/2009
Mobile computing : "lessons learned" 7/27/2007
Money matters : getting economic development into the mix 3/2/2005
Moody's expands rating scale for all public finance issues 8/21/2001
More municipalities are considering bankruptcy 1/17/2013
Motor pool rentals : the wheel deal 2/21/2005
Mtas has you covered 1/8/2018
MUD rehab yields savings 12/10/2014
Municipal biodiesel production offers energy savings 3/10/2010
Municipal clerks : examining a model of job satisfaction 3/16/2011
Municipal drug testing 6/14/2004
Municipal engineering : building blocks of creativity 8/20/2001
Municipal manager's emergency planning checklist 8/20/2001
Municipal recognition programs 8/21/2001
Municipal regulation of pesticides : a primer on U.S. and Canadian law 9/8/2004
Municipal skate parks catch air 2/18/2005
Municipal waste disposal : Second Circuit post-Carbone fallout 8/20/2001
Municipalities and employee electronic communications 3/26/2010
Municipalities score big with sports marketing initiatives 2/10/2009
Nanotechnology in the water industry, part 1 : occurrence and risks 2017
Nanotechnology in the water industry, part 1 : occurrence and risks 2/23/2018
Nashville's new courthouse : tradition & security 5/19/2008
Nashville's trenchless sewer rehab stops leaks, pleases residents 8/21/2001
Neighborhood empowerment 8/20/2001
new age employee : an exploration of changing employee-organization relations - The 5/14/2004
new county classification system - A 8/20/2001
New EPA standard for investigating contaminated sites : protection for those conducting "all appropriate inquiries" 9/8/2004
New FMLA regulations leave employers scrambling to comply 6/23/2010
New framework for financial stability-- A 10/5/2018
New Madrid Fault national exercise 1/13/2011
new method for streamlining tree selection for streets and public properties - A 4/13/2015
New rules for landfills 11/1/2016
New survey from Gallagher Benefit Services identifies cost control as the top employee benefits issue for employers 2/24/2014
New tech, new trouble? : stepping up to the challenges of wastewater technology 9/1/2005
New weapons in the fight against gangs 11/24/2009
Newly appointed fire chief : skills for success - The 8/20/2001
NFPA surveys U.S. fire departments 8/20/2001
NIJ police patrol tire tests - The 8/21/2001
NIMS and the Incident Command System 5/25/2005
Nine lessons for improving volunteer recruitment 8/21/2001
No loitering : some ideas about small town teenage hangouts 8/20/2001
Norfolk residents benefit from partnership with regional sanitation district 9/24/2004
Norfolk takes a relentless approach in mission to rid city of nuisances 5/3/2006
Not for members only 8/21/2001
Noted women in TCAPWA's history 2/7/2007
Notice to tenants required before city water shut-off 8/20/2001
Now what? : 50 tips for newly-elected local government officials 10/14/2015
Oak Ridge uses preventative maintenance strategies on streets 8/20/2001
Observations of Japan 8/20/2001
Of pencils and procurement : cities closing the loop 8/20/2001
Offensive and defensive media tactics 8/20/2001
Offensive odors don't always mean septic system failure 1/21/2005
Oh, Lord : invocational prayer and local government 5/30/2014
Old easements may never die, or even fade away 2/24/2006
On campus or out of town : how publishing online tutorials can help your patrons 7/21/2009
One step at a time 8/20/2001
Online reporting 5/25/2004
Online university proving popular with VML insurance program members 3/2/2009
Ontario takes code enforcement wireless 7/10/2003
Open for discussion 11/20/2003
Open source tools : sharpen your websites with drupal 2017
Open source tools : sharpen your websites with drupal 2/23/2018
Operability reviews : to do or not to do 8/20/2001
Operation meltdown 11/14/2008
Operation of municipal animal control facilities 8/20/2001
Oregon can't charge extra for in-state disposals of out-of-state waste 8/20/2001
Organizational culture : its importance in performance measurement 8/20/2001
OSHA issues regs on AIDS and hepatitis 8/20/2001
OSHA's staffing clarification, explained 8/20/2001
Out of the fire station and into the community 8/21/2001
Out of the station, into the community 8/21/2001
Outsourced? 7/11/2011
Overcoming the inadequacies of performance measurement in local government : the case of libraries and leisure services 8/20/2001
Overview of performance measurement - An 8/20/2001
Ownership transition : ensuring a successful sale of your water company 11/19/2013
Oxidation-reduction potential resurfaces in wastewater treatment 10/31/2002
Parish/state partnership : a win-win model 12/18/2001
parking revolution - The 4/23/2013
Parliamentary procedure for local officials 1/8/2018
Partnership that works : police executives join forces with community leadership organizations - A 8/20/2001
Passing the baton : who will take it? 2/23/2011
Past is prologue : ORRRC at 40! 3/12/2002
Paths to new regionalism 10/19/2005
Pavement management program helps Hendersonville get on track 10/5/2018
Pay to play 9/13/2004
Pay-for-performance in local government : use and effectiveness 8/20/2001
Paying for growth : General Assembly authorizations for development taxes and impact fees 12/5/2002
Paying for off-site road improvements through fees, assessments, and negotiations : lessons from California 8/20/2001
Paying the bills 8/21/2001
Paying up front for disposal of special wastes 7/10/2003
Performance auditing for economic development 8/20/2001
performance conundrum : getting the right people on the bus through performance forecasting - The 5/19/2008
Performance incentive contracting : using the purchasing process to find money rather than spend it 3/1/2005
Performance management purpose, executive engagement, and reported benefits among leading local governments 4/17/2014
Performance measurement and cost accounting : are they complementary or competing systems of control? 8/1/2016
Perils of benefits outsourcing : a cautionary tale - The 8/21/2001
Personal and family economic well-being: status and momentum of Tennessee counties 2/26/2010
Personal and professional benefits of wellness - The 8/20/2001
Personal archiving : a guide to software and tools 4/15/2014
Personnel evaluations : are we being effective? 8/21/2001
Pest management for local governments 8/20/2001
Phosphate inhibitor use at US utilities 8/28/2002
plague of special districts - A 8/20/2001
plan for twelve hour work shifts for the Charleston Police Department - A 8/20/2001
Planning and designing police facilities 8/20/2001
Planning to retire? Maybe not 8/20/2009
Plant prevention : safeguard water supplies from nuisance aquatic vegetation 7/2/2009
Playground design : it's more than child's play 2/18/2005
Please don't put me on hold! 1/26/2016
PODS cause concern 6/3/2004
Police canine risk management 11/1/2002
Police work from a woman's perspective 8/20/2001
Policing with propane 10/1/2015
Policy implications of foreign business recruitment as an economic development strategy : the case of Japanese automotive investment in the United States 8/20/2001
Policy objectives in designing water rates 8/15/2007
Policy representation and evaluations of state government 4/16/2014
Portable data terminals in the field 8/21/2001
Portsmouth blight battle reflects importance of passing legislation that makes a difference 3/1/2011
Potable reuse : where we've been and where we're headed 8/11/2017
Power of resilience-- The 8/29/2018
Practical applications for developing leadership skills 8/20/2001
Practical approach to odor control/air purification - A 8/20/2001
practical guide to drafting architectural design regulations - A 7/15/2003
practical guide to drafting employee disciplinary memos - A 1/28/2005
Practical steps to reduce apparent water losses 10/3/2005
Practical strategies for hiring firefighters 8/21/2001
practical summary of water treatment practices : part two - A 12/17/2001
Pre-employment testing on the Internet : put candidates a click away and hire at modem speed 5/14/2004
Pregnancy discrimination : employee fired after failed fertility treatment gets day in court 2/17/2009
Format: Vertical File
Methamphetamine 12/13/2005
Metropolitan government charter for Chattanooga and Hamilton County, Tennessee 2/20/2004
Metropolitan government gas franchise agreement 8/21/2001
Metropolitan governmental adaptation and the lessons of reform 5/11/2004
Metropolitan Tennessee : the role of metropolitan areas as the economic engines of the state economy 10/4/2012
Middle Tennessee Recyclers Marketing Cooperative 8/21/2001
Model agreement for engineering services 2/21/2008
Model cable franchise 12/8/2004
Model constitutional provisions for municipal home rule 5/24/2004
Model impact fee ordinance 9/22/2004
Model request for proposal : critiquing a solid waste contract 8/21/2001
Model state conflict of interest and financial disclosure law 8/19/2004
Modular or trailer homes 8/21/2009
Montgomery Bell state resort park 7/13/2004
Mount Union College cellular phone policy and procedures 8/25/2005
Moving at the speed of light : the latest in e-discovery 3/27/2007
Mulching mowers 8/21/2001
Multi-regional annexation study 9/22/2008
Multifamily housing trends in Knox County 5/27/2004
Multijurisdictional reorganization : city-county consolidations and federated governments 5/11/2004
Multiyear budgeting 3/18/2003
Municipal cash management 6/21/2004
Municipal cemeteries : a case study of Rome, Ga. 3/10/2008
Municipal communications : a model plan 3/8/2002
Municipal consolidation : an analysis of the financial benefits for fiscally distressed small municipalities 8/20/2001
Municipal disposal of freon-containing appliances under the Clean Air Act : a case study of Knoxville, TN 12/16/2010
Municipal golf courses 8/21/2001
Municipal government management : the time has come for professional management in Tennessee 7/8/2011
Municipal liability for building inspections 5/11/2004
Municipal solid waste : an energy resource 2/4/2003
Municipal wastewater treatment with artificial wetlands : a TVA/Kentucky demonstration 2/9/2005
Municipally owned and operated cemeteries 2/19/2004
Myths, misconceptions, & realities of disability 5/12/2004
NAHB model green home building guidelines 3/22/2007
nature and purpose of a home rule city charter - The 5/24/2004
Navigating the fiscal crisis : tested strategies for local leaders 1/28/2009
Negotiating and drafting joint venture agreements with private development interests 8/21/2001
Neighborhood development program for Maryville redevelopment areas no. 1, 2, and 3 3/31/2004
Neighborhood service delivery 8/21/2001
New council member orientation: instilling the spirit of high performance 1/11/2007
New hire background checks : the four things you need to know 5/19/2006
new proposed cafeteria plan rules : essential facts and insights - The 12/20/2007
New rules of engagement : shifting the focus for a goal-oriented workforce 4/5/2011
Newark guide to recycling in the workplace - The 8/21/2001
NIMLO seminar on environmental liability 6/22/2004
Nine points to know about accepting certificates of insurance 8/21/2001
non-technical resource guide to the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) - A 2/4/2004
North Carolina local government performance measurement project 7/13/2004
Notice of special meeting 7/6/2004
nuts and bolts of utility franchise fees - The 8/21/2001
Old Graveyard Memorial Park 2/19/2004
On again, off again : intermittent leave under the FMLA 4/24/2007
One lot subdivision 7/28/2004
One step at a time : critical factors to consider when designing a transfer station 11/14/2006
Operations planning for improved performance in a tough economy 11/23/2009
Option agreement for the sale of industrial property from the City of Loudon to American Honda 8/21/2001
ordinance . . . authorizing establishment of advisory committees to the board of mayor and aldermen - An 6/27/2005
ordinance to amend the zoning ordinance of the City of Etowah, Tennessee (flea market) - An 9/22/2004
ordinance to amend the zoning ordinance of the City of Etowah, Tennessee (swimming pools) - An 9/22/2004
ordinance to provide tax incentives to Universal Form Clamp of Chicago, Inc., for the purpose of securing the purchase of a manufacturing plant in the Town of Jasper, Tennessee - An 9/6/2005
ordinance to provide tax incentives to Universal Form Clamp of Chicago, Inc., for the purpose of securing the purchase of a manufacturing plant in the Town of Jasper, Tennessee - An 09/06/2005
Organizing your first forum-study circle 8/21/2001
origin of the city manager plan in Staunton, Virginia - The 3/15/2004
Out of sight, out of mind : what every local government should know about pipeline safety 8/21/2001
Outline of efforts to develop an interlocal agreement between the City of Crossville and Cumberland County for a joint arson investigator 5/6/2004
Paddle boat concessions 7/9/2004
Pandemic response and emerging laws 3/22/2007
paperless council - The 8/3/2005
Park maintenance standards 7/12/2004
Parks & recreation benchmarking program 9/15/2005
Parks and recreation delivery system development for Tennessee local governments 8/21/2009
Parks and recreation parental consent and liability waiver forms 8/2/2006
Partners for good housing : a guidebook for tenants, landlords, and homeowners 3/26/2004
Partnerships to prevent youth violence 8/20/2001
Pathway for floods 12/9/2004
Pay for performance 2/4/2005
Pay for performance : the road to success 11/13/2007
Pay for performance program 8/21/2001
Payment agent agreement 2/3/2005
payroll tax for Tennessee cities? - A 11/13/2006
PCS site agreement : a personal communications service system facility and related antenna equipment and fixtures 11/17/2003
PCS site agreement : a personal communications service system facility and related antenna equipment and fixtures 11/17/2003
Pension Protection Act of 2006 : essential insights - The 11/10/2006
Pension Protection Act of 2006 : implementation and aftermath - The 3/7/2008
Pension Protection Act of 2006 affects defined benefits plans 5/29/2007
Performance and indemnity agreement [permit] 6/28/2004
Performance budgeting : states' experiences can inform federal efforts 2/18/2011
Performance indicators : Phoenix Parks, Recreation and Library Department 8/21/2001
Performance management and measurement 7/22/2004
Performance measurement : the key to accelerating organizational improvement 8/21/2001
Performance measurement and improvement of local services 8/21/2001
Performance-based contracting 8/3/2005
Permit and reservation forms for use of park property 8/21/2001
Petition for incorporation election for the City of Bean Station, Tennessee 5/28/2004
Petition for incorporation election for Town (City) of Nolensville, Tennessee 5/28/2004
Petition of Hallsdale-Powell Utility District of Knox County, Tennessee, and Lyle B. Lee regarding the authority and boundaries of the Northeast Knox Utility District of Knox County, Tennessee 6/30/2005
Petty cash 12/12/2008
Phoenix government centre 3/11/2004
Picking up the pieces of the governmental attorney-client privilege after In Re Lindsey 3/3/2004
PILOT payments for community residences for the mentally disabled 8/21/2001
Pitfalls for the city attorney in municipal construction 8/21/2001
Planning a council chamber 8/21/2001
Planning and zoning workshop : subdivision regulations and infrastructure 5/9/2005
planning commission - The 7/28/2004
Planning for a pandemic : lessons learned from SARS 3/13/2007
Planning for capital improvements 8/21/2001
Planning for disaster recovery 8/21/2001
Planning regions : Solid Waste Management Act of 1991 11/4/2004
Plans for the new city hall in Dover, Tennessee 3/11/2004
Planting trees in Chattanooga : a practical guide to the selection, planting & care of landscape trees 8/19/2009
Playground audit guide : your guide to assessing ASTMI/CPSC compliance 9/15/2005
Police and fire physical fitness 4/14/2004
police station of the future : or today? - The 6/11/2008
Pool rental agreement form 8/21/2001
Pool rental policy and contract 7/9/2004
popular plant manager : how to win public support - The 8/21/2001
Potential for changes in Tennessee Valley Authority payments in lieu of taxes to Tennessee and its local governments : a TACIR commission report 1/11/2012
Pothole primer : a public administrator's guide to understanding and managing the pothole problem 8/21/2001
Power contract between Tennessee Valley Authority and City of Maryville, Tennessee 11/13/2006
power of dialogue - The 7/31/2007
power of the census bureau data : American community survey - The 12/15/2005
Practical aspects of assessing liability in a police pursuit case 3/22/2007
Practical hydraulics for the public works engineer 4/14/2004
Practical promotion : how to make your community a winner with citizens 1/17/2007
Practical tips for limiting liability in municipal code enforcement 8/21/2001
Preemption of local powers and rural water districts 10/15/2004
Preparing a landscaping ordinance 8/21/2001
Preparing a local fiscal benefit-cost analysis 7/1/2005
Format: CD-ROM
Miller GAAP guide [electronic resource] : restatement and analysis of current FASB standards 10/11/2004
Model ordinance service [electronic resource] 7/19/2005
Monster mash [electronic resource] : putting a stop to too-big houses 6/20/2008
Northeast guide for estimating staffing at publicly and privately owned wastewater treatment plants [electronic resource]-- The 6/29/2009
Format: Video
Missing and exploited children [videorecording] : yesterday, today and tomorrow 8/21/2001
Module III [videorecording]: the mechanics of supervising problem solving supervisory vignettes 8/21/2001
OSHA standards for law enforcement agencies [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Peace on the playground [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Performance measurement [videorecording] : the basics 8/21/2001
power of prevention [videorecording] - The 8/21/2001
Format: Serial
Model energy code 8/21/2001
MSW management : the journal for municipal solid waste professionals 3/19/2009
MTAS director's bulletins 2/21/2008
MTAS municipal technical reports 2/21/2008
MTAS reading file 2/21/2008
MTAS staff update 2/21/2008
MTAS technical bulletins 2/21/2008
Municipal e-news 4/6/2009
Municipal e-news [electronic resource] 4/6/2009
Municipal lawyer 3/10/2003
Municipal lawyer [electronic resource] 11/11/2014
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NFPA journal : the official magazine of the National Fire Protection Association 1/23/2006
NFPA journal buyers' guide and guide to NFPA standards 8/21/2001
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North Carolina state building code. Volume I-C : making buildings and facilities accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities 12/10/2001
Office market analysis for Knoxville and Knox County 8/21/2001
Online searcher 3/12/2013
Open access 12/15/2016
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Format: Ordinance
NIMLO model ordinance regulating solicitors 8/20/2001
NIMLO model ordinance regulating street and sidewalk venders 8/20/2001
NIMLO model ordinance regulating street and sidewalk vendors 8/20/2001
NIMLO recommended guidelines regarding religious displays on municipal property 8/20/2001
NIMLO's model newsrack ordinance 8/20/2001
ordinance to amend...the budget ordinance, so as to provide for a retirement incentive plan - An 8/20/2001