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Incident command system 8/21/2001
Incorporation : things to consider before and after 8/21/2001
Infill development : strategies for shaping livable neighborhoods 8/21/2001
Information rules : a strategic guide to the network economy 8/21/2001
Information technology outsourcing : a handbook for government 3/22/2006
Information technology series. Part III. RFPs and contracts 2/14/2002
Infrastructure standards : city ordinance 8/21/2001
Innovation and entrepreneurship : practice and principles 8/21/2001
Innovation with a southern accent : the 2006 report on the future of the south 7/18/2006
Installation, field testing, and maintenance of fire hydrants 4/10/2012
Instructor excellence : mastering the delivery of training 8/21/2001
Instructor's manual to accompany : management in the fire service 8/21/2001
Insurance as an alternative to surety bonds for public officials 2/27/2014
Insurance requirements in contracts 10/8/2013
Intergovernmental contracting for public services 3/6/2002
Intergovernmental cooperation handbook 2/20/2015
Intergovernmental service arrangements for delivering local public services : update 1983 : a report to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 5/28/2003
Internal control : integrated framework 7/22/2013
Internal control and compliance manual for Tennessee municipalities : procedures 6/22/2015
International residential code for one- and two-family dwellings 1/27/2010
introduction to a technology community - An 8/21/2001
Introduction to cataloging and classification 5/25/2018
Introduction to fund accounting 8/21/2001
Investigating harassment and discrimination complaints : a practical guide 12/16/2016
Investigating sexual harassment : a practical guide to resolving complaints 8/21/2001
Investing in our children : what we know and don't know about the costs and benefits of early childhood interventions 8/21/2001
Investing in our future : a handbook for teaching local government 8/21/2001
Investing public funds 8/21/2001
Investing public funds 3/6/2007
Is home rule the answer? : clarifying the influence of Dillon's Rule on growth management 4/13/2007
Is the new global economy leaving state-local tax structures behind? 8/21/2001
Is your city heading for financial difficulty? : a guidebook for small cities and other governmental units 5/17/2004
Issues in community policing 8/21/2001
Jack : straight from the gut 5/9/2002
Johnson City, Tennessee sanitary landfill operating and maintenance agreement 8/21/2001
Justice, crime and ethics 8/21/2001
Juvenile delinquency : a justice perspective 8/21/2001
Keeping the list : voter registration and eligibility 10/7/2008
Kids in and out of trouble 8/21/2001
kind and just parent : the children of juvenile court - A 8/20/2001
Kingsport : past, present, and future 8/21/2001
Kingsport, Tennessee: a modern American city developed through industry 8/21/2001
Know your responsibilities : ethics & fiduciary duties for HR 3/10/2004
Knox County governments : City of Knoxville, Knox county, Town of Farragut 8/21/2001
Knox County Greenways plan 8/21/2001
Knox County Humane Society volunteer handbook - The 8/21/2001
Knoxville : a bicentennial portrait 8/21/2001
Knoxville greenways & community trails commission : report to Mayor Victor Ashe and Knoxville City Council - The 8/21/2001
Knoxville, Tennessee : continuity and change in an Appalachian city 2/13/2002
KPMG's analysis of the changes to Office of Management and Budget Circular A-87 cost principles for state, local and Indian tribal governments 8/21/2001
Land use and planning in Tennessee 2/18/2011
Land use in Tennessee : striking a balance 7/31/2013
Land-grant university and local government : examining a growing relationship : executive summary - The 8/21/2001
Landfill equipment maintenance : home study text 07/15/2002
law of local government operations - The 12/10/2001
law of local government operations - The 12/10/2001
Lead me on : Frank Goad Clement and Tennessee politics 8/21/2001
Lead operation and maintenance 8/28/2008
Leaders eat last : why some teams pull together and others don't 11/10/2016
Leadership : enhancing the lessons of experience 8/21/2001
Leadership by design 8/21/2001
leadership challenge : how to get extraordinary things done in organizations - The 8/21/2001
Leadership education 1996-1997 : a source book 8/21/2001
leadership engine : how winning companies build leaders at every level - The 8/21/2001
Leadership is an art 11/10/2016
Leading change 8/21/2001
Leading change at every level 8/21/2001
Leading change training 3/28/2013
Leading corporate transformation : a blueprint for business renewal 8/21/2001
Leading performance management in local government 1/27/2017
Leading quietly : an unorthodox guide to doing the right thing 11/12/2002
Leading the way in customer service 7/16/2010
Leading your community : a guide for local elected leaders 12/16/2008
Learning everywhere : how mobile learning strategies are transforming training 7/31/2013
Learning on demand : how the web is shaping the future of learning 7/31/2013
Learning to listen, learning to teach : the power of dialogue in educating adults 8/21/2001
Leases and lease purchase agreements, some basic considerations 8/21/2001
Leaving ADDIE for SAM : an Agile model for developing the best learning experiences 7/31/2013
Legal aspects of code administration 8/21/2001
Legal handbook for Tennessee codes officials 1/14/2014
Legal handbook for Tennessee codes officials 7/19/2018
Legislative compensation : comparing Tennessee to contiguous and peer states 1/18/2017
Leisure site guidelines for people over 55 3/1/2004
Lessons from performance measurement leaders : a sample of larger local governments in North America 8/8/2013
Let them choose : cafeteria learning style for adults 7/5/2017
Lincoln on leadership : executive strategies for tough times 8/9/2006
Linking learning and performance : a practical guide to measuring learning and on-the-job performance 3/28/2013
List of MTAS subject headings 8/21/2001
Little budget book : a portable budgeting guide for local government 8/21/2001
Local cooperation to maintain roads and streets : a best practices review 9/13/2007
Local government dollars & sense : 225 financial tips for guarding the public checkbook 1/23/2007
Local government finance : concepts and practices 8/21/2001
Local government guide to the internet : online resources for communities 6/19/2002
Local government in the United States 8/21/2001
Local government personnel administration 03/11/2002
Local government police management 8/21/2001
Local government policy-making process 8/21/2001
local government response to the basic education program : equity, spending, and local tax effort - The 11/14/2008
Local governments and redistricting 8/21/2001
Local officials guide : municipal service delivery : thinking through the privatization option : a guide for local elected officials 8/21/2001
Local officials guide to making government work for your city's kids : getting through the intergovernmental maze of programs for children and families 8/21/2001
Local officials guide to public real estate asset management 8/21/2001
Local officials guide to small business partnerships 8/21/2001
Local officials guide to the 1994 anti-crime law 07/16/2002
local option sales tax in Tennessee - The 7/29/2002
local property tax in Tennessee - The 3/18/2002
Locating telecommunications towers in historic buildings 4/23/2002
Long-term financial planning : creative strategies for local government 8/21/2001
Looking for opportunities in Tennessee's manufacturing sector 12/7/2007
Love 'em or lose 'em : getting good people to stay 10/16/2007
Love where you live : creating emotionally engaging places 2/13/2015
Love works : seven timeless principles for effective leadership 10/10/2016
Making democracy work : the life and letters of Luther Halsey Gulick, 1892-1993 8/21/2001
Making diversity happen : controversies and solutions 8/21/2001
Making elearning stick : techniques for easy and effective transfer of technology-supported training 7/31/2013
Making government work : how entrepreneurial executives turn bright ideas into real results 9/12/2007
Making results-based state government work 12/3/2001
Management 8/21/2001
Management : theory and practice 8/21/2001
Management and supervision of law enforcement personnel 8/21/2001
management guide to retrofitting wastewater treatment plants - A 1/6/2006
Management in the fire service 11/11/2002
Management in the Fire Service 8/21/2001
Management in the Fire Service 8/21/2001
Management insights from Bob O'Neill : an anthology of perspectives on navigating management and leadership from Governing.com's Management Insights column 12/1/2016
Management policies in local government finance 2/6/2002
Management policies in local government finance 1/17/2013
manager's desk reference - The 2/18/2002
manager-commission sample code - The 8/21/2001
Managing America's cities : a handbook for local government productivity 3/6/2002
Managing community cats : a guide for municipal leaders 8/19/2016
Managing diversity : a complete desk reference & planning guide 5/25/2016
Managing fire and rescue services 9/8/2003
Managing for success : a police chief's survival guide 8/21/2001
Managing local economic development : cases in decision making 7/14/2009
Managing local government : cases in decision making 8/21/2001
Managing local government : cases in decision making 8/21/2001
Managing local government services: a practical guide 2/27/2007
Managing municipal leisure services 03/06/2002
Managing patrol time 3/21/2002
Managing police organizations 8/21/2001
Managing public equipment 2/7/2002
Managing sacred ground 6/18/2013
Managing small cities and counties: a practical guide 8/21/2001
Managing the 9-1-1 center : a book for public safety communications managers 8/21/2001
Managing the modern city 05/14/2002
Managing the unexpected : resilient performance in an age of uncertainty 11/17/2016
Managing transitions : making the most of change 10/5/2018
Managing urban America 5/23/2018
Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee : a business and community pictorial heritage 2/11/2002
Mandated health benefits : the COBRA guide 8/21/2001
manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago style for students & researchers - A 7/16/2015
manual for writers of term papers, theses, and dissertations - A 12/3/2001
Manual on uniform traffic control devices for streets and highways 7/16/2002
Mapping crime : principle and practice 8/21/2001
Marketing the 21st century library : the time is now 8/24/2017
Maryville land development regulations 8/21/2001
Maryville/Alcoa/Blount County Parks and Recreation Commission maintenance study 8/21/2001
Mastering Active directory for Windows server 2003 3/1/2005
Mastering HR : absenteeism 8/26/2010
Mastering HR : health benefits 8/21/2012
Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 5/29/2007
Mastering the fire service assessment center 10/11/2012
Mastering the politics of planning : crafting credible plans and policies that make a difference 7/15/2011
Mastering the teaching of adults 8/21/2001
Mastering Windows server 2003 3/1/2005
Mastering Windows server 2003 03/01/2005
maturing of America : getting communities on track for an aging population - The 11/18/2015
Mayor & councilmember handbook 2/18/2015
Mayor : best job in politics 4/5/2018
mayor is indeed the key to the city - The 8/21/2001
Mayor's executive management program : how to succeed - The 3/4/2002
Mayor's handbook 8/21/2001
mayor-aldermanic sample code - The 8/21/2001
McMinnville at a milestone, 1810-1960 : a memento of the sesquicentennial year of McMinnville, Tennessee, 1960, and Warren County, Tennessee, 1958 8/21/2001
Measurement for results : implementing performance measures in local government 6/21/2004
Measuring instructional results, or, Got a match : how to find out if your instructional objectives have been achieved 12/3/2001
Measuring ROI in learning & development : case studies from global organizations 10/5/2018
Measuring up : governing's guide to performance measurement for geniuses (and other public managers) 8/21/2001
Mechanicsville commons design guidelines 3/10/2015
Mechanicsville historic district design guidelines 3/9/2015
Media law in Tennessee 8/21/2001
Medici effect : what elephants and epidemics can teach us about innovation - The 3/30/2010
Meeting management 2/12/2002
Mega-projects : the changing politics of urban public investment 5/13/2008
Memphis down in Dixie 8/21/2001
Memphis Fire Department : an assessment of the emergency medical service system 8/22/2005
Memphis in the Great Depression 8/21/2001
Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division disaster response plan 8/21/2001
Memphis memoirs 8/21/2001
Memphis sketches 8/21/2001
Mental disability law : a primer 8/7/2015
Format: Article
Incident command system : myths, rumors and unnatural acts - The 8/21/2001
Increasing public participation, understanding, and transparency of the legislative process through the use of web dialogue 9/3/2008
Increasing the usefulness of academic scholarship for local government practitioners 4/30/2014
Industrial site selection criteria : are economic developers, manufacturers and industrial real estate brokers operating on the same wave length 8/20/2001
Information resources specialist as group facilitator in an organizational setting - The 8/20/2001
Initial response preparation and communcation 3/11/2004
Inject your EMS system with quality 8/20/2001
ins and outs of outsourcing - The 4/17/2014
Ins and outs of the return-to-work process - The 8/21/2001
Inspection overload? 8/20/2001
Installing wireless antennas on water tanks : remember, it's your tank, not their tower 2/27/2003
Institutionalized use of citizen surveys in the budgetary and policy- making processes : a small city case study 8/20/2001
Integrating performance management and assessment : a challenge to public sector human resource managers 4/13/2011
Intelligent transportation systems 8/21/2001
Interlocal contract checklist 8/20/2001
Internet crime : is your agency ready to respond? 11/1/2002
Intersection where everything fits - The 8/21/2001
Interviewing applicants by video could save city time and money 8/20/2001
Investigative negotiation 3/28/2008
Iot municipality : thoughts on handling the new "things"-- The 10/8/2018
Is consolidation the answer? 5/13/2005
Is the price of fuel getting you down? 9/15/2008
Is your website accessible to people with disabilities? 1/3/2018
It doesn't matter where you start 8/21/2001
It isn't easy, but we do it anyway : women who are helping change the face of local government 10/8/2018
It takes all kinds 8/20/2001
It's easy being green 8/20/2001
Jefferson County sets record with bankruptcy filing 2/22/2012
Job analysis : a local government's experience 5/13/2004
Job order contracting : the modern approach to meeting construction needs 8/20/2001
jobs are back, but where? Implications for how best to pay for local government services - The 5/22/2015
Justifying your department's existence is a full-time job 8/20/2001
Juvenile crime prevention : curfews and youth services 8/21/2001
Keep your footprint out of my backyard 3/7/2007
Keeping a strategic focus in a tough economy 2/23/2011
Keeping forced ranking out of court 7/23/2008
Keeping track of it all 8/21/2001
Keeping up with the Joneses 8/21/2001
Keeping up with the latest in sprinkler technology 8/20/2001
Key metrics for reliability-centered fleet maintenance 1/8/2018
Kill the distractions, save your employees 1/8/2018
Knox/Blount Greenway phase 1 kicks off 9/16/2014
Knoxville controls costs by investing in people 7/22/2009
Knoxville's move toward "complete streets" 7/2/2010
Knoxville's recycling reaches 20,000 households 3/12/2012
L.A. designs state-of-the-art dispatch center 8/20/2001
ladder to the community - A 8/20/2001
Land, growth, and the public interest : how are we shaping our communities' futures 8/21/2001
Landfill design : the matrix approach 2/16/2005
Landfill operations : getting the most from your equipment 7/18/2007
Large-loss fires for 2004 4/21/2006
Latest toll from fireworks 8/20/2001
Law and temporary employees : part I - The 8/21/2001
Law and temporary employees : part II - The 8/20/2001
Law and temporary employees : part III - The 8/21/2001
Law and temporary employees : part IV - The 8/21/2001
Law and temporary employees : part V - The 8/21/2001
Lawrenceburg city & county pool sanitation services 9/16/2013
Lead in drinking water : past, present, and future 2017
Lead in drinking water : past, present, and future 1/11/2018
Leadership : nurture future leaders today 9/4/2009
Leadership for community strategic planning: a tale of two cities 8/20/2001
Leadership for healthy living : Los Angeles tackles the epidemic of childhood obesity 3/7/2007
Leadership habits of highly effective governing bodies 6/9/2016
Leadership in American communities 8/21/2001
Leadership is an art [book by Max De Pree] gives tips on how to be the most effective : reviewed by Honna Rogers 11/16/2016
Leadership lessons from Abraham Lincoln 6/10/2009
Learning from the trenches : how to talk tech with the techies 10/8/2018
Learning investment hours & hours are on the rise 1/10/2018
Learning to lead 8/20/2001
Lease-purchasing real estate 8/20/2001
Lebanon, Lynchburg & Pulaski attack foam/filament problems with chlorination 8/4/2006
Legal admissibility of digital video recordings 5/10/2004
Lessons from 35 years of city-county consolidation attempts 3/13/2007
Lessons learned : collecting data on officer traffic stops 11/1/2002
Lessons learned while adjusting retiree health benefits 2/23/2012
Lessons we learned on the way to the colosseum 8/20/2001
Let's get physical, the correct way 8/20/2001
Let's talk lease/purchase 8/20/2001
Lethal force options 12/20/2001
Liabilities and injuries : what about our volunteers? 8/20/2001
Liability exposure from railroad grade crossings 8/20/2001
Librarians and Data - Curator, Creator, or Both 2/23/2018
Lifecycle cost analysis for dummies 8/10/2005
Light duty dilemma - The 8/20/2001
Lights . . . camera . . . action 11/15/2004
Lights! camera! fire prevention! 8/20/2001
Limits of corporate civic responsibility - The 8/20/2001
Line-of-duty deaths and their effect on co-workers and their families 8/20/2001
Linking strategic planning and budgeting in Scottsdale, Arizona 3/1/2005
Living together 8/21/2001
Local economic activity : status and momentum of Tennessee counties 9/12/2008
Local government attorneys must assume multiple roles 3/7/2007
Local government consideration for an ongoing environmental agenda 8/20/2001
Local government environmental advisory boards 8/20/2001
Local government wellness programs : a viable option to decrease healthcare costs and improve productivity 3/15/2011
Locked in or locked out? : the conflict between security measures and fire safety 8/20/2001
Look before you leap : an employment termination checklist 3/9/2005
Loveland's orientation guide 8/20/2001
Low sodium solution 1/29/2015
Lower your costs by adopting an employee wellness program 10/14/2010
LUB & Bledsoe County go green with biosolids 11/17/2008
Maintenance lifts facilitate vehicle inspection and repair 8/20/2001
makers of our future - The 11/17/2015
Making better use of tax increment financing 8/20/2001
Making budget news fit to print : reflections from a survey of editors and budget officials 8/20/2001
Making citizen task forces work : eight strategies to consider 8/20/2001
Making meetings work 8/20/2001
Making small towns special : how to afford public art 10/20/2016
Making space for smart innovation : defining your path forward 10/8/2018
Making the media work for you 8/20/2001
Manage training projects 10/5/2018
Management practices and the uninvolved manager : the effect of supervisory attitudes on perceptions of organizational trust and change orientation 5/13/2004
Managers and the volunteer fire service : sharing common ground 12/18/2001
Managing a government like a business : the Sunnyvale system 8/20/2001
Managing conflict by managing communication 2/21/2011
Managing diversity : keeping it in focus 8/20/2001
Managing golf courses for fun and profit 8/20/2001
Managing our future : the Generation X factor 5/14/2004
Managing outsourced administrative discretion 4/17/2014
Managing the emotional realities of job loss 8/21/2001
Managing the risk of unmanned air vehicles 8/24/2018
Managing water loss control 4/15/2016
Managing your digital legacy : will others be able to access your cloud-based files when you no longer can? 4/16/2014
Manufactured home fires : fewer but deadlier 8/21/2001
Marketing residential sprinklers 8/21/2001
Marketing your volunteer fire department 8/20/2001
Matter of necessity : EMS risk management - A 8/20/2001
Maximum value for tower leases 3/15/2016
Maybe your downtown needs a report card 8/21/2001
Measure of success - A 8/20/2001
Measuring leadership skills : a survey of law enforcement assessment centers in the United States 11/1/2002
Measuring the performance of local governments 8/21/2001
Measuring the performance of local governments in North Carolina 8/21/2001
Media relations on trial : how Virginia Beach and Chesapeake handled 600 reporters on the courthouse steps 9/24/2004
Medical examinations and compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act 8/20/2001
Medical marijuana in New Jersey : answers to frequently asked questions 3/20/2013
Medical marijuana issues in the workplace - ADA and arbitrations 2017
Medical marijuana issues in the workplace - ADA and arbitrations 2/23/2018
Memorandum of Understanding for wastewater operational technical assistance 8/20/2001
Memphis depot business park : a smooth transformation from a military supply depot - The 12/8/2006
Memphis park opens skateboarding area 1/25/2012
Memphis repairs sewer pipes with Insituform process 8/20/2001
Memphis turns sludge into energy 8/20/2001
Menace to society 2/23/2012
Format: Vertical File
Inclusive communities for all 3/22/2006
Indiana's on-site sewage inspection program 2/9/2005
Industrial type tractor with loader and backhoe : specifications 9/30/2004
Inflow/infiltration : a guide for decision makers 10/29/2004
Information central 6/25/2004
Information packet on building permits 4/7/2004
Information packet on State of Tennessee property tax freeze program 4/9/2008
inside fact on chippers and shredders - The 8/21/2001
Instruction to bidders, City of Maryville, Tennessee 1/30/2003
Intelligence report special issue : 'sovereign' citizens 3/26/2014
Intergovernmental agreement for fire protection 8/21/2001
Intergovernmental agreement for payment of certain vehicle repairs incurred by Operation Recycle and purchase of a truck to be used by Operation Recycle 8/21/2001
Intergovernmental influences on local land use decision making : summary report 8/21/2001
Intergovernmental purchasing in North Dakota 10/20/2004
Interlocal agreement for the joint and cooperative operation and maintenance of a solid waste collection and disposal system 2/12/2004
Interlocal cooperation agreement between the City of Gatlinburg, the City of Pigeon Forge, the City of Sevierville and the County of Sevier, Tennessee 8/21/2001
Internal investigations of public entities 3/27/2007
International Institute of Municipal Clerks code of ethics 3/13/2015
Introduction to activity-based costing 8/21/2001
Introduction to infrastructure financing 8/21/2001
Investigations : How to conduct an investigation 11/17/2014
Investing in affordable housing : stretching CDBG dollars 8/21/2001
Investment policy 6/21/2004
Invitation to bid and bid specifications for one (1) tandem axle mini hoist roll off trailer, four (4) compartmentalized roll off recycling containers and three (3) roll off recycling containers for n 2/4/2011
Invitation to bid and bid specifications for truck chassis : Heil body residential garbage truck 8/21/2001
Invitation to bid and bid specifications for two ten (10) cubic yard truck chassis with high compaction side loading refuse collection packer truck bodies 2/4/2011
IPMA-HR benchmarking report : variable pay in the public sector 2012 1/14/2013
Iris Glen Environmental Center 11/5/2004
Is the citizen advisory committee a threat to representative government? 10/3/2006
Is the federal-state-local partnership being dismantled?: roundtable proceedings 1/8/2004
Is your proposed wastewater project too costly? : options for small communities 2/7/2005
JEMS 200 city survey 2007 : is the status quo acceptable? 1/14/2009
job description questionnaire : building the job description - The 3/7/2002
Johnson City history and government 9/2/2004
Johnson City questions & answers 8/21/2001
Joint economic and community development boards 5/12/2004
Juneau, Douglas, Greater Juneau borough consolidate in Alaska 5/11/2004
Keep it clean : a plan for waste management at outdoor events 6/28/2004
Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldermen policy for annexation 2/26/2003
Kingston annexation report : North Gallaher Road area 9/22/2008
Knoxville blue ribbon task force report to the mayor 12/7/2005
Knoxville fire station location study 12/1/2005
Knoxville guide book for kids 8/21/2001
Knoxville transit improvement strategy : comprehensive operations analysis : executive summary prepared for Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission 8/21/2001
Knoxville-Knox County consolidation and public welfare, public health, public recreation, public housing 5/11/2004
Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission annual report 8/21/2001
Knoxville-Knox County proposed government charter 2/20/2004
KUB tree program 8/21/2001
Labor relations challenges : practical applications of the new overtime regulations and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 10/18/2004
Land use decisions : assuring fairness 8/21/2001
Land use decisions under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 (RLUIPA) 5/18/2006
Land use issues : regulation of churches 8/21/2001
Land use regulation in the wake of Lucas : using the "new" nuisance exception to avoid regulatory takings 8/21/2001
Las Vegas--Clark County consolidation : a unique event in search of a theory 5/11/2004
Latecomer agreements 1/9/2003
lawyer's guide to discipline and discharge in the public sector - A 3/22/2007
Lead in your home : a parent's resource guide 2/18/2004
Lead poisoning prevention wheel 2/18/2004
Lead-paint removal from steel structures 8/21/2001
Lease agreement 2/12/2003
Lease agreement, Springfield-Robertson County Airport 8/21/2001
Leave policies of Tennessee cities 7/26/2004
Lebanon airport fixed base operator lease 2/12/2003
Legal challenges to solid-waste flow-control ordinances 8/21/2001
Legal issues in construction contracts : protecting the public owner from contractor claims 8/21/2001
legislative drafting primer - A 8/20/2001
Liability of local governments under environmental law 8/21/2001
librarian as community leader - The 8/21/2001
Limited environmental site assessment 2/4/2011
Litigation updates: wireless, cable, and right-of-way regulation 3/22/2007
Local fiscal capacity for funding education in Tennessee 8/20/2001
Local government in North Carolina : lesson plans 6/28/2004
Local government infrastructure financing 8/21/2001
Local government managers and public libraries : partners for a better community 10/10/2008
Local governments and schools: a community-oriented approach 3/3/2008
Local officials guide to dynamic city commercial centers 8/21/2001
Local option sales tax 11/14/2006
Local realty transfer taxes : an analysis of SB 1250/HB 0885 2/21/2008
Logos : a great way to enhance your city's image 10/29/2004
long-term impacts of retiree in-migration on rural areas : a case study of Cumberland County, Tennessee - The 3/26/2007
Lure of the strong mayor-- The 1/8/2018
Mail system specifications 8/21/2001
Main Street trolleys : a status report 8/21/2001
Maintaining aged steel water tanks : what to look for and why 8/21/2001
Maintaining civility at council meetings 3/7/2002
Major changes to OSHA's recordkeeping rule 6/20/2002
Major road plan for Knoxville - Knox County, Tennessee 8/21/2001
Making cities stronger : public library contributions to local economic development 4/11/2007
Making smart choices about fire and emergency medical services in a difficult economy 1/5/2011
mall too far : the limits of the "public use" doctrine - A 10/18/2004
Management and operations agreement of the dewatering of the water treatment plant sludge for the City of Sapulpa, Oklahoma 2/8/2005
management audit - The 4/27/2004
Management of facility design and construction 8/21/2001
Managers' 100 toughest questions 8/21/2001
Managing a p-card rollout 5/13/2005
Managing change in rural communities : the role of planning and design 8/21/2001
Managing community meetings 1/8/2003
Managing conflict in combination fire departments 4/27/2004
Managing employee performance : planning an effective approach 12/1/2008
Managing for continuous improvement : Chesterfield County, Virginia 8/21/2001
Managing special events 11/6/2003
Managing the recovery from a natural disaster 4/14/2004
Managing the threat of terrorism 5/23/2002
Manual of best management practices for road salt in winter maintenance 10/18/2016
Marketing for economic development 7/1/2003
Martin E. Segal Company PPO questionnaire 5/28/2004
Massage parlor license application 4/13/2004
Maximize the potential of your public library : a report on the innovative ways public libraries are addressing community priorities 9/23/2011
Measurement of water flow through pipe orifice with free discharge 12/19/2007
Measures of success : a special performance report on City of Cincinnati operations 7/6/2004
Measuring excellence : the fire service must develop a unique set of standards to measure performance 4/27/2004
Measuring fire service performance 4/27/2004
Media relations : the manager's role 8/3/2005
Mediation in a city-county annexation dispute : the negotiations process 2/26/2003
Medical contract 8/21/2001
Meeting administration handbook 8/21/2001
Memorandum of understanding between the City of Knoxville (City) and Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) on fire service computations (hydrant rental) 5/5/2004
Memorandum of understanding Loudon Utilities Board 2/3/2005
Memphis city property tax collections : analysis of proposal from Shelby County Trustee 8/21/2001
Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division specification no. 56-23X6, 6" fire hydrants 5/5/2004
Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division specification no. 56-23X8, 8" fire hydrants 5/5/2004
Format: Video
Increase the peace [videorecording] : conflict resolution 8/21/2001
Kids and crime [videorecording] : keeping kids out of trouble 8/21/2001
last hit [videorecording] : children and violence - The 8/21/2001
LETN 97 overview [videorecording] 8/20/2001
Making it to the top of the list [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Making peace [videorecording]: turn-a-lot-around 8/21/2001
Managing a diverse workplace [videorecording] : understanding different cultural values and styles 8/21/2001
Format: Serial
Industrial & municipal wastewater technology buyers' guide 8/21/2001
Industrial wastewater 10/28/2003
InFocus [electronic resource] 2/11/2010
Information outlook : the monthly magazine of the Special Libraries Association 1/4/2006
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