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Digital orthophotography : the foundation of GIS 8/20/2001
dilemmas of fireground command - The 8/20/2001
Disguising misconduct as disease 8/20/2001
Distribution of TVA payments to municipalities 8/20/2001
Distribution of TVA payments to municipalities : total 1989-90 payment 8/20/2001
Distribution of TVA payments to municipalities : total 1990-91 payment 8/20/2001
Distribution of TVA payments to municipalities, total 1987-88 payment 8/20/2001
Diversifying the urban forest 3/26/2010
Diversity training : structured for success 8/21/2001
Do base closures mean taps for a community? 8/20/2001
Do business attraction plans make a difference? 4/13/2011
Do we have to do public fire safety education? 8/21/2001
Do you have what cities are hunting for in a chief? 8/20/2001
Does age matter? : local governments in the post-baby boom era 1/11/2008
Does it make sense to outsource utility operations? 9/10/2013
Does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) require the city to use "certified" signers/interpreters? 8/20/2001
Does your fire department have a learning disability? 8/21/2001
Doing business with the Japanese 8/20/2001
Doing damage to vandalism : how public entities can fight back 4/14/2011
Doing it right 12/18/2001
Dollars down the drain 8/20/2001
Don't be guided by technology vendors : smart cities first need a vision and a plan 10/8/2018
Don't panic when Wal-Mart comes to town 8/20/2001
Don't top trees 8/20/2001
Driving a skilled work force in Tennessee 11/14/2008
Driving savings 2/23/2012
Drone dilemma-- The 11/30/2017
Drone gives Cumberland EMC a cost-effective eye in the sky 9/9/2015
Drone technology : moving forward while regulatory frame remains uncertain 8/11/2017
Drones : a growing hazard in the absence of tighter regulations 3/15/2016
Drones and public sector liability 9/10/2015
drones are coming - The 4/8/2015
Drones as a tool for bridge inspection 6/9/2016
Drought-Proofing water pump stations for critical infrastructure 1/8/2018
Drug-free workplace 8/21/2001
Dual role : SMEs as trainers in the classroom 4/15/2016
Due-process requirements in suspension without pay 8/21/2001
Dynamic role of the information specialist : two perspectives - The 8/20/2001
Early retirement incentives : yes or no? 2/24/2014
Economic and fiscal impact analyses : a primer for local governments in Tennessee 6/15/2009
Economic development through entrepreneurship : incubators and the incubation process 8/20/2001
Economic evaluation of paid, volunteer, and mixed staffing options for public services 8/20/2001
Ed & Joye Archer retire 2/7/2007
EEOC issues long-awaited ADA guidelines 6/23/2010
EEOC's proposed regulations broadly interpret ADAAA's regulations 2/23/2010
Effective citizen involvement : how to make it happen 8/20/2001
Effective team building and personality types 8/20/2001
Efficient use of time 10/5/2018
Election systems and representative democracy : reflections on the Voting Rights Act of 1965 8/20/2001
Eleven ways to make performance measurement more useful to public managers 8/20/2001
Emerald cities [by Joan Fitzgerald] examines how American cities excel in sustainability, economic development : reviewed by Warren Nevad 11/28/2016
Emergency management : are you ready? 10/11/2004
Emergency management : cities brace for the "climate event of the century 8/21/2001
Emergency planning and potential liabilities for state and local governments 2/18/2008
Emergency planning is crucial in avoiding city water shortages 6/8/2006
Emergency preparedness : crisis management for local leaders 8/20/2001
Emerging from the great recession : the view from local government 5/22/2015
Eminent domain after Kelo 5/3/2006
Employee benefit cooperatives : from C (concept) to A (application) 7/29/2008
Employees can be forced to use comp time in lieu of sick leave 6/23/2010
Employers hiring minors : beware of the restrictions 8/20/2001
EMS budgeting : more than just money 8/20/2001
Ending it with USEPA 10/14/2013
Energy Policy Act of 2005 : what it means for municipalities - The 2/8/2006
Enhancing local government capacity in budget decision making : the use of group process techniques 8/20/2001
Enhancing local self-government and state capabilities : the U.S. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Program 8/20/2001
Enhancing organizational efficiency through alternative scheduling 8/20/2001
Enough water to tide them over 8/20/2001
Ensuring a good RFP outcome 10/5/2018
Environment at the fore front : keys for greener municipal golf courses 8/21/2001
Environmental management systems : a practical guide to implementation 9/19/2003
EPA, AWWA, WEF focus on water security 03/22/2002
EPA, AWWA, WEF focus on water security 3/22/2002
Equalizing education funding : the average tax rate approach 12/8/2006
equation for station location - An 8/20/2001
Equipment bids : should they include more than just selling price? 8/20/2001
Ergs, joules & such : notes on energy savings for the rural water community and maybe others 8/19/2009
Essential Data Systems turns the tables 12/5/2002
Establishing standards for property maintenance 8/20/2001
ETCFC & TREEDC: Partners in biofuels 3/10/2010
Ethics : ordinances and practices 8/20/2001
Ethics : what you can expect from me 8/20/2001
Ethics checklist for serving on nonprofit boards and commissions 8/20/2001
Ethics for public administrators 8/20/2001
Ethics in the municipal workplace 8/20/2001
Evaluating green fleet options 1/24/2012
Evaluating the effectiveness of strategic planning for communities 8/20/2001
Evaluating the options for virtual reality in literacy instruction 8/24/2018
Everything's ducky 8/20/2001
Evolution of street gangs : a shift toward organized crime - The 8/21/2001
Evolution of the transfer station-- The 1/8/2018
Evolving catalog : cataloging tech from scrolls to computers-- The 3/15/2016
examination of employee benefits cost control strategies in New Jersey local governments - An 5/14/2004
Executive coaching builds steam in organizations 2/11/2008
Expanding fire department public service programs 8/20/2001
Experience--it "ain't what it used to be" : it's time to kill the sacred cow of job experience in recruiting 5/14/2004
Expert Gene Pearson cuts through the annexation rhetoric 8/21/2001
Extreme firings and their lessons 8/18/2015
Eyes in the back of your head : the causes of backing accidents and available systems to help deter them 1/10/2018
Eyes wide open : a practical guide to business retention 9/23/2011
FAA recognizes local government authority in new drone regulations 9/26/2016
FAA releases new small UAS rule 2/16/2017
Facility management departments can implement GIS asset management technology to address the ongoing budget squeeze 10/5/2018
Facing the challenge 8/20/2001
Falsely accused and not in the wrong? Fleet safety practices to save time and money 10/8/2018
Farewell, foul fowl 9/17/2008
Farmers markets : breathing new life into old institutions 8/20/2001
FCC sends warning to local governments seeking to regulate telecommunication services 8/21/2001
Federal intervention in local emergency planning : nightmare on Main Street 2/18/2008
Field training officers for firefighters 8/21/2001
Fighting municipal annexations in Ohio 8/20/2001
Filling the gap between written tests and assessment centers 8/20/2001
Financial planning for the long haul 8/20/2001
Financing growth in Tennessee : local development taxes and impact fees 10/11/2004
Finding the needle in the haystack : the challenge of recruiting and retaining sharp employees 5/14/2004
Fire and building code enforcement : together at last 8/21/2001
Fire equipment subject to liability suits 8/20/2001
Fire fighting demands aerobic fitness 8/20/2001
Firefighter injuries for 2004 4/21/2006
Fireworks injuries : a problem that won't go away 8/20/2001
first 90 days in government : critical success strategies for new public managers at all levels by Peter H. Daly and Michael Watkins and reviewed by David Angerer - The 9/26/2016
First Amendment and political signs : is your ordinance constitutional? - The 10/14/2004
First-line supervision : preparing officers to face the transition to command 8/21/2001
Fiscal implications of city-city consolidations 2/13/2015
Fiscal magic : outsourcing and the taxing power 4/30/2014
Fit for duty 8/21/2001
Fix-it fairs and repair cafes divert waste, aim to change mindset 8/1/2016
Fleet management in the IoT era : technology is changing the way fleet managers do business 1/10/2018
Fleet safety policies : ensuring your safe response to emergencies 10/8/2018
Fleets fuel up on biodiesel blends : Eastern Tennessee commitment 12/6/2007
Florida city ahead of the curve with alternative fuels 8/21/2001
Florida farm sets new standards for wastewater reuse 8/20/2001
Flow tests reinforce reliable hydrant service 6/17/2015
Focus on parliamentary procedure: understanding the difference between reconsideration, rescission, and renewal of motions 4/20/2010
Focusing on innovation : new management model supports strategic objectives 10/8/2018
For everyone's survival, hire the fittest 8/20/2001
Foreign trade zones : a tool for international economic development 8/20/2001
Formulating project methodology 8/20/2001
Found in translation at the reference desk 1/27/2016
Fractured decision making : sunshine laws and the colliding roles of media and government 8/20/2001
Franklin establishes infectious waste regulations 8/20/2001
Franklin's reclaimed water program 11/5/2008
Frayed relationship : turnaround tactics that restore public confidence 7/28/2017
frequency factor - The 9/26/2005
Friendly invasion of McMinnville : Japanese company sparks economic revival in a Tennessee town - The 8/20/2001
From Austin's microcomputer, for Austin's fire fighters : confidential fitness reports 8/20/2001
From the ground up 8/20/2001
From the lab to the lawn 8/21/2001
From the outside-in : making a successful leadership transition 12/20/2001
Fuel-cost clauses important says MTAS 5/21/2008
Funding education in Tennessee : legal and monetary problems 8/20/2001
Future of local government : involving citizens in community decision making - The 8/20/2001
future of local government: will current stresses bring major, permanent changes? - The 5/24/2013
future of succession planning - The 2/21/2011
Gains in education spending equity ten years after fully funding the BEP 9/16/2009
Game plan reduces legal risk 8/20/2001
Format: Vertical File
Director's report, proposed land use code text amendment, adult cabarets 3/27/2003
Disability etiquette handbook 2/13/2015
Disaster preparedness 1/26/2004
Disposal of found property 10/22/2004
Disposal of minor property such as lost and found items 10/22/2004
Disposition of sanitary sewerage sludge by land injection or land spreading process : advertisement to bid 2/9/2005
Divided we fall: inequality and the future of America's cities and towns 1/8/2004
Dollywood : task force recommendations to the city council, September 16, 1985 8/21/2001
Domestic partner benefits 6/25/2007
DownTown Organization - The 3/27/2003
Downtown organizations 3/27/2003
Downtown weed busters 8/21/2001
Drafting an ethics handbook for your city or town 4/23/2004
Drafting and defending an adult business ordinance : regulating SOBs (sexually oriented businesses) 8/21/2001
DRC manual 2/15/2002
Drug night courts : how feasible are they? : assessing Cook County's example 8/21/2001
Drug night courts : the Cook County experience 8/21/2001
dynamic role of the city attorney in the municipal organization - The 10/15/2004
E-communication leads the list of complex personnel issues 5/9/2005
E-government strategic planning : reap the benefits of an online presence 3/3/2008
Earthquake awareness : helpful hints to prepare for an earthquake 4/13/2004
ECD special census procedures 10/14/2015
Economic development : universities & small cities working together 5/15/2008
Economic development handbook 8/21/2001
Economic development incentives seminar 1/30/2006
Economic impacts of parks & recreation resource book 8/21/2001
Economic report : estimated costs of accelerated repaving required as a result of utility excavation in San Francisco streets 11/18/2003
Economic vitality : your city's success in a changing economy 2/26/2007
economics of water lo$$ : what is unaccounted for water? - The 1/9/2003
Educating elementary children about local government : Cupertino, California, Brentwood, Tennessee, and Virginia Beach, Virginia 8/21/2001
Education funding in Tennessee : basic education program 8/21/2001
EEOC enforcement guidance : workers' compensation and the ADA 08/21/2001
Effective citizens' advisory committees : a blueprint for success 1/2/2008
Effective council meetings 6/22/2005
effects of urban trees on air quality - The 2/24/2006
elected official's guide to fund balance - An 8/20/2001
elected official's guide to government finance - An 8/21/2001
elected official's guide to procurement - An 3/11/2015
Electric speculative development agreement 1/27/2005
Eliminating obstacles to better environmental risk management for municipalities 10/18/2004
Emerge : public works and A.G.C. emergency action plan 4/14/2004
Emergency management grant administration for local government 3/2/2009
Emergency medical services systems 4/22/2004
Emergency purchases 8/21/2001
Emergency response and salvage wheel 8/21/2001
Employee assistance program : Johnson City, Tennessee 7/15/2004
Employee development reimbursement program 8/21/2001
Employee handbooks 6/25/2007
Employee issues in privatization 8/21/2001
Employee suggestion programs 11/4/2003
Employee suggestion systems 8/21/2001
Employer resource guide : we all serve 6/20/2012
Employment agreements for managers : guidelines for local government managers 11/7/2003
EMS in critical condition : meeting the challenge 9/26/2005
Enhanced 911 : planning and implementation 8/21/2001
Environmentally friendly cleaners 2/9/2005
EPA grants for brownfields 12/7/2005
Escrow agreement to secure funds and deposits of Knoxville Utilities Board 4/23/2004
Establishment of wrecker service policy 7/2/2004
Estimate of remaining life for landfills in Tennessee 11/5/2004
Ethical matters relating to criminal prosecutions 3/3/2004
Ethics handbook for City Council members, members of city boards, commissions and committees, and city employees 8/21/2001
Evaluating community fire protection 4/27/2004
Evaluating financial condition : an executive overview for local government 4/27/2004
Evaluating privatization : an AMSA checklist 8/21/2001
Evaluating service contracting 8/21/2001
Evaluating urban financial conditions : the urban conditions index versus municipal bond ratings 8/20/2001
Examples of utility relocation contracts 2/2/2005
Exhibit "B" : minimum standards for fixed base operators at ______ airport 2/12/2003
Expedited drug case management : issues for program development 8/21/2001
Expending municipal revenues for public purposes 8/19/2009
Facilities rental and use agreements 7/19/2005
Fat-free sewers : how to prevent fats, oils, and greases from damaging your home and the environment 8/21/2001
FBO applicant interview 2/12/2003
Feasibility study for the creation and operation of a peninsula-wide public affairs television newtwork for Virginia Peninsula Mayors & Chairs 8/21/2001
Federal cable legislation : summary and update 3/22/2007
Federal income taxation of municipal bonds : basic concepts for municipal attorneys 10/18/2004
Financial advisory services agreement 4/27/2004
financial effects of consolidation - The 10/28/2004
Financial jeopardy! : policies and practices that can affect financial health 4/27/2004
Financing land conservation 8/3/2005
Financing through capital outlay notes the purchase of an industrial enterprise 8/19/2009
fine art of managing relationships - The 3/28/2007
Fire hydrant flow capacity at 20 psi 5/5/2004
fire problem : economic impacts and innovative approaches - The 4/27/2004
Fire safe student housing 5/6/2004
Fire service location--allocation models 4/27/2004
Fire service to individual property owners 5/5/2004
Fire station location analysis : a comprehensive planning approach 12/7/2005
First-time administrators handbook 9/14/2007
Fiscal capacity for funding K-12 education : fiscal year 1996 8/21/2001
Fiscal distress : prescriptions for good management in bad times 11/4/2003
Fiscal equalization of the basic education program 8/21/2001
Fiscal federalism : the looming federal fiscal crisis and its effect on Tennessee 6/15/2007
Fiscal impact analysis : how today's decisions affect tomorrow's budget 9/5/2007
Fiscal impacts of land development : a critique of methods and review of issues 6/22/2004
Fixed base operator's lease agreement (sample) 2/12/2003
Fleet management 8/3/2005
Flexible workplace 8/21/2001
FLSA compliance tips for public sector employers 5/16/2012
FLSA overtime for canine officers 1/9/2006
FLSA wage and hour opinion letter 1/9/2006
Foreclosure prevention practices 5/15/2008
Forms for condemnation and demolition of abandoned buildings 3/26/2004
Foundation Center Cooperating Collection, Knox County Public Library - The 3/8/2002
Franklin design standards 3/26/2007
From hiring to firing : managing the risk of difficult employees 11/14/2006
Funding for elementary and secondary schools 10/26/2004
Furnishing labor and equipment for tree trimming and power line clearance 8/21/2001
Format: Serial
Directory of airport and aviation officials in Tennessee 8/21/2001
e-Journal AWWA [electronic resource] 3/16/2009
ECD Hot sheet [electronic resource] : News from the Tennessee ECD 6/16/2011
Economic development journal : EDJ 3/9/2005
Economic development journal [electronic resource] : EDJ 3/18/2009
economic report to the Governor of the State of Tennessee on the State's economic outlook - An 8/21/2001
Emergency management : strategy and leadership in critical times 1/13/2015
Emergency management : strategy and leadership in critical times 01/13/2015
ETDD newsletter 6/5/2003
Ethanol producer magazine 7/17/2007
Ethanol producer magazine [electronic resource] 3/16/2009
Exchange : a newsletter service of the University of Tennesee Institute for Public Service 10/28/2003
Exchange [electronic resource] : a newsletter of The University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service - The 3/31/2009
Fair labor standards handbook 3/31/2009
Fair labor standards handbook [electronic resource] 3/23/2009
Family and medical leave handbook 8/21/2001
Family and medical leave handbook [electronic resource] 3/23/2009
Federal employment law insider 1/3/2007
Federal employment law insider [electronic resource] 4/2/2009
Final report on city services for fiscal year . . . : performance and cost data 12/10/2001
Fire chief 12/18/2008
Fire engineering 6/5/2003
Fire engineering [electronic resource] 2/19/2014
Fire fighter salary tracker index 9/8/2005
Fire service labor monthly 10/1/2003
Fire service section quarterly newsletter [electronic resource] 10/29/2012
FireRescue magazine 10/21/2003
FLSA employee classification 11/4/2009
FLSA employee classification [electronic resource] 11/28/2011
FSA fastTracks e-newsletter [electronic resource] 11/2/2009
GAAFR review 6/5/2003
GAAFR review [electronic resource] 3/25/2009
Format: Book
Directory of archives and historical records repositories in Tennessee 12/19/2001
Disaster management : ICMA infopak 5/30/2003
DiSC classic facilitator's kit 8/5/2003
Discovering computers 2016 : tools, apps, devices, and the impact of technology 11/11/2016
Disinfection of water treatment plants 06/02/2003
Disposal of yard waste, RFP : City of Knoxville Purchasing Department 3/6/2002
Dispute resolution processes : a comparative state study 8/21/2001
distance manager : a hands-on guide to managing off-site employees and virtual teams - The 4/8/2002
Distress identification manual for the long-term pavement performance project 8/21/2001
Distribution, Book D-1, System design 8/21/2001
Diversity in work teams : research paradigms for a changing workplace 8/21/2001
Diversity training activity book : 50 activities for promoting communication and understanding at work-- The 4/22/2016
Diversity, affirmative action and law enforcement 8/21/2001
Do state & local tax incentives work? 8/21/2001
Domestic violence : we can live without it : rights & options available under the law 7/29/2002
Downtown Knoxville parking study 8/21/2001
Downtown Knoxville plan 8/21/2001
Downtown streetscape plan 8/21/2001
dragon smiles : student adventures in pre-Mao China - The 8/21/2001
Drinking water dictionary-- The 8/21/2001
Drive : the surprising truth about what motivates us 11/23/2016
Driving a prosperous future : economic analysis of the lasting impact of Ontario 2017
Driving a prosperous future : economic analysis of the lasting impact of Ontario universities 1/16/2018
Drought management plan 6/25/2015
Drug & alcohol abuse prevention and the ADA : an employer's guide 8/21/2001
Drug and alcohol testing for local government transportation employees : the public employer's guide 8/21/2001
Drug dealing in privately owned apartment complexes 2/14/2002
E-911 emergency communications funding in Tennessee 10/12/2010
E-learning by design 4/19/2017
economic assessment of Maury County, Tennessee : findings and challenges - An 8/20/2008
Economic development : marketing for results! 1/29/2002
Economic development : strategies for state and local practice 9/23/2010
Economic development in local government : a handbook for public officials and citizens 8/21/2001
Economic development incentives and the Tennessee Valley economy 8/21/2001
economic impact of TVA - The 8/21/2001
Edge of the knife : police violence in the Americas 8/21/2001
Education finance reform in Tennessee 8/21/2001
Effective communication : getting the message across 1/28/2002
Effective data visualization : the right chart for the right data 8/24/2018
effective local government manager - The 7/13/2009
Effective supervisory practices : better results through teamwork 8/21/2001
Effective supervisory practices : better results through teamwork 8/3/2015
Efficiency in metropolitan government : Task Force final report 8/21/2001
elected offical's guide : long-term financial planning for local government - An 3/27/2009
elected official's guide : competitive options: from managed competition to privatization - An 1/17/2013
elected official's guide : intergovernmental service sharing - An 5/13/2008
elected official's guide : internal control - An 5/13/2015
elected official's guide : investing - An 5/13/2008
elected official's guide to audit committees - An 5/13/2008
elected official's guide to auditing - An 1/16/2013
elected official's guide to debt issuance - An 1/17/2013
elected official's guide to defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans - An 1/17/2013
elected official's guide to economic development - An 1/17/2013
elected official's guide to employer's accounting for pensions and other post-employment benefits (OPEB) - An 5/13/2008
elected official's guide to financial reporting - An 8/21/2001
elected official's guide to internal controls and fraud prevention - An 1/17/2013
elected official's guide to tax increment financing - An 1/17/2013
elected official's guide to the new governmental financial reporting model - An 8/21/2001
Elected official's little handbook : a portable guide for local government legislators 8/21/2001
Elected officials handbooks 8/21/2001
Electronic records management 3/22/2006
Elementary surveying 3/4/2005
elements of style - The 12/12/2011
elements of style - The 7/16/2015
Emerald cities : urban sustainability and economic development 9/21/2016
Emergency communications management 8/21/2001
Emergency management : principles and practice for local government 7/14/2009
Emergency management in public works : student manual 2/4/2002
Emergency response to terrorism: job aid 11/27/2001
Eminent domain : information about its uses and effect on property owners and communities is limited : report to congressional committees 3/5/2007
Eminent domain : a handbook of condemnation law 11/11/2011
Employment agreements for local government managers : benefits for governing bodies and managers 8/21/2001
Encouraging more cooperation and accountability in payment in lieu of tax agreements 4/5/2018
Energy conservation in water and wastewater treatment facilities 10/13/2016
Enhancing adult motivation to learn : a guide to improving instruction and increasing learner achievement 8/21/2001
Ensuring fair and equitable water and wastewater rates for non-resident customers of city utilities 02/27/2014
Ensuring fair and equitable water and wastewater rates for non-resident customers of city utilities 2/27/2014
Entering the shift age : the end of the information age and the new era of transformation 6/22/2016
Enterprise information security policies 08/21/2008
Enterprise information security policies 8/21/2008
Erwin, Tennessee comprehensive fire protection management study 12/6/2007
Essentials of fire department customer service 8/21/2001
Essentials of payroll : management and accounting 1/5/2009
Establishing a stormwater utility in Florida 2/20/2009
Establishing building permit fees 10/3/2003
ethics challenge in public service : a problem-solving guide - The 8/21/2001
ethics edge - The 7/15/2009
Ethics for government employees 8/16/2004
Ethics, conflicts, and offices : a guide for local officials 8/21/2001
Evaluating financial condition : a handbook for local government 11/15/2007
Evaluating financial condition : a handbook for local government 08/21/2001
Evaluating financial condition : a handbook for local government 8/21/2001
Evaluating training programs : the four levels 8/21/2001
Evaluating training programs : the four levels 12/16/2016
Even more games trainers play : experiential learning exercises 8/21/2001
Even more games trainers play : experiential learning exercises 10/4/2018
Everybody matters : the extraordinary power of caring for your people like family 10/10/2016
Everything you need to know about weapons in school and at home 8/21/2001
Excel 2000 in a nutshell : a power user's quick reference 4/21/2003
Executive briefing 3/22/2002
Executive briefing overhead presentations 3/22/2002
Exemplary public administrators : character and leadership in government 8/21/2001
Exempt or nonexempt?: how to make the call and avoid FLSA overtime lawsuits 7/1/2010
Experimental evaluation of municipal speed enforcement programs 8/21/2001
Extreme government makeover : increasing our capacity to do more good 1/26/2017
Eyewitness evidence : a guide for law enforcement 12/11/2001
Facilitation at a glance! : your pocket guide to facilitation 1/5/2018
Facilitation basics 06/20/2005
Facilitation basics 1/5/2018
Fair housing : the siting of group homes for people with disabilities and children 8/21/2001
Fair housing planning guide 8/21/2001
Fair labor standards handbook for states, local governments, and schools 6/4/2002
Fair, square & legal : safe hiring, managing & firing practices to keep you & your company out of court 2/18/2002
False burglar alarms 2/14/2002
Farragut 2004 plan : a vision of the town of Farragut, Tennessee, for the year 2004 8/21/2001
Federal Title VI enforcement to insure nondiscrimination in federally assisted programs : a report of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights 8/20/2001
Field engineer's manual 3/8/2002
Field inspection handbook 2/26/2002
Field manual on sediment and erosion control : best management practices for contractors and inspectors 9/28/2004
Fighting fear : the Baltimore County C.O.P.E. project 8/21/2001
Fighting fire in the wildland/urban interface 8/21/2001
Fighting the good fight for municipal wireless : applying lessons from Philadelphia's WiFi story 4/8/2008
Finance & business law 8/21/2001
Financial handbook for mayors and city managers 8/21/2001
Financial performance goals : a guide for setting long-range policies 9/12/2007
Financial policies 9/4/2012
Financial Sustainability Index : A Self-Assessment Tool for Financial Sustainability 4/19/2018
Financial trend monitoring system : a practitioner's workbook for collecting data, charting trends, and interpreting results 9/12/2007
Financing a metropolitan government in Tennessee 8/21/2001
Financing and charges for wastewater systems 10/5/2010
Financing and managing state and local government 2/5/2002
Financing growth : who benefits?, who pays?, and how much? 8/21/2001
Financing the future : long-term financial planning for local government 5/13/2008
Finding funding : grantwriting from start to finish, including project management and Internet use 10/10/2016
Finding funding : the comprehensive guide to grant writing 8/21/2001
Fire & rescue field guide : a pocket reference for firefighters & command officers 5/15/2006
Fire and arson scene evidence : a guide for public safety personnel 12/11/2001
fire and EMS department safety officer - The 2/18/2002
Fire and life safety inspection manual 2/8/2008
Fire cause determination 8/21/2001
Fire command 2/7/2002
Fire department schedules, budgets, and computers 8/21/2001
Fire department strategic planning : creating future excellence 11/11/2002
Fire department strategic planning : creating future excellence 2/2/2011
Fire equipment budgeting : Kansas City, Missouri 8/21/2001
Fire loss in the United States during 2012 9/20/2013
Fire management study for the City of Collierville, Tennessee 9/14/2007
Fire personnel recruitment and selection 8/21/2001
Fire personnel testing and training 8/21/2001
Fire protection handbook 5/22/2008
Fire service in Tennessee : response to House Joint Resolution 204 7/31/2013
Fire service practices for volunteer and small community fire departments 8/21/2001
Fire sprinkler requirements for places of worship : protecting people and property 3/12/2015
Fire station planning, design and construction 8/21/2001
Fire suppression rating schedule handbook 2/20/2003
Firefighter collective bargaining agreements : a national management survey 2/7/2002
Firefighter fatalities in the United States in 2013 1/15/2015
first 50 years of the council-manager plan of municipal government - The 8/21/2001
first 90 days in government : critical success strategies for new public managers at all levels - The 9/29/2006
first-time trainer : a step-by-step quick guide for managers, supervisors, and new training professionals. - The 4/19/2017
fiscal impact handbook : estimating local costs and revenues of land development - The 8/21/2001
Fit for duty : the peace officer's guide to total fitness 8/21/2001
Five-year strategic financial and management plan FY 2004-05 through FY 2008-09, Shelby County, Tennessee 8/12/2010
Flawless consulting : a guide to getting your expertise used 9/1/2004
Florida benchmarking consortium FY10 annual services report 4/8/2014
Florida Stormwater Association membership directory 2/19/2009
FLSA, a user's manual : a common-sense guide to the nation's wage and hour law - The 2/22/2012
Fluoridation facts 4/28/2006
Focus on volunteering : ready-to-print resouces for volunteer organizations 8/21/2001
For the love of cities : the love affair between people and their places 2/12/2015
Forceful leadership and enabling leadership : you can do both 8/21/2001
Forming a metropolitan government : the hows and whys of local government consolidation in Tennessee 10/3/2003
Forming a metropolitan government : the hows and whys of local government consolidation in Tennessee 8/21/2001
Forms for various municipal occasions 8/30/2002
Foundation Center's guide to proposal writing - The 4/9/2003
founding of Memphis, 1818-1820 - The 8/21/2001
Framework for financial sustainability index-- A 4/13/2018
Franklin design guideline manual : Franklin, Tennessee 7/15/2009
Full cost accounting for municipal solid waste management : a handbook 8/21/2001
Fundamental issues in strategy : a research agenda 8/21/2001
Fundamentals of collection development and management 4/22/2016
Fundamentals of municipal finance 5/20/2011
Fundamentals of organizational communication : knowledge, sensitivity, skills, values 11/10/2016
Funding fire protection, part 2 8/20/2001
future of our past : historic sites survey and cultural resources plan for Knoxville and Knox County, Tennessee - The 8/21/2001
future of our past : planning for historic preservation in Knoxville and Knox County, Tennessee - The 8/21/2001
GAAFR study guide : outlines & exercises 7/16/2008
GAAFR study guide : outlines & exercises using the GASB 34 model 1/15/2002
GAAFR supplement 10/10/2014
GAAP guide level A : restatement and analysis of current FASB standards 7/21/2008
Games that drive change 8/21/2001
Games trainers play : experiential learning exercises 8/21/2001
gamification of learning and instruction : game-based methods and strategies for training and education - The 7/31/2013
Gang violence prevention : curriculum and discussion guide 8/21/2001
Format: Video
Domestic violence awareness [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Effective programs for serious, violent, and chronic juvenile offenders [videorecording] : an examination of three model interventions and intensive aftercare initiatives 8/21/2001
Escalating the violence [videorecording] : the impact of peers 8/21/2001
Ethics in law enforcement [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Format: DVD
Downtown redevelopment [videorecording] 3/29/2007
Drinking water security [videorecording] : presented by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater 1/25/2006
Field guide hydrant flow tests [videorecording] 8/10/2016
Firefighter life safety initiatives resource kit [electronic resource] : volume 3 3/24/2011
Format: CD-ROM
Flexible workplace innovations [electronic resource] : an Alliance for Innovation knowledge product 10/23/2008