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"A" to "Z" of employee handbooks - The 8/21/2001
"Adult cabaret" buffer zone ordinance constitutional 8/21/2001
"Cruising" statutes withstand constitutional challenge 8/20/2001
"Happily ever after" 8/20/2001
"Simple" definition of at-will employment - A 8/20/2001
"work for hire" doctrine in the local government workplace - The 3/9/2005
'I value' campaign turned budget woes into civic engagement initiative 12/7/2010
10 common fireground mistakes 8/20/2001
10 habits of highly effective councils 10/29/2002
10 practical ways to address chronic FMLA problems 9/8/2004
10 Reasons videos and visual content optimize onboarding : Instructional videos, charts, and graphics improve memory retention 10/4/2018
10-point test of financial condition : toward an easy-to-use assessment tool for smaller cities - The 8/20/2001
101 ideas for stimulating rural entrepreneurship and new business development 8/20/2001
14 guides to becoming a successful leader 8/20/2001
1992 FPW offers "sound" advice 8/20/2001
1992-93 TVA payment in lieu of taxes distributed 8/20/2001
2 + 2 equals strength in numbers : city/schools partnership in San Carlos 8/20/2001
2005 police and special service vehicles 12/22/2004
2015 training industry report 1/8/2016
2017 Supreme Court review for local governments 2017
2017 Supreme Court review for local governments 2/23/2018
21st-century training model at work - A 8/20/2001
25 keys to world-class maintenanace 3/12/2002
25 ways city officials can help youngsters learn about local government 5/13/2005
4 ways to improve tracking of heavy equipment utilization 11/17/2015
5 ways in-house L&D pros can become more entrepreneurial 10/5/2018
50 points to professionalization : rate your own department 8/20/2001
9 & 1/2 tips : controlling your employment litigation exposure 8/20/2001
ABCs of AEDs in public schools - The 5/20/2010
ABCs of mixed use schools - The 7/1/2004
acceleration trap - The 4/28/2011
Accreditation : building fire departments through self-assessment 8/21/2001
Achieving the ethical workplace : assumptions that affect success 8/20/2001
ADA and police hiring practices - The 8/21/2001
ADA and pyschiatric disabilities, [part 1 - The 8/21/2001
ADA and pyschiatric disabilities, [part 2 - The 8/21/2001
Adjusted fluoride concentrations and control ranges in 34 States: 2006-2010 and 2015 2017
Adjusted fluoride concentrations and control ranges in 34 States: 2006-2010 and 2015 2/23/2018
Adopt-a-neighborhood program - The 8/21/2001
Advances in impervious surface mapping lead to fairer assessments 1/16/2018
Advancing the practice of performance measurement in public organizations : observations from the Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project 4/20/2016
Advertising on municipal property requires guidelines and enforcement 5/9/2011
Affordable forever 12/9/2005
Affordable housing : beyond bricks and mortar 8/21/2001
Affordable housing : building the foundation for a strong community 8/21/2001
After-school programs : cities and school districts work together to serve children 5/19/2008
Age discrimination in employment act exemption for public safety organizations enacted 8/21/2001
age of Aquarius : wetlands take center stage - The 8/20/2001
Aging in place 10/23/2014
Agritourism : an unsung economic gem in New Jersey 8/11/2017
Alcoa, Tennessee : paternalism and 20th century industrial placemaking in a company town 5/13/2005
Alcohol, sex and the city : local regulation of alcohol-serving establishments challenges municipalities 9/8/2004
Alexandria graffiti removal program proving successful 9/4/2007
All else being equal, bigger can be better 8/20/2001
All fires are local 8/20/2001
All of the above : how fiscal, political, and workforce traits affect pension funding 4/17/2014
Alternative for financing a local economic development program 8/20/2001
Alternative revenue sources for local governments 8/21/2001
Alternative revenue sources, part II 8/20/2001
Americans with Disabilities Act, part 1 8/20/2001
Anatomy of a phone search : primary research using the original "online" 3/2/2005
Annexation : everyone counts 8/20/2001
Annexation by informed consent 8/20/2001
Appalachian Regional Commission : the establishment of ARC 8/20/2001
Apply mutual aid to fire investigations 8/20/2001
Applying for jobs online : examining the legality of Internet-based application forms 5/14/2004
Aquifer recharge 11/18/2015
Are subsidies worth it? : how to calculate the costs and benefits of business incentives 8/20/2001
Arvada Volunteer story - The 8/20/2001
Ash generated from municipal incinerator regulated as hazardous waste 8/20/2001
Ask me no questions, tell me no lies : examining the uses and misuses of the polygraph 5/14/2004
Assessing leasehold interests, part 1 8/20/2001
Assessment center approach to police officer selection 8/20/2001
Assessment centers : what's new? 5/14/2004
At the tipping point : has tax increment financing become too much of a good thing? 3/27/2007
Atlanta project : a community-based approach to solving urban problems - The 8/20/2001
Authority crisis, trust and information literacy-- The 10/8/2018
Autonomous vehicles : driving their own future? 7/14/2017
Avoiding liability for police failure to protect 8/20/2001
Baltimore : managing the civics of a "turnaround" community 8/20/2001
Basic provisions for public art contracts 4/8/2015
Beginning with evaluation 8/20/2001
Believe it or not : an unlikely city hopes for a transit comeback 5/29/2007
Benefits and challenges of government social media use 10/5/2018
Best practices for utilizing your municipal attorney 5/20/2013
Better fitness equals less time on scene 8/20/2001
Better managers learn to listen 8/20/2001
better way to fight - A 2/24/2005
Better way to provide services in Charlotte - A 8/20/2001
better welcome mat - A 7/6/2005
Beware and prepare : the government workforce of the future 5/14/2004
Beware the lure of the "strong" mayor : there are two sides to the debate 8/20/2001
Beyond community policing : community justice 8/21/2001
Beyond economics : healthy communities and healthy economies 8/21/2001
Beyond fitness : the case for wellness training 8/20/2001
Beyond lean in 6/9/2016
Beyond the research park 10/18/2010
Bi-state regional approach to marketing - A 8/20/2001
Bicycling means business : bike lanes and other infrastructure draw more cyclists and spur rising property values 1/16/2018
Big plans...small office 2/16/2009
Biofuels balancing act 2/18/2008
Body of work : criteria to consider when selecting a new collection vehicle 1/10/2018
Body-Worn police cameras : separating fact from fiction 8/11/2017
Bonaparte, Iowa, organizes a comprehensive volunteer effort to save its downtown 8/20/2001
Bond banks : a state assistance program that helps reduce new issue borrowing costs 8/20/2001
Boom or boondoggle : pros and cons of the Appalachian Development Highway System 5/13/2004
Boomer crisis : real or perceived? 12/11/2008
Boomer retention 12/6/2007
Born again : downtown revivals offer salvation for cities 8/21/2001
Branch plants : how to pursue them and keep them 8/20/2001
Branching out 7/17/2009
Brand new revenue : communities raise millions of dollars selling the rights to everything from stadium names to historic tours 10/5/2006
Breaking the rules : the transformational leader 8/20/2001
Brentwood overcomes hidden obstacles in road widening project 8/20/2001
Bridge collapse tests Minneapolis risk manager 6/5/2008
Bright idea : cities save money and electricity by converting existing streetlights to LED-- A 1/10/2018
Bringing the news back home : public journalism and rebuilding local communities 8/21/2001
Brown is the new green 1/23/2012
Brushing up on buying street sweepers 5/13/2005
Budget shortfalls, employee compensation, and collective bargaining in local governments 3/30/2012
Budgeting for danger 8/20/2001
Build jobs and tax revenues with smarter municipal slogans 8/20/2012
Building a community coalition for economic development 8/20/2001
Building a statewide car-sharing network 7/27/2009
Building a workplace that values both young and seasoned employees 9/24/2004
Building corporate sector partnerships 8/21/2001
Building for ADA 8/21/2001
Building high calibre city data : a critical tool to drive economic development and inclusive prosperity in cities 1/16/2018
Built skater tough 8/18/2008
Built to burn 8/20/2001
Bureaucracies get glamorous with motion picture industry : the impact of movies 8/20/2001
Burlington county's successful solid waste partnership 3/7/2007
Business incubators : hatching jobs, economic growth 8/20/2001
Business license reforms in Champaign, Illinois 8/21/2001
Cable connection - The 8/20/2001
Calculating the overtime rate under the FLSA 9/23/2011
Calculating your parking needs 12/21/2001
Cameras, an important tool 12/20/2001
Campaign to change form of government from commission to council- manager 8/20/2001
Can privatization help stretch the local dollar? 8/20/2001
Can the Board of Mayor and Aldermen dissolve the Board of Waterworks and Sewerage Commissioners? 8/20/2001
Can two live as cheaply as one? 8/20/2001
Can we measure productivity? 8/20/2001
Canton v. Harris determines standard for training liability cases 8/20/2001
Capital budgeting methodology for a small town 8/20/2001
Capital idea : linking the operating and capital budgets in Rockville, Maryland - A 8/20/2001
Career transitions : an empirical examination of second career of military retirees 3/15/2011
carrot principle : how the best managers use recognition to engage their people, retain talent, and accelerate performance by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton : reviewed by Dana Deem - The 12/14/2016
Format: Book
"how to" grants manual : successful grantseeking techniques for obtaining public and private grants - The 4/9/2003
10 natural laws of successful time and life management : proven strategies for increased productivity and inner peace - The 9/12/2007
10 steps to be a successful manager 10/9/2007
100 best careers in crime fighting : law enforcement, private security, and cyberspace crime detection 8/20/2001
1001 ways to energize employees 2/18/2002
1001 ways to reward employees 2/18/2002
1001 ways to reward employees 7/12/2007
101 sample write-ups for documenting employee performance problems : a guide to progressive discipline & termination 2/18/2002
101 ways to make training active 9/12/2002
1501 ways to reward employees 4/26/2016
1993 cumulative GAAFR supplement 8/20/2001
1996 Tennessee bicentennial celebration : laying foundations - The 8/21/2001
2000 model procurement code for state and local governments-- The 11/14/2007
2004 Pfeiffer annual. Training - The 8/18/2004
2005-2030 Knoxville Regional Long Range Transportation Plan : September 2007 Update 2/16/2015
2007 model code for public infrastructure procurement (MC PIP) 3/13/2015
2012 census of governments. Individual state descriptions 5/27/2014
2013 running for office : Tennessee campaign ethics 2/28/2014
2014 water and wastewater rate survey 7/16/2015
2015-2025 solid waste and materials management plan 5/22/2015
2016 water and wastewater rate survey 7/31/2017
21st century organization : reinventing through reengineering - The 8/21/2001
350 tested strategies to prevent crime : a resource for municipal agencies and community groups 8/20/2001
36 outstanding newsletter designs 8/27/2002
360 [degree] feedback : the powerful new model for employee assessment & performance improvement 8/20/2001
7 levels of change : the guide to innovation in the world's largest corporations - The 8/21/2001
8 ways that parks improve your health 8/18/2014
9-1-1 puzzle : putting all the pieces together - The 8/21/2001
96 great interview questions to ask before you hire 5/25/2016
ABCs of arbitrage : tax rules for investment of bond proceeds by municipalities 5/23/2011
accelerating organization : embracing the human face of change - The 8/21/2001
Accessory dwelling units : issues & options 2/13/2002
Accountability for performance : measurement and monitoring in local government 8/21/2001
Accounting issues and practices : a guide for smaller governments 08/21/2001
Acquiring parks and recreation facilities through mandatory dedication : a comprehensive guide 8/21/2001
Activity-based costing and management : issues and practices in local government 8/21/2001
ADA & the ADA Amendments Act : dealing with disabilities in the workplace 2/18/2009
ADA checklist for existing facilities : based on the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design 5/4/2015
Adding value to libraries, archives, and museums : harnessing the force that drives your organization's future 10/13/2016
Administration of local government debt 8/21/2001
Administration of the small public library 6/24/2004
Administrative guidelines for the building department 10/3/2003
administrative professional : technology & procedures - The 11/11/2016
Adult bullying - a nasty piece of work : translating a decade of research on non-sexual harassment, psychological terror, mobbing, and emotional abuse on the job 8/11/2015
adult learner : the definitive classic in adult education and human resource development - The 4/1/2013
Adults as learners : increasing participation and facilitating learning 8/21/2001
Advanced supervisory practices 8/21/2001
Advanced supervisory practices : administrative procedures and final examination 4/14/2003
Advanced supervisory practices : leader's guide 4/14/2003
Advanced supervisory practices : participant's handbook 4/14/2003
Advanced zoning and land use in Tennessee 10/10/2013
AIDS in the workplace : municipal policies affecting public safety personnel 8/21/2001
Air quality : pollution prevention and mitigation 8/21/2001
Airport noise : a guide to the FAA regulations under the Airport Noise and Capacity Act 8/21/2001
Alcoholic beverage and beer tax guide 6/23/2006
Allardt, a history 2/11/2002
Alternatives in pavement maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction 5/23/2002
America's children : key national indicators of well-being ... 4/5/2018
analysis of civilian residential fire deaths in Tennessee, 2002-2010 - An 8/11/2011
Analysis of pole attachment rate issues in Tennessee 3/3/2010
Analysis of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act - An 8/21/2001
analysis of the fiscal structure of non-income tax states - An 5/23/2002
Anglo-American cataloging rules : prepared under the direction of the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR, a committee of the American Library Association [and others]. 7/12/2017
Animal control management : a guide for local governments 1/30/2002
Animal shelters in Tennessee 5/22/2008
Annexation by Washington cities and towns 2/13/2015
Annexation handbook for cities & towns in Tennessee 8/21/2001
Annexation law reform : a study and proposed amendments for legislative consideration 8/21/2001
Annexation study Meadowbrook subdivision area, McMinnville, Tennessee : a report to the City Council 8/21/2001
Annotations to the Model procurement code for state and local governments, with analytical summary of state enactments 8/21/2001
Annual conference SCOPE Institute 3/22/2002
Applied math for wastewater plant operators 4/28/2004
Applied math for water plant operators 4/28/2004
Applied strategic planning : an introduction 12/12/2011
Are you communicating? : you can't manage without it 5/10/2002
Are you ready? : an in-depth guide to citizen preparedness 2/18/2015
Asbestos operation and maintenance 8/28/2008
Asphalt in pavement maintenance 5/23/2002
Assaults in and around bars 2/14/2002
Assessing the value of low-income housing for property tax purposes : whether and how to consider the value of low-income housing tax credits 3/17/2015
Assessment center trends 4/12/2002
Associated Press stylebook ... and briefing on media law-- The 9/27/2018
Astd handbook for workplace learning professionals 7/10/2008
ASTD handbook: the definitive reference for training & development 7/15/2015
ASTD leadership handbook - The 6/17/2016
Attendance management : Family and Medical Leave Act : guidelines for managing sick leave usage 8/21/2001
Audits of state and local governmental units : with conforming changes as of May 1, 1996 8/21/2001
Avoiding rate shock : making the case for water rates 10/14/2004
Awwa compensation survey : small and medium-sized water and wastewater utilities 8/21/2015
AWWA standard for aluminum sulfate--liquid, ground, or lump 05/12/2004
AWWA standard for disinfection of water-storage facilities 06/02/2003
AWWA standard for disinfection of wells 06/02/2003
AWWA standard for ferric sulfate 05/12/2004
AWWA standard for ferrous sulfate 05/12/2004
AWWA standard for hypochlorites 5/12/2004
AWWA standard for liquid chlorine 05/12/2004
AWWA standard for liquid polyaluminum chloride 05/12/2004
AWWA standard for permanganates 05/12/2004
AWWA standard for quicklime and hydrated lime 05/12/2004
AWWA standard for soda ash 05/12/2004
AWWA standard for sodium flourosilicate 05/12/2004
AWWA standard for sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) 05/12/2004
AWWA water operator field guide 10/25/2004
Banking services : a guide for governments 9/11/2007
Basic activated sludge process control 8/21/2001
Basic code enforcement 9/9/2003
Basic financial statements--and management's discussion and analysis--for state and local governments 8/21/2001
Basic science concepts and applications : principles and practices of water supply operations 10/24/2006
Basic science concepts and applications for wastewater : student workbook 5/8/2013
Becoming a lean library : lessons from the world of technology start-ups 5/25/2016
Benchmarking : a method for achieving superior performance in law enforcement services 8/21/2001
Benchmarking staff performance : how staff departments can enhance their value to the customer 3/18/2002
Benchmarking wastewater treatment plant operations 8/21/2001
Benefits of urban trees : urban and community forestry, improving our quality of life 2/23/2006
Best practices in reengineering : what works and what doesn't in the reengineering process 8/21/2001
Beyond certainty : the changing worlds of organizations 8/21/2001
Beyond data : current uses of comparative performance measurement in local government 3/11/2002
Beyond reengineering : how the process-centered organization is changing our work and our lives 8/21/2001
Beyond the basics of reengineering : survival tactics for the '90s 8/21/2001
Beyond the limits : a law enforcement guide to speed enforcement 8/21/2001
Beyond the Rodney King story : an investigation of police conduct in minority communities 8/21/2001
Beyond the wall of resistance : unconventional strategies that build support for change 8/21/2001
Bidding and award procedures and sample contract documents : public works construction 8/21/2001
big book of business games : icebreakers, creativity exercises, and meeting energizers - The 3/12/2002
big book of icebreakers : 50 quick, fun activities for energizing meetings and workshops - The 3/21/2003
big book of presentation games : wake-em-up tricks, ice breakers, & other fun stuff - The 3/21/2003
BioCycle guide to the art & science of composting - The 5/3/2002
Biodiesel : growing a new energy economy 10/23/2008
Biological effects of surfactants 6/6/2006
Black's law dictionary 08/21/2001
Black's law dictionary 12/21/2004
Black's law dictionary 10/20/2014
Black's law dictionary : definitions of the terms and phrases of American and English jurisprudence, ancient and modern 8/21/2001
Black's law dictionary : definitions of the terms and phrases of American and English jurisprudence, ancient and modern 7/16/2015
bluebook : a uniform system of citation - The 10/17/2014
Bluebook : a uniform system of citation-- The 3/2/2010
Bluebook : a uniform system of citation-- The 12/3/2003
Boards that make a difference : a new design for leadership in nonprofit and public organizations 8/21/2001
Bookkeepers' boot camp : get a grip on accounting basics 8/4/2015
Bookkeeping the easy way 7/21/2010
Boomtown USA : the 7 1/2 keys to big success in small towns 7/19/2005
Brain rules : 12 principles for surviving and thriving at work, home and school 10/5/2018
Break out of the box 8/21/2001
Breaking free : a prescription for personal and organizational change 8/21/2001
brief sketch of the settlement and early history of Giles County, Tennessee - A 8/20/2001
Budget suggestions for 2010 7/28/2009
Budgeting : a guide for local governments 4/24/2002
budgeting guide for local government - A 10/29/2007
Building city council leadership skills : a casebook of models and methods 8/21/2001
Building communities : it's no small chore : public awareness campaign tool kit 11/7/2002
building of TVA : an illustrated history - The 4/24/2002
building official's guide and inspector's guide to codes, forms, and complaints - The 1/4/2012
Building productive teams : an action guide and resource book 8/21/2001
Building quality communities : making local land use decisions by choice and not by chance 2/15/2002
Building the next workforce : results from the 2007 Tennessee community forums 2/21/2008
Built in innovation 8/20/2001
Burnout in blue : managing the police marginal performer 8/21/2001
Business @ the speed of thought : succeeding in the digital economy 8/21/2001
Business communication today 11/11/2016
Business process improvement : the breakthrough strategy for total quality, productivity, and competitiveness 8/21/2001
Cafeteria plans 125/COBRA in Tennessee 4/13/2004
can-do manager : how to get your employees to take risks, take action, and get things done - The 8/21/2001
Capital improvement programming : a guide for smaller governments 09/12/2013
carrot principle : how the best managers use recognition to engage their people, retain talent, and accelerate performance - The 1/4/2017
Format: Vertical File
"shoestring" municipal reference library - The 6/25/2004
"The forum may be open, but we don't want to listen to you" : employee comments at government meetings 10/18/2004
10 habits of highly effective councils 3/9/2004
10 steps : ten steps to maintain critical wastewater services and protect public health in an emergency 8/8/2006
111 secrets to smarter grantsmanship 8/20/2001
1982 World's Fair - The 7/7/2004
1994-1995 solid waste management legislation in southern states : prepared for the Conference of Southern County Associations 8/20/2001
2005 transportation plan for Blount County 8/20/2001
23 cubic yard barrel type leaf, grass, and refuse collector 9/30/2004
5 qualities of collaborative leaders and how communities benefit - The 7/23/2010
50 bucks won't stop the bad guys! : protect your community, vote yes on question 2 9/13/2007
511 concept design and implementation plan : technology evaluation and prototypes 4/13/2004
9-1-1 center operations : challenges and opportunities 7/30/2004
a-b-c's of parliamentary procedure - The 7/13/2004
Ability of county to use property tax revenues to contribute to non-profit organizations 8/19/2009
Access : making your community Internet-ready 8/3/2005
Accommodations for disabled workers 6/25/2007
Accountability : government and the press 8/20/2001
Accountability in local government-nonprofit relationships 8/18/2003
act to create the Dickson County Water Authority and an act to substitute the language "Water Authority of Dickson County" - An 3/8/2007
Activity-based management for service, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations 8/21/2001
Actuarial valuation and special actuarial services for the consolidated City of Jacksonville pension funds 10/21/2004
Ad hoc annexation committee information 2/26/2003
Administration agreement TPA-health : [sample agreement] 8/21/2001
Administrative services agreement 5/28/2004
Adult business study 3/27/2003
Adult entertainment : a planning (and legal) dilemma 3/27/2003
adult use opens in your community, now what do you do? - An 3/27/2003
Affordable telecommunication networks for local government 11/16/2004
Agenda guidelines : City of Fontana, California 4/8/2004
Agreement and purchase option agreement for purchase of land for industrial purposes 10/19/2004
Agreement between City of Germantown and C. Thomas Cates 3/6/2003
Agreement between Collegedale and Chattanooga for a sewage system 10/29/2004
Agreement between Cumberland County, Tennessee and Crab Orchard, Tennessee for certain law enforcement and judicial functions 8/21/2001
Agreement between the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County and the City of LaVergne, Tennessee, to accept and treat sewage flows 1/6/2014
Agreement between the Robertson County Emergency Medical Service and the Ridgetop Fire Department : a first responder unit operating within the service area of Ridgetop and surrounding areas for the c 8/21/2001
agreement for demolition of real property - An 3/26/2004
Agreement for engineering services 2/22/2008
Agreement for fire service between the City of Red Boiling Springs and Macon County 8/21/2001
Agreement for professional services between the Inter-Local Solid Waste Authority and Neel-Schaffer, Inc 8/21/2001
Agreement for professional services of a consulting firm with expertise in the design and construction of sanitary and/or demolition landfills 10/21/2004
Agreement for the operation and management of the sanitary sewer collection system of the Town of Unicoi, Tennessee 7/17/2007
Agreement to enter into payment in lieu of tax agreement 7/13/2004
Agreement to establish interlocal solid waste authority 2/12/2004
Agreement to provide a public pound 2/14/2003
Air installations compatible use zone 2/11/2003
Airport / fixed base operator's liability policy 2/12/2003
Airport lease 2/12/2003
Airport management contract Springfield-Robertson County airport 8/21/2001
Airport noise regulations 2/11/2003
Airport rules and regulations 2/11/2003
Airport tenant's lease agreement (sample) 2/12/2003
Alarm management and preventing false alarms 11/24/2014
Alcohol availability and alcohol-related crime 8/21/2001
All-America city award : application and instructions 8/21/2001
All-America city award : winners & finalists 3/6/2003
Alternative fuels : what you need to know 4/22/2004
Alternative fuels : what you need to know 04/22/2004
Alternative procurement strategies for construction 12/7/2005
Alternative sewers : a good option for many communities 2/8/2005
Amended and restated charter of the industrial development board of the Town of Collierville, Tennessee 2/4/2005
Amended lease agreement 8/6/2010
Amendments adopted by limited constitutional convention 5/24/2004
analysis of fire service alternatives - An 8/21/2001
analysis of the effects of SOBs on the surrounding neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas - An 3/27/2003
Animal shelter agreement 8/21/2001
Annexation agreements 8/21/2001
Annexation and the fiscal fate of cities 10/4/2006
Annexation by municipalities in Tennessee of utility districts as affected by Farmers Home Administration loans 2/28/2003
Another look at mobile homes 8/21/2009
Answers to your most frequently asked questions about TVA 12/9/2004
Anti-predatory lending ordinances 5/15/2008
Application for adult entertainment license, City of Chattanooga, Tennessee 2/5/2004
Application for adult entertainment permit, City of Chattanooga, Tennessee 2/5/2004
Applying city zoning and building code regulations to county buildings 3/28/2007
appropriation ordinance for the City of Brentwood, Tennessee for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2002 and ending June 30, 2003 - An 9/27/2004
Arbor day--a celebration of stewardship 8/21/2001
Archival standards for computer output microfilm (COM) for archival retention 7/1/2005
Are we there yet? : travel times in Tennessee 6/14/2011
art of using performance and cost data - The 10/7/2011
Asbestos : problems and solutions 3/19/2003
Asbestos waste mangement guidance 3/19/2003
ASCAP License agreement : local government entities 10/4/2002
Assisting cities in doing their homework : why cable needs assessments, technology planning, and feasibility studies are important 10/18/2004
Authority of board of public utilities 8/19/2009
Automated budgeting decision support systems 8/3/2005
Avoiding litigation through careful contract drafting and attentive project administration - myth or reality? 2/2/2007
basics of a good road - The 8/21/2001
Be part of the 1982 World's Fair 7/7/2004
Bed and breakfast 2/25/2005
Beer permit applications from Tennessee cities 3/18/2003
Beer permits from Tennessee cities 3/18/2003
Benchmarking : achieving superior performance in fire and emergency medical services 8/20/2001
Benchmarking for results 10/1/2015
benefits of fluoride - The 4/28/2006
Bethel Valley industrial park 5/28/2004
Beyond city limits : cross-system collaboration to reengage disconnected youth 5/15/2008
Bicycle parking facilities : available products, and how to evaluate them 3/11/2003
Bid package for brush and wood waste processing 10/5/2004
Bid package for Tacoma Municipal Building janitorial services 3/19/2003
Bid packages from Johnson City, Tennessee 3/11/2003
Bid recommendation rental uniforms 1/30/2006
Bid submittal for street sweeping services contract 11/22/2004
Bidding on service delivery : public-private competition 8/21/2001
Bird sanctuaries 3/17/2003
Blackbird roost control 4/29/2004
blizzard of '93 : opportunities in the eye of the storm : a management report to the Board of Commissioners - The 8/21/2001
Boat ramps and transient moorage : construction guidelines 8/21/2001
Boating facilities 8/21/2001
Book of memories of Philadelphia by Philadelphians 6/23/2006
brief summary of the proposed metropolitan charter for Knox County and Knoxville - A 2/20/2004
Broadband access : local government roles 5/7/2004
Broadband presentation Tennessee Municipal League 6/28/2007
Brush chipper specifications 9/30/2004
Brush, leaf, and trash collection system 8/21/2001
budget as a communication tool - The 3/21/2007
Budgeting for outcomes : better results for the price of government 6/22/2005
Buffer design and maintenance manual for visual buffers : as required by Section 8-3055 of the Zoning Ordinance for the City of Savannah 8/21/2001
Build a successful volunteer program to drive growth and recovery 5/24/2010
Build it and they will come : developing stadiums and recruiting professional sports teams 8/21/2001
Building a festival : a framework for organizers 8/21/2001
Building a financially resilient government through long-term financial planning 11/17/2009
Building the leadership pipeline 4/18/2006
Bulletproof RFPs 11/4/2003
Business in Gatlinburg begins here 3/27/2003
By-laws of Sevier Solid Waste, Inc. 8/21/2001
Bylaws of the industrial development board of the Town of Morristown 5/28/2004
Cable local emergency alert systems 10/18/2004
Cable television consumer protection and customer service standards 11/20/2003
Calculating equity-neutral water and sewer impact fees 8/21/2001
Calculating pavement costs 8/15/2003
Calculating your maximum recycling potential 6/5/2015
Campaign financial disclosure guidelines : (includes campaign financial disclosure law and campaign finance rules) 8/21/2001
Canine team policy 8/21/2001
Capital budgeting in Louisiana's local governments 8/21/2001
Carson City : the "consolidated municipality," a unique institution 5/11/2004
Format: Video
1099 information reporting [videorecording] : a compliance guide for state and local governments 8/20/2001
Alcohol compliance checks [videorecording] : a procedures manual for enforcing alcohol age-of-sale laws 8/26/2002
Are we delivering on the promises of community policing? [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Beyond the bench [videorecording] 8/21/2001
Blueprint for a safe community [videorecording] : how to make your community a safer and better place to live 8/23/2002
Building support for increasing user fees [videorecording] : the Les B. Frank show 8/21/2001
Format: CD-ROM
2003 International codes [electronic resource] : the complete collection, version 2.5 5/26/2005
2006 International codes [electronic resource] : the complete collection, version 1.0 6/13/2006
2006 Transforming local government conference [electronic resource] : applying system thinking to local government 3/7/2008
2009 International codes [electronic resource] : the complete collection, version 1.0 1/22/2015
2012 International codes [electronic resource] : complete 15 collection 5/23/2014
2012-2013 Fire training drills and SOP's courtesy of International Society of Fire Service Instructors [electronic resource] 6/20/2013
Active living and healthy eating toolkit [electronic resource] 12/1/2006
Basics of environmental systems management [electronic resource] 7/7/2011
Format: Serial
academy : training today, to lead tomorrow [electronic resource] - The 9/1/2015
Accountability for funding education in Tennessee : a report to the ... General Assembly (HJR 191) 8/21/2001
ADA compliance guide [electronic resource] 3/24/2009
AELE monthly law summaries [electronic resource] 6/3/2003
Alabama municipal journal - The 6/3/2003
American city & county 6/3/2003
American libraries 3/10/2003
Annual utility rate survey 8/21/2001
Appalachia : journal of the Appalachian Regional Commission 6/3/2003
APWA reporter 2/28/2003
ARC news 6/4/2003
ARC news online [electronic resource] 7/5/2011
ARCUser : the magazine for ESRI software users 3/3/2017
Around the state 9/25/2003
Associated codes and standards - The 8/21/2001
AWWA mainstream 6/4/2003
AWWA sourcebook : the official resource guide to water industry products and services 12/13/2005
AWWA streamlines [electronic resource] 3/13/2009
Awwa utility benchmarking : performance management for water and wastewater 8/4/2017
BERC [electronic resource] 6/2/2011
BioCycle 6/4/2003
BOCA national property maintenance code - The 12/10/2001
Branching out 5/11/2006
Branching out [electronic resource] 4/2/2009
bridge [electronic resource] - The 5/20/2014
Budget : Fiscal year ... 12/13/2001
Building safety bulletin : the newsletter of the ICC 9/7/2004
Building safety journal 10/7/2003
Building safety journal [electronic resource] 11/2/2009
Building safety month eNews [electronic resource] 6/2/2011
CABO one and two family dwelling code : under the nationally recognized model codes 8/21/2001
CALEA update 6/4/2003
Capitol update [electronic resource] 4/6/2009
Format: Ordinance
Annexation of property into city 8/20/2001
Format: DVD
Asked and answered [videorecording] : your wage and hour questions 6/20/2012
At the city council meeting [videorecording] 6/8/2011
Breaking down the language barrier [videorecording] : translating limited English proficiency into practice 9/30/2009
Cancer in the workplace [videorecording] : offering hope and support 3/29/2007