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Director of Finance

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Reviewed Date: August 17, 2017

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Hardy, Pat
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Dec 6, 2002


Director of Finance

Job description for the position of Director of Finance.

Knowledgebase-Director of Finance Pigeon Forge Job Description
Director of Finance


Under the general administrative direction of the City Manager this position directs the financial activities of the City in budgeting, accounting, purchasing, tax collections, etc. Work is supervised and evaluated by the City Manager.


The employee will operate a computer, calculator, fax and copy machines, and other modern office equipment.
The employee typically works indoors in an office environment. The employee may be required to lift objects such as journals and reports.


Confers, coordinates, plans and provides support for the City Manager, department heads, and other employees on various financial and administrative matters.
Understand the standards of internal control required by state law and assist the City Manager and department heads to develop, document, implement and monitor the City’s internal control system.
Plans, organizes and directs operations in the areas of accounting, budgeting and capital budgeting, reporting, purchasing, tax collection, and other financial activities.
Oversees preparation of the annual budget and capital budget for all funds, and assists department heads with estimates. Makes budgetary recommendations. Prepares the appropriation ordinance and related documents.
Generates accurate reports in a user-friendly format so that department heads can financially manage their departments and activities.
Manages and evaluates subordinates.
Administers grants, including required record-keeping, financial records, reporting, etc.
Formulates and oversees the City's investment program.
Makes effective oral and written presentations to City Council as required.
Helps assure that all financial operations are performed in compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws, as well as with generally accepted governmental accounting principles and nationally recognized governmental best practices.


Recommends and implements, at the direction of the City Manager, changes in financial policies and procedures for various departments.
Tracks financial trends and develops financial recommendations based on such.
Monitors the financial policies and procedures of City departments and operations, making recommendations for revision when appropriate.
Helps keep abreast of available grants. May write or assist with the writing of grants for a variety of departments.


Extensive knowledge of the principles and practices of modern municipal accounting, budgeting and finance, including capital budgeting, cost containment, investment management, cash control, intergovernmental cooperation, and the regulatory/legal environment of municipal organizations.
Ability to analyze financial trends and needs organizational based on finance data.
Ability to instill a sense of customer service and responsiveness throughout the Finance Department
Must have outstanding oral and written communication and presentation skills.
Must possess excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
Extensive knowledge of modern management principles and practices.


Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Finance, or closely related field; Master’s degree preferred. CPA and/or Certified Government Finance Officer preferred.
Five to seven years of progressively responsible managerial positions in accounting and financial management required. Similar experience in the public sector preferred.
If qualifications do not meet the exemption criteria of the Municipal Finance Officer Certification (CMFO) and Education Act of 2007 (the Act), the director must enroll and successfully completed the CMFO education program and obtain certification from the State of Tennessee. The maximum length of time allowed to obtain the certification is dictated by the state policies and procedures of the Act.


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