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Community Improvements Coordinator

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Reviewed Date: May 09, 2017

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Sep 24, 2002

Community development

Community Improvements Coordinator

Job description for the position of Community Improvements Coordinator.

Knowledgebase-Community Improvements Coordinator



The employee is responsible for preparing applications for grant assistance and directing all projects and programs for community block grant. Duties also include other support services relating to administrating community improvement programs under the supervision of the City Administrator. Instructions to the employee are general and the employee must consider different courses of action, and sometimes deviate f rom standard operating procedures. Independent judgement is required.


The employee will operate a light duty vehicle.
The employee also will operate a computer, fax machine, copier and other modern office equipment.
Work performed is both indoors and outdoors and may require work outside in cold weather.
The employee will be exposed to loud noise, dust, dirt and may be exposed to tobacco smoke.


Assists in preparing the necessary paper work for application of infrastructure facility grants.
Prepares applications for community improvement grants.
Prepares bids specifications relating to community improvements.
Performs cost estimates for each house and prepares a write-up for each project outlining work to be done and estimated costs.
Inspects work throughout construction to insure compliance with standards.
Works with lawyers on release forms and consultant engineers in setting up procedures and form.
Inspects houses and determines priority ranking by evaluating such factors as age, facility needs, cost, etc.
Must establish and maintain an effective working relationship with contractors and the public.

(Any one position may not include all of the listed duties or duties which may be performed.)

Verifies the applicants information through follow-up inquiries with banks, employers, creditors, etc.
Verifies information and checks reputation of contractors for the purpose of approving them for contracting.
Assists applicants for housing rehabilitation in preparing all necessary paper work.


Knowledge of goals and objectives of housing rehabilitation project.
Knowledge of basic Federal forms for this type program.
Knowledge of building materials and contractor cost estimations.
Knowledge of methods used in research, evaluation, development and implementation of projects.
Ability to assist in preparation of applications.
Ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and convincingly in writing.
Ability to make cost estimates effectively.
Ability to develop required plans and reports.
Ability to coordinate, collect, and analyze data.
Ability to read and understand construction plans and blueprints.


Valid driver's license in State of Tennessee.
High School diploma or equivalent.
Some experience where a general knowledge of housing construction and/or government housing construction programs can be obtained.
Must pass drug screen by licensed physician.
Must meet City's "Weight Control Policy."

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