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"Barry Brady Act" : a report with recommendations for Tennessee municipalities on Public Chapter 490

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Reviewed Date: February 17, 2020

Original Author: 
Cross, Steven
Ashburn, Melissa
Hodge, Elisha
Stokes, Richard
Wolf, Dennis
Date Created: 
Oct 5, 2019

Personnel--Health and safety

"Barry Brady Act" : a report with recommendations for Tennessee municipalities on Public Chapter 490

An MTAS report with recommendations regarding the implementation of the 2019 "Barry Brady Act." The Barry Brady Act or Public Chapter 490 amends T.C.A. § 7-51-201 by adding subsection (d) which outlines specific types of cancers that are presumed to have been acquired as the result of employment in the fire service and the eligibility requirements for firefighters seeking to be covered by the presumption. This public chapter outlines specific employment, pre-employment, and annual medical monitoring that a firefighter must undergo in order to be covered by the presumption.

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