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Recent Knowledgebase Articles

Freedom to Protest: Guidance for Managing Demonstrations in Tennessee Towns and Cities

MTAS guidance on freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and how to handle demonstrations. This is a video resource. (Created June 25, 2020; 7:07 minutes in length)

Longevity Pay Benefits in Selected Tennessee Cities

A survey of selected cities regarding whether they offer a longevity pay benefits and details on how that is provided.

Town of Mount Carmel Certified Municipal Finance Officer Job Description

Job description for the position of Certified Municipal Finance Officer for the Town of Mount Carmel, Tennessee.

Building Inspectors in Selected Tennessee Cities

A survey of selected cities regarding whether they have a building inspector on staff, and if not, do they contract for those services.

Clean Cab Concept SOP Template

The purpose of this form is to provide guidelines for all fire department members to follow which will assist fire department personnel in protecting themselves from potential toxins and carcinogens by minimizing exposure from cross contamination through maintaining a "clean cab" environment.

Personal Safety for Fire Investigators

A standard operating guideline is recommended for all fire investigators or those involved in the duties of fire and explosion scene investigations.

Chainsaw Use Standard Operating Procedure Template

Dennis Wolf created this template for Tennessee fire departments to use for training firefighters to use a chainsaw in the course of their work.

A Short Review of Water and Wastewater Rates and Fees

A review of important variables that influence the setting of rates and fees associated with water and wastewater services in Tennessee municipalities.

Water System Capacity Development--Business Plan (Financial Self-Assessment Manual)

A worksheet for water systems to assess their financial situation through looking at income versus expenses over a three year period. This document was developed by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Water Supply. It is available here as a supplement to the MTAS guide titled "A Short Review of Water and Wastewater Rates and Fees."

Use of Hydrogen Peroxide for Coronavirus Disinfection

MTAS received an inquiry about the use of hydrogen peroxide as a disinfecting agent for the coronavirus as an option to bleach because of bleach’s corrosive potential and irritating odor. MTAS researched this question and provides the following information. MTAS does not recommend or endorse any product, and the products mentioned here are for illustration only. MTAS recommends that municipalities do their own research and select products and procedures that meet local needs.