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Municipal Code - Shelbyville

Ordinance Adoption Procedures: 
Title 1. Administration, Officers, and Personnel: 
Title 2. Alcoholic Beverages: 
Title 3. Animals and Fowls: 
Title 4. Building, Utility, and Housing Codes: 
Title 5. Businesses, Professions, and Occupations: 
Title 6. Finance and Taxation: 
Title 7. Fire Protection, Fireworks, and Explosives: 
Title 8. Health and Sanitation: 
Title 9. Motor Vehicles and Traffic: 
Title 10. Offenses – Miscellaneous: 
Title 11. Planning and Zoning: 
Title 12. Streets and Other Public Ways and Places: 
Title 13. Utilities and Services: 
Title 14. Zoning and Land Use Control: 
Title 15. Motor Vehicles, Traffic and Parking: 
Title 16. Streets and Sidewalks, etc.: 
Title 17. Refuse and Trash Disposal: 
Title 18. Water and Sewers: 
Title 19. Electricity & Gas: 
Title 20. Miscellaneous: 
Title 21. Code of Ethics: