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Elected and Appointed City Officials

This page contains a listing of elected and appointed city officials, department heads, and city attorneys for Tennessee. Information may be updated by utilizing the 'Request an Update to this Information' link on each individual's record or by contacting Michelle Buckner (865.974.9851).

Adams Ms. Mary Mantooth Mayor
Adams Mr. Wayne Evans Vice Mayor
Adams Mr. Nathan Hunt City Attorney
Adams Ms. Dawn Ray City Recorder
Adams Mr. Billy Vogle Water Superintendent
Adams Ms. Lisa Jernigan City Clerk
Adams Chief Ray Brown Fire Chief
Adams Mr. Will David Goodman Commissioner
Adamsville Mr. David Leckner Mayor
Adamsville Mrs. Lee Winters Vice Mayor
Adamsville Mr. Ted Hughes Parks and Recreation Director
Adamsville Judge Terry Wood City Judge
Adamsville Mr. Ken Seaton City Attorney
Adamsville Mr. Harold Cagle Purchasing Agent
Adamsville Mr. Steve Simon City Administrator
Adamsville Mr. Paul W. Plunk Public Works Director
Adamsville Ms. Jamie Holmes City Court Clerk
Adamsville Ms. Kara Hill City Recorder
Adamsville Chief Kenny Newell Fire Chief
Adamsville Mr. Daniel Vandiver Assistant Police Chief
Adamsville Chief Jerry Christopher Police Chief
Adamsville Mr. Mark Massey Commissioner
Adamsville Mr. Jackie Hamm Commissioner
Adamsville Mr. Matt Wood Commissioner
Adamsville Judge Terry Wood City Attorney
Adamsville Judge Terry Wood City Attorney
Adamsville Judge Terry Wood City Attorney
Alamo Mr. John A. Emison Mayor
Alamo Mr. Joe Jones Emergency Mgmt Director
Alamo Judge Paul Conley City Judge
Alamo Chief Timmy Williams Fire Chief
Alamo Mr. Randy Camp Town Attorney
Alamo Ms. Marcy Laxton City Clerk
Alamo Mr. Jake Nichols Director of Schools
Alamo Ms. Rita Reasons Assistant City Court Clerk
Alamo Ms. Amanda Harris City Court Clerk
Alamo Chief Jim N. Knox Police Chief
Alamo Mr. John L. Reddick Alderman
Alamo Mr. Larry Conder Alderman
Alamo Mr. Kenneth Bodkins Alderman
Alamo Mr. P. B. Conley Alderman
Alcoa Mr. Donald R. Mull Mayor
Alcoa Mr. Odis C. Abbott, Jr. Vice Mayor
Alcoa Mr. Mark Ross Wastewater Manager
Alcoa Chief David Carswell Police Chief
Alcoa Kelly Hembree Solid Waste Manager
Alcoa Ms. Barbara Stinnett Executive Secretary
Alcoa Ms. Bethany Hamel Police Court Clerk
Alcoa K.C. Williams Library Director
Alcoa Judge Allen Bray City Judge
Alcoa Mr. Mark L. Johnson City Manager
Alcoa Mr. Joe Huff Parks and Recreation Director
Alcoa Ms. Melissa Thompson Human Resources Director
Alcoa Chief Roger Robinson Fire Chief
Alcoa Ms. Susan Gennoe City Recorder
Alcoa Ms. Patricia Tipton Public Information Officer
Alcoa Mr. Bill Hammon Assistant City Manager
Alcoa Mr. Gary Holloway Building Inspector
Alcoa Mr. Kenny Wiggins Public Services Director
Alcoa Ms. Stephanie D. Coleman City Attorney
Alcoa Mr. Jeremy Pearson City Planner
Alcoa Mr. Shane Creasy Information Systems Director
Alcoa Dr. Brian Bell School Superintendent
Alcoa Mr. Jim Buchanan Commissioner
Alcoa Mr. Vaughn Belcher Commissioner
Alcoa Mr. Ken White Commissioner
Alcoa Mr. Joe Huff Parks and Recreation Director
Alexandria Mr. Bennett Armstrong Mayor
Alexandria Mr. Vester Parsley City Attorney
Alexandria Mr. Randy York Water Superintendent
Alexandria Mr. Marvin Smith Wastewater Manager
Alexandria Ms. Stacey Baker City Recorder/CMFO
Alexandria Ms. Jessica Cripps City Court Clerk
Alexandria Mr. Mark Fish Street Superintendent
Alexandria Chief Brian Partridge Fire Chief
Alexandria Chief Chris Russell Police Chief
Alexandria Judge Angel Kane City Judge
Alexandria Mr. Tony Tarpley Alderman
Alexandria Mr. John Suggs Alderman
Alexandria Ms. Angela Chapman Alderman
Alexandria Mr. Pat Jackson Alderman
Algood Mr. Kirk Dyer Mayor
Algood Ms. Carolyn Norris Vice Mayor
Algood Brooklyn Walker Utility Clerk
Algood Mr. Keith Morrison City Administrator
Algood Mr. Rick Poston Accountant
Algood Mr. Lewis Bryant Building Inspector
Algood Mr. Jimmy Hailey City Engineer
Algood Ms. Kaitlin Herren Utility Clerk
Algood Chief Victor Jones Public Works Director
Algood Mr. Daniel H. Rader, IV City Attorney
Algood Ms. Ann Flatt City Recorder
Algood Chief Bryant Swallows Acting Police Chief
Algood Judge Jeffrey Bass City Judge
Algood Mr. Luke Hill Councilmember
Algood Mr. Justin Grant Councilmember
Algood Mr. Bill Bilbrey Councilmember
Allardt Mr. Larry Moles Mayor
Allardt Mr. Ronnie Anderson Public Works Director
Allardt Mr. Phillip Gernt Parks and Recreation Director
Allardt Chief Larry Cooper Fire Chief
Allardt Ms. Robin Terry City Clerk
Allardt Ms. Marilyn J. Beaty City Recorder
Allardt Mr. Dawson Fitzgerald Alderman
Allardt Ms. Patricia "Pat" Brown Clark Alderwoman
Allardt Ms. Dawnna Dawson Alderwoman
Allardt Mr. Thomas H. Potter Alderman
Altamont Mrs. Jana L. Barrett Mayor
Altamont Mr. Russell Mainord City Attorney
Altamont Chief Jake Broadway Fire Chief
Altamont Mrs. Wendy Bess City Recorder
Altamont Mr. Johnny Dickerson Alderman
Altamont Mr. James Walker Alderman
Altamont Mr. Jody Campbell Alderman
Altamont Ms. Penny Sons Alderman
Ardmore Mr. Tim McConnell Mayor
Ardmore Chief Tim Toone Fire Chief
Ardmore Mr. Terry Barkley Public Works Director
Ardmore Judge Joe Fowlkes City Judge
Ardmore Mr. Verlin Collins Library Director
Ardmore Ms. Mary Prier City Recorder
Ardmore Chief James Kennedy Police Chief
Ardmore Ms. Lorie Hardiman City Court Clerk
Ardmore Mr. Joe Henry, Jr. City Attorney
Ardmore Mr. Raymond Crabtree Alderman
Ardmore Mr. Wayne Harvell Alderman
Ardmore Mr. Paul VanManen Alderman
Ardmore Mr. Joe Stagner Alderman
Ardmore Mr. Garon Hargrove Alderman
Ardmore Mr. Ken Crosson Alderman
Arlington Mr. Mike Wissman Mayor
Arlington Mr. Harry McKee Vice Mayor
Arlington Mr. Charles R. Perkins City Attorney
Arlington Mr. Kevin Carter Park Director
Arlington Mr. Terry Perkins Public Works Director
Arlington Ms. Brittney Owens Town Recorder
Arlington Ms. Catherine Durant Town Administrator/CMFO
Arlington Chief Jim Harvill Fire Chief
Arlington Mr. Jim McMillen Assistant Fire Chief
Arlington Ms. Angela Reeder Town Planner
Arlington Mr. Gilbert Rivera Wastewater Department Director
Arlington Ms. Cheryl Pardue Alderman
Arlington Mr. Oscar Brooks, Sr. Alderman
Arlington Mr. Larry Harmon Alderman
Arlington Mr. Jeremy Biggs Alderman
Arlington Mr. Jeff McKee Alderman
Ashland City Mr. Richard A. Johnson Mayor
Ashland City Mr. Steve Allen Vice Mayor
Ashland City Mr. Chris Cherry Public Works Director
Ashland City Mr. Tony Young Parks and Recreation Director
Ashland City Ms. Anita Justice City Court Clerk
Ashland City Chief Marc Coulon Police Chief
Ashland City Ms. Jennifer F. Noe City Attorney
Ashland City Ms. Melissa Womack Senior Center Director
Ashland City Mr. Brian Stinson Building and Codes Officer
Ashland City Ms. Kellie Reed City Recorder/CMFO
Ashland City Chief Chuck Walker Fire Chief
Ashland City Judge James W. Stinnett, Jr. City Judge
Ashland City Ms. Lisa Walker Alderman
Ashland City Mr. Roger Jackson Alderman
Ashland City Mr. Jimmy Gill Alderman
Ashland City Ms. Alwilda Binkley Alderman
Ashland City Mr. Gary Norwood Alderman
Ashland City Ms. Jennifer F. Noe City Attorney
Athens Mr. Chuck T. Burris Mayor
Athens Mr. John Coker Vice Mayor
Athens Mr. Michael Keith Finance Director
Athens Ms. Gayle Petitt Code Enforcement Officer
Athens Dr. Melanie Miller Director of Schools
Athens Mr. Chris Trew City Attorney
Athens Judge Trey Winder City Judge
Athens Ms. April Johnston Street Superintendent
Athens Mr. Anthony Casteel Community Development Director
Athens Ms. Nina Edmonds Human Resources Director
Athens Ms. Jill Davis Wastewater Manager
Athens Chief Clifton "Cliff" Couch Police Chief
Athens Ms. Amy Arnwine City Court Clerk
Athens Mr. Austin Fesmire Parks and Recreation Director
Athens Mr. Matthew Gravley Building Inspector
Athens Ms. Leslie McKee City Clerk
Athens Mr. Eric Newberry Utility Manager
Athens Ms. Amber Cross Records Clerk
Athens Chief James B. Dyer Fire Chief
Athens Mr. C. Seth Sumner City Manager
Athens Ms. Yvonne Raper Councilmember
Athens Dr. Dick Pelley Councilmember
Athens Mr. William B. Perkinson Councilmember
Atoka Mr. W. Daryl Walker Mayor
Atoka Mrs. Kristen L. Doty Town Court Clerk
Atoka Judge David L. Douglas City Judge
Atoka Mr. Brian Koral Town Administrator
Atoka Mr. Cliff Evans Parks and Recreation Director
Atoka Chief Jessie Poole Police Chief
Atoka Ms. Kasey A. Culbreath Town Attorney
Atoka Chief Henry Posey Fire Chief
Atoka Mr. Daniel Lovett Public Works Director
Atoka Ms. Debbie Pickard Town Recorder
Atoka Mr. Mike Joyner Alderman
Atoka Mr. Darry Marshall Alderman
Atoka Mr. Danny Feldmayer Alderman
Atoka Mr. Walker Adams Alderman
Atoka Mr. Barry Akin Alderman
Atoka Mr. Brett Gianinni Alderman
Atoka Judge David L. Douglas City Judge
Atwood Mr. James Halford, Sr. Mayor
Atwood Mr. James E. Marshall City Recorder
Atwood Mr. Stephen L. Hughes City Attorney
Atwood Chief Tim Robinson Fire Chief
Atwood Mr. Ricky Long Alderman
Atwood Mr. Jimmy Halford Alderman
Atwood Mr. L.N. McNabb, Jr. Alderman
Atwood Mr. Jim Lewis Alderman
Auburntown Mr. Roger Turney Mayor
Auburntown Chief Chris Singleton Fire Chief
Auburntown Mr. Dale Peterson City Attorney
Auburntown Ms. Janice Fletcher Alderman
Auburntown Ms. Rita Davis Alderman
Auburntown Mr. Dean Nichols Alderman
Auburntown Ms. Denise Crowell Alderman
Auburntown Chief Chris Blackburn Alderman
Auburntown Ms. Tina Fletcher Alderman
Baileyton Mr. Thomas Casteel Mayor
Baileyton Mr. Kenneth Bailey Vice Mayor
Baileyton Chief Brad Ball Fire Chief
Baileyton Judge Linda Woolsey City Judge
Baileyton Chief Joshua Ferguson Police Chief
Baileyton Mr. Jason Smith Street Superintendent
Baileyton Ms. Barbara Tilson City Recorder/CMFO
Baileyton Mr. Danny Neely Wastewater Manager
Baileyton Mr. Kidwell King, Jr. City Attorney
Baileyton Mr. Chris Weems Alderman
Baileyton Mr. J. D. Sensabaugh Alderman
Baileyton Mr. Kyle D. Carter Alderman
Baileyton Mr. Kidwell King, Jr. City Attorney
Baileyton Judge Linda Woolsey City Judge
Baileyton Judge Linda Woolsey City Judge
Baneberry Mr. J. Clint Hurley Mayor
Baneberry Ms. Donna Hernandez Vice Mayor
Baneberry Ms. Judy Keane Planning Director
Baneberry Chief James "Donny" Williford Fire Chief
Baneberry Mr. Mike Blair City Recorder
Baneberry Mr. Tom Jones Building Official
Baneberry Mr. Doug Drinnon City Attorney
Baneberry Chief Willian N. Kain Police Chief
Baneberry Mr. Brian Metzger Commissioner
Baneberry Mr. Doug Drinnon Town Attorney
Baneberry Mr. Doug Drinnon City Attorney
Bartlett Mr. A. Keith McDonald Mayor
Bartlett Mr. Jack Young Vice Mayor
Bartlett Chief Gary Rikard Police Chief
Bartlett Mr. Ted Archdeacon Personnel Director
Bartlett Mr. Kevin Franz Information Technology Manager
Bartlett Mr. Bill Yearwood Public Works Director
Bartlett Mr. Tommy Gately Assistant Fire Chief
Bartlett Judge Dan Brown Division II Judge
Bartlett Mr. Jim Brown Code Enforcement Officer
Bartlett Mr. Dick Phebus Finance Director
Bartlett Mr. Ed McKenney, Jr. City Attorney
Bartlett Mr. Michael Goldberg Recreation Center Facility Manager
Bartlett Mr. Bill Lloyd City Court Clerk
Bartlett Mr. Mark S. Brown CAO/CFO
Bartlett Ms. Stefanie McGee City Clerk
Bartlett Mr. Rick McClanahan City Engineer
Bartlett Chief Terry Wiggins Fire Chief
Bartlett Mr. Michael Bollinger Performing Arts Director
Bartlett Mr. Terry Emerick Planning Director
Bartlett Judge Timothy J. Francavilla Division I Judge
Bartlett Mr. Matt Crenshaw Wastewater Manager
Bartlett Mr. Tommy Gately Assistant Fire Chief
Bartlett Mrs. Jeanie Underwood Administrative Assistant to the Mayor
Bartlett Mr. Wade Towles Assistant City Engineer
Bartlett Ms. Shan Criswell Parks and Recreation Director
Bartlett Mr. W. C. Pleasant Alderman
Bartlett Ms. Paula Sedgwick Alderman
Bartlett Mrs. Emily Elliott Alderman
Bartlett Mr. Bobby Simmons Alderman
Bartlett Mr. David Parsons Alderman
Baxter Mr. John Martin Mayor
Baxter Judge David Bush City Judge
Baxter Chief Matt White Fire Chief
Baxter Chief Danny N. Holmes Police Chief
Baxter Mr. Tommy Buford Wastewater Manager
Baxter Mr. Bob Lane Code Enforcement Director
Baxter John Ramsey Water Superintendent
Baxter Mr. Ben Brewington Street/Sanitation Supervisor
Baxter Ms. Melanie Harris Water Clerk
Baxter Ms. Lorie Buford Interim City Court Clerk
Baxter Ms. Sharon Carlile City Recorder
Baxter Mr. Bob Lane Building Inspector
Baxter Mr. Shawn Fry City Attorney
Baxter Mr. Dustin Stanton Alderman
Baxter Mr. Willie Allison Alderman
Baxter Mr. Jeff Herald Alderman
Baxter Mr. Greg Phillips Alderman
Bean Station Mr. Doug Drinnon City Attorney
Bean Station Mr. Terry D. Wolfe Mayor
Bean Station Chief Chad Seal Police Chief
Bean Station Mr. Jeff Williams Street Superintendent
Bean Station Mr. Doug Drinnon Town Attorney
Bean Station Ms. Barbara S. Wolfe Town Recorder
Bean Station Judge Robert Edwards Town Judge
Bean Station Ms. Dianne Carroll Town Court Clerk
Bean Station Ms. Sarah Fennell Administrative Assistant
Bean Station Ms. Patsy Winstead Harrell Alderman
Bean Station Mr. Steve Winstead Alderman
Bean Station Mr. Jeff Atkins Alderman
Bean Station Mr. Mickey Ankrom Alderman
Bean Station Mr. Doug Drinnon City Attorney
Beersheba Springs Mr. Glen L. Jennings Mayor
Beersheba Springs Mr. Paul Cross City Attorney
Beersheba Springs Ms. Marsha Knight City Recorder
Beersheba Springs Mrs. Bernadine Hall Commissioner
Beersheba Springs Chief Jackie Eubanks Commissioner
Bell Buckle Ms. Jenny Hunt Mayor
Bell Buckle Mr. Frank Reagor Vice Mayor
Bell Buckle Mr. Greg Perry City Attorney
Bell Buckle Chief Ronnie Lokey Fire Chief
Bell Buckle Mr. Randy Johnson Wastewater Manager
Bell Buckle Judge Patrick Parnell City Judge
Bell Buckle Chief Tommy Wiley Police Chief
Bell Buckle Ms. Janet Robinson Town Clerk
Bell Buckle Ms. Annie Rooney Alderman
Bell Buckle Ms. Heather Williams Alderman
Bell Buckle Ms. Betsy Wheeler Alderman
Bell Buckle Judge Patrick Parnell City Judge
Belle Meade Mr. James V. Hunt, Sr. Mayor
Belle Meade Mr. Bob Weigel Vice Mayor
Belle Meade Ms. Kemishia Sadler City Recorder
Belle Meade Ms. Keshia Lee City Court Clerk
Belle Meade Ms. Aspen Collins Finance Director
Belle Meade Mr. Robert S. Patterson City Attorney
Belle Meade Mrs. Beth Reardon City Manager
Belle Meade Mr. Larry Smith Public Works Director
Belle Meade Chief Tim Eads Police Chief
Belle Meade Mr. Nathan McVay Wastewater Manager
Belle Meade Mr. Lyle Patterson Building Official
Belle Meade Judge Mark Beveridge City Judge
Belle Meade Mrs. Cathy Altenbern Commissioner
Belle Meade Mrs. Gray Thornburg Commissioner
Belle Meade Mr. Boyd Bogle Commissioner
Bells Mr. Joe E. Williams Mayor
Bells Chief Roger Jenkins Police Chief
Bells Mr. Junior Jordan Water Manager
Bells Ms. Alicia Pigue City Recorder/CMFO
Bells Mr. S. Jasper Taylor City Attorney
Bells Chief Wayne Jernigan Fire Chief
Bells Judge Harold C. Craig City Judge
Bells Ms. Alicia Pigue City Court Clerk
Bells Mr. Eric Jordan Alderman
Bells Mr. Scotty Runions Alderman
Bells Mr. Robert E. Pigue Alderman
Bells Mr. Dabney Long Alderman
Bells Mr. John Pigue Alderman
Benton Mr. Jerry T. Stephens Mayor
Benton Mr. Eric Brooks City Attorney
Benton Chief William King Police Chief
Benton Ms. Sanna German City Court Clerk
Benton Ms. Debbie Swigert City Recorder
Benton Mr. Joe Jenkins Wastewater Manager
Benton Judge David Calfee City Judge
Benton Mr. Garry McDonald Commissioner
Benton Mr. Eric Brooks City Attorney
Benton Mr. Eric Brooks City Attorney
Berry Hill Mr. Mike Galehouse Mayor
Berry Hill Mr. Greg Mabey Vice Mayor
Berry Hill Mr. Joseph C. Baker City Manager
Berry Hill Judge Larry Cantrell City Judge
Berry Hill Ms. Cheri Thompson City Clerk/CMFO
Berry Hill Mr. Dan Alexander City Attorney
Berry Hill Chief Robert Bennett Police Chief
Berry Hill Ms. Michelle Honick City Recorder/Court Clerk
Berry Hill Mr. Dennis Sheffield Commissioner
Bethel Springs Mr. Gary Bizzell, Jr. Mayor
Bethel Springs Mr. John Wood Vice Mayor
Bethel Springs Mr. Jack White Water Manager
Bethel Springs Mr. Bennie Moore Water Manager
Bethel Springs Ms. Deborah Sullivan City Recorder
Bethel Springs Chief David McCullar Fire Chief
Bethel Springs Mr. Benjamin King City Attorney
Bethel Springs Mr. Gary Bizzell, Sr. Alderman
Bethel Springs Ms. Sherry Smith Alderman
Bethel Springs Mr. Benny Jennings Alderman
Big Sandy Mr. Ron Lane Mayor
Big Sandy Mr. Phil Hollis City Attorney
Big Sandy Ms. Debbie Wright City Court Clerk
Big Sandy Judge Vicki Hoover City Judge
Big Sandy Chief Larry Waters Fire Chief
Big Sandy Mr. Darin Zarro Alderman
Big Sandy Mr. John Clement Alderman
Big Sandy Robin Pierpoint Alderman
Big Sandy Mr. James Price Alderman
Big Sandy Mr. Robert Burnette Alderman
Blaine Ms. Patsy McElhaney Mayor
Blaine Mr. Ronnie Kitts Vice Mayor
Blaine Shelly Wilson City Attorney
Blaine Ms. Loren Stalans Court Clerk
Blaine Ms. Elizabeth White City Clerk
Blaine Judge Robert Edwards City Judge
Blaine Chief James Winstead, II Police Chief
Blaine Mr. Larry Edwards Alderman
Blaine Mr. Charlie McKnight Alderman
Blaine Mr. Marvin Braden Alderman
Blaine Mr. Michael Hopson Alderman
Blaine Mr. Darrell Williams Alderman
Blaine Mr. Michael Fennell Alderman
Blaine Mr. Jimmy Langley Commissioner
Blaine Mr. Earl Dunn Commissioner
Bluff City Ms. Irene Wells Mayor
Bluff City Mr. Ray Harrington Vice Mayor
Bluff City Ms. Leslie Fields City Court Clerk
Bluff City Chief Greg Depew Police Chief
Bluff City Mr. J. Paul Frye City Attorney
Bluff City Ms. Sharon Greene City Recorder/Finance Officer
Bluff City Mr. Richard Bowling Alderman
Bluff City Mr. John Harrison Alderman
Bluff City Ms. Sandra Madison Alderwoman
Bluff City Ms. Tonya Cordle Alderwoman
Bolivar Mr. Julian McTizic Mayor
Bolivar Mr. Michael Vinsen Deputy Court Clerk
Bolivar Ms. Louise Manhein Library Director
Bolivar Ms. Lisa Dellinger Human Resources Manager
Bolivar Ms. Paula Wilhite City Court Clerk
Bolivar Mr. Lloyd Bell Public Works Director
Bolivar Mr. Clyde Dellinger Utility Director - Gas, Water & Sewer
Bolivar Ms. Cathy Mayfield Public Relations
Bolivar Mr. Johnny Fortune Electric Manager
Bolivar Judge Cathy H. Frost City Judge
Bolivar Chief James P. Baker Police Chief
Bolivar Chief Lynn Price Fire Chief
Bolivar Mr. Jimmy Farris Building Inspector
Bolivar Ms. Angie Farris Accounts Payable Clerk
Bolivar Mr. Curtis Stack Parks and Recreation Director
Bolivar Ms. Linda Lawler Senior Center Director
Bolivar Ms. Shelia Dellinger City Administrator
Bolivar Mr. Steven W. Maroney City Attorney
Bolivar Ms. Suzanne Rhea Councilmember
Bolivar Mr. Page Walley Councilmember
Bolivar Mr. Larry McKinnie Councilmember
Bolivar Mr. Melvin Golden Councilmember
Bolivar Mr. Jonathan Joy Councilmember
Bolivar Ms. Tracy Byrum Councilmember
Bolivar Mr. Tommy Woods Councilmember
Bolivar Mr. Todd Lowe Councilmember
Braden Mr. Chester Cocke Mayor
Braden Chief Steve L. Davis Fire Chief
Braden Ms. Lisa Tapp City Recorder
Braden Mr. Jere Rogers City Manager
Braden Ms. Shelley Davis Commissioner
Braden Mr. Mike Vanstory Commissioner
Bradford Mr. Ray Arnold Mayor
Bradford Chief Tim Taylor Fire Chief
Bradford Mr. J. D. Dethloff Wastewater Manager
Bradford Chief David Andrews Police Chief
Bradford Ms. Terri S. Crider City Attorney
Bradford Ms. Valorie Rinks City Court Clerk
Bradford Ms. Melissa Workman City Recorder
Bradford Judge Bradley Owens Interim City Judge
Bradford Ms. Carolyn Thomas Alderman
Bradford Mr. Jeff McCarter Alderman
Bradford Mr. Steve Gearin Alderman
Bradford Mr. Frank Lockard Alderman
Bradford Ms. Rachel Arrington Alderman
Bradford Mr. Glenn McCormick Alderman
Brentwood Ms. Jill Burgin Mayor
Brentwood Mr. Mark W. Gorman Vice Mayor
Brentwood Mr. Dave M. Bunt Parks and Recreation Director
Brentwood Ms. Karen W. Harper Treasurer
Brentwood Mr. Jeff Dobson Planning Director
Brentwood Ms. Holly Earls City Recorder
Brentwood Mr. Kirk Bednar City Manager
Brentwood Mrs. Kayla Head City Court Clerk
Brentwood Judge Laurie Jewett City Judge
Brentwood Mr. John Allman Information Technology Director
Brentwood Mr. Richard Parker Finance Director
Brentwood Mr. Chris Milton Wastewater Manager
Brentwood Mr. Jeff Donegan Public Works Director
Brentwood Mr. Mike Harris Director of Engineering
Brentwood Chief Brian Goss Fire Chief
Brentwood Mr. Jay Evans Assistant City Manager
Brentwood Mr. Michael Worsham Human Resources Director
Brentwood Ms. Kristen Corn City Attorney
Brentwood Chief Jeff Hughes Police Chief
Brentwood Mr. Tim J. Harrington Code Enforcement Officer
Brentwood Ms. Deanna Lambert Community Relations Director
Brentwood Ms. Rhea E. Little, III Commissioner
Brentwood Ms. Betsy S. Crossley Commissioner
Brentwood Ms. Anne Dunn Commissioner
Brentwood Mr. Ken Travis Commissioner
Brighton Ms. Sarah Crocker Mayor
Brighton Ms. Stephanie Washam Vice Mayor
Brighton Chief Mike Durham Police Chief
Brighton Mr. Johnny Payne Water Manager
Brighton Mr. William A. WootenEsquire City Attorney
Brighton Ms. Leah Hayse City Clerk
Brighton Chief Kinney Bridges Fire Chief
Brighton Ms. Candy Hooks City Court Clerk
Brighton Judge Elizabeth B. Ziarko City Judge
Brighton Ms. Tammy McKinney Town Recorder
Brighton Mr. Kenny Hall Alderman
Brighton Mr. George Smith Alderman