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Title:Benchmarking Projects
Summary:Includes 13 municipal benchmarking studies, plus links to 10 additional studies.
Original Author:Alliance for Innovation
Product Create Date:01/31/2009
Last Reviewed on::06/07/2017
Subject:Performance measurement; Municipal government--Services; Municipal government--Administration; Economic development; Public works--Performance measurement; Code enforcement
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Reference Documents: Archbald Borough Benchmarking Research.pdfBainbridge Benchmarking Study Final Report.pdfBenchmarking Economic Development.pdfCalifornia Multi-Agency CIP Benchmarking Study 2008.pdfBenchmarking Municipal and Neighborhood Services in Worcester.pdfCapital Engineering Report Multi-Agency Benchmarking Study.pdfEngineering Services Section Multi-Agency Benchmarking.pdfExecutive Summary Multi-Agency Benchmarking Project.pdfFort Collin 04-05 City Service Benchmarks.pdfJoplin Parks Benchmarking Survey.pdfGlen Eira Best Value Principals.pdfPerformance Management when results matter.pdfVehicleMaintenanceBenchmarkingReport2004.pdf

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Benchmarking in Local Government

Table of Contents

Archbald Borough Benchmarking Research
R.W. Beck Inc.
December 27, 2006
File: Archbald Borough Benchmarking Research.pdf

City of Bainbridge Island
Benchmarking Study: Final Report
CH2M Hill
January 29, 2007
File: Bainbridge Benchmarking Study Final Report.pdf

Benchmarking Economic Development in Worcester: 2008
The Research Bureau
November 24, 2008
File: Benchmarking Economic Development.pdf

Benchmarking Municipal and Neighborhood Services in Worcester: 2007
The Research Bureau
December 2007
File: Benchmarking Municipal and Neighborhood Services in Worcester.pdf

California Multi-Agency CIP Benchmarking Study
Annual Report – Update 2008
City of Los Angeles – Bureau of Engineering
September 2004
File: California Multi-Agency CIP Benchmarking Study 2008.pdf

Capital Engineering Report
Multi-Agency Benchmarking Study
December 1999
File: Capital Engineering Report Multi-Agency Benchmarking Study.pdf

Engineering Services Section Multi-Agency Benchmarking
Engineering and Capital Programs Committee
February 2009
File: Engineering Services Section Multi-Agency Benchmarking.pdf

Executive Summary
Multi-Agency Benchmarking Project
September 1999
File: Executive Summary Multi-Agency Benchmarking Project.pdf

City Service Benchmarks
Fort Collins, CO
File: Fort Collin 04-05 City Service Benchmarks.pdf

Citizens Park Master Plan
Benchmarking Survey
Joplin Parks and Recreation
Joplin, Missouri
File: Joplin Parks Benchmarking Survey.pdf

Performance Management:
When Results Matter
File: Performance Management When Results Matter.pdf

Vehicle Maintenance:
A Regional Benchmarking Initiative
Prepared by: The Capitol Region Council of Governments
June 2004
File: VehicleMaintenanceBenchmarkingReport2004.pdf

Additional Links:

Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project

City of Austin, TX
Performance Measures Database

Florida Benchmarking Consortium

The Research Bureau
New England States Performance Measurement Project

City of Los Angeles – Bureau of Engineering
California Multi-Agency CIP Benchmarking Study
(Study Reports available from 2002 – 2008)