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Title:Amending a Private Act Charter
Summary:MTAS was asked about the process of amending a private act charter.
Original Author:Shechter, Leslie
Product Create Date:02/13/92
Last Reviewed on::01/15/2010
Type:Legal Opinion
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Text of Document: February 13, 1992

You asked about the process of amending a private act charter and a copy of a model resolution requesting such an amendment. We suggest the following process:

(1) The governing body pass a resolution in substantially the form as the enclosed resolution. The resolution should pass by a two-thirds majority because this same vote will be required to enact the private act change.

(2) Upon passage of the resolution the municipality contacts their legislator who sends the resolution to Legislative Services to be put in the correct bill form.

(3) The private act amending the charter is passed and returned to the municipality for local approval by either a vote of the governing body or a referendum election.

I believe the sample resolution enclosed should help you develop the private act amendment being requested. If you need additional assistance on this or any other matter, please call.


Leslie Shechter
Legal Consultant

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