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Title:Annexation Handbook for Cities and Towns in Tennessee III
Summary:The Annexation Handbook III has three purposes: 1) Provide a guide to answer the question of whether a contemplated annexation is even legally possible; Public Acts 2014, Chapter 707, made the answer to that question problematic over the short term, and perhaps over the long term. 2) To help municipalities determine whether a contemplated annexation makes sense from political and economic perspectives. Public Acts 1998, Chapter 1101 is responsible for a significant long-term financial obligation of cities to counties when the former annexes property in the latter. But annexation has many financial impacts on both the annexing cities and the annexed territory, including the cost of providing services to the annexed territory. 3) To reconcile the “old” and the “new” annexation laws, the latter generally wrought by Public Acts 1998, Chapter 1101, and Public Acts 2014, Chapter 707.
Original Author:Hemsley, Sid
Product Create Date:11/25/2014
Last Reviewed on::11/25/2014
Subject:Annexation--Tennessee; Annexation--Laws and regulations--Tennessee
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