2013 Workers' Compensation Reform Act
2014 Goals Planning Retreat: City of Fayetteville, Tennessee
911 Dispatch Service Agreements: A Survey Conducted for the City of Crossville
Abandoned or Suspended Construction
Abandonment by the City of Certain Service Drives
Ability of City Recorder to Serve as City Manager
Acceptance of Gifts
Accepting Land, Gifts, or Donations from Property Owners to the City for Parks
Accepting Payment of Utility Bills in Pennies
Accepting Property to be Used as a Park Exclusively for Senior Citizens
Accepting Streets in a Subdivision
Accepting the Second Lowest Bid on a Construction Project
Accounting Clerk
Accruing Leave While on Workers' Comp Leave
Acquiring a Utility District
Acquiring Insurance for the City
Addition of Documents to the Minutes of the Commission
Addressing Dilapidated Structures and Saving Historic Buildings
Addressing Tall Weeds and Grass
Administrative Assistant to the City Manager
Administrative Assistant (1)
Administrative Assistant/Accountant
Administrative Powers of the Mayor
Administrative Secretary
Administrative Secretary for Public Safety
Administrative Secretary I for the Department of Development Services
Adopting a Plan of Services before Annexation
Adopting an Annexation Ordinance to Repeal a Previous One
Adult Business Ordinance