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Summary:Job description for the position of Dispatcher.
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Subject:Emergency communications--Personnel; Police--Personnel; Personnel--Classification
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Text of Document: DISPATCHER


This employee is responsible for receiving and transmitting messages by radio, telephone and other electronic methods to the police department, fire department, rescue squad, ambulance service, and other agencies or personnel. The employee is under the immediate supervision of the Chief of Police or the shift supervisor. The employee receives somewhat general instructions for the work to be performed, but most aspects of the work are guided by specific operating standards or procedures. There are times when independent judgement is necessary.


The employee will operate a variety of equipment including, but not limited to, a computer, radio and transmission equipment, typewriter, pager, copy machine, printer, alarm systems, E-911 and multi-phone systems.
Work is typically performed in an office, sitting at a desk or table. Occasional light lifting may be required.


Receives and transmits routine and emergency messages via radio, telephone and other means for the police department, fire department, rescue squad, ambulance service, water department, and other agencies or personnel.
Maintains a log of all radio traffic, including but not limited to, all traffic stops, arrests, license and auto registration checks, response times on police and fire calls, complaints, etc.
Monitors all alarms and dispatches proper service response.
Operates E-911 dispatch system and NCIC computer.
Acts as judicial commission. Sets bonds, writes warrants, and writes mittimus.


Provides assistance to persons with complaints or requests.
Completes police department and other reports.
Operates police computer equipment.
Provides general clerical support such as making copies, typing, completion of complaint cards, etc.
Maintains park equipment log, logs reservations of facilities.
Receives and receipts money for fines and reports.
Performs related work as assigned.


Must have a knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Federal Communication Commission pertaining to transmitting and receiving messages by radio.
The operation of radio transmitting and receiving equipment, E-911 equipment, NCIC computer system and other equipment generally used in an emergency dispatch operation.
Some knowledge of the laws and ordinances of the city and State of Tennessee.
Modern office practices, procedures and equipment.
Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions, including department policies and procedures.
Establish and maintain an effective working relationship with the public and other employees.
Public contact, in a variety of situations, is frequent.
React quickly and calmly in emergency situations, and follow proper policies and procedures.
Ability to be sworn as a judicial commissioner.
Obtain working knowledge of the Tennessee "10-Codes".


Graduation from a standard high school, preferably with some training in the use of computers.
Minimum of twenty-one (21) years of age.
Pass a background investigation.