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The City of Dyer, Tennessee Request for Detailed Proposal Complete Contract Operations and Maintenance Water Pollution Control Plant and Lift Stations
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The City of Dyer, Tennessee, is receiving detailed proposals from engineering and contracting firms interested in providing contract services relative to the operation of the City-owned water pollution control plant, and seven lift stations.

The proposal shall be a detailed cost proposal in the form of a signed contract or agreement ready for immediate execution upon acceptance by the City Council. The contract or agreement shall detail all costs, terms, and conditions with respect to the proposal and contract requirements necessary to operate and maintain the existing treatment facilities and seven (7) lift stations within thirty (30) days after final selection.

Professional contract services shall include, but not be limited to, furnishing all personnel, chemicals, power, telephone, other utilities, materials, supplies, and maintenance; shall guarantee effluent quality; and shall assume liability for fines imposed by regulatory agencies.

The wastewater treatment plant, plumping stations, O & M manual, operational data, plans, contract documents, and other pertinent data will be made available and may be inspected at City Hall, Dyer, Tennessee.

Documents such as those mentioned above and inspection of the facilities will provide a clear description of existing treatment plant and operation.


All proposals shall be received by the City at City Hall, 123 East Maple Street, Dyer, Tennessee, on or before March 2, 1992. The proposals will be reviewed and assessed by the Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and City staff. The City will schedule interviews, as necessary, to clarify items and to discuss the final contract. The intent is to have a contract signed by April 1, 1992, with mobilization and startup within 30 days thereafter.


The proposal shall be submitted in the form of a signed contract or agreement ready for immediate execution upon acceptance by the City. The contract or agreement shall detail all costs, terms, and conditions with respect to but not limited to the following items:

1. Provide operation and maintenance activities as required to operate the treatment plant and seven (7) wastewater pumping stations as well as to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.

2. Services shall include but not be limited to the provision of all wages, benefits, salaries, power, chemicals, other utilities, and consumables, materials, and supplies.

3. Provision of sufficient number of qualified personnel including management, technical and administrative personnel who meet required certification to operate and maintain the treatment plant and pumping stations in an acceptable manner.

4. Provision of all routine and normal maintenance of plant equipment, buildings, and grounds.

5. Provision of laboratory testing and reporting necessary for process control, and compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements.

6. Provide services required for preparation, maintenance, and submission of all required monitoring and operating forms.

7. Provision for coordination and cooperation with any construction activity at the plant or the lift stations.

8. Provision for annual lump sum contract corresponding to the City's fiscal year from July 1 to June 30. The contract shall include a provision to cover the cost of the period prior to the start of the 1992-93 fiscal year.

9. Provision for change of contract:

A. The Consumer Price Index as published by the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for Atlanta, Georgia, Metropolitan Area reflecting such index for the month of June, 1993, shall constitute a base Consumer Price Index. If, as of June, 1992, or any subsequent June during the terms of the Contract, this price index shows a growth of seven points or more, the Contractor may request an equitable adjustment on the contract price upon a showing by the Contractor of an increase in the total amount of his costs. In no event shall the adjustment in the contract price exceed the percentage of increase in the June Consumer Price Index.

In like manner, the City may request an equitable adjustment in the contract price in the event the said Consumer Price Index decreases by seven point or more as of June, 1993, or any subsequent June during the term of the Contract and if the Contractor's records show a decrease in the amount of cost of the work and services for the year in question, the Contract will be modified accordingly.

The City is granted the privilege of auditing the Contractor's books and records for the purpose of determining an increase or decrease in costs for any period. Upon finding that an adjustment is justified, such shall become effective the July 1 following the applicable June Consumer Price Index.

B. Due to any changes in the scope of services requested by the City.

10. Provision for odor control and full-time safety programs.

11. Provision for enforcing existing equipment warranties and guarantees and maintain all warranties on new equipment purchased after the effective date of agreement.

12. Provision of clause giving City the first right to hire any and all employees in the event of termination or expiration of the agreement with a 180 day advance notice guarantee by the Contractor to allow the City to mobilize its staff or secure another contractor.

13. Provision of liability for payment of fines and/or civil penalties levied against the City by a regulatory agency.

14. Provision of a guarantee to indemnify and hold the City and its officers, agents, and employees harmless from any loss or liability for damage or claims for personal injury including death, as well as for claims for property damage which may arise from operations of wastewater treatment works covered under this project.

15. Provision which establishes purchasing guidelines for high-priced expenditures which exceed the agreed upon limit.

16. Provision of evidence of the Contractor's financial capability to undertake this project as well as its personal resource inventory. The Contractor shall furnish to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen a current audited financial statement as to the Contractor's present financial status.

17. Provision of a statement which delineates the fact that this agreement is for professional personnel services and that all capital equipment as well as all operating supplies and materials acquired during the term of the contract are and shall remain the property of the City.

18. The contract shall include the provision of comprehensive general liability insurance, and worker's compensation insurance and these insurance policies must name the City of Dyer and its employees and agents as additional insured. The liability insurance shall be in an amount not less than One Million Dollars combined single limits for personal and/or property damage.

19. Provision of a termination clause allowing either party termination rights upon one hundred and eighty (180) days written notice to the other party.


The City desires to receive proposals separate and apart from the operation and maintenance contract for the preparation of a pretreatment program as required by regulations of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

The request for a pretreatment program is optional and will not have any affect on the selection of the contractor for operation and maintenance.

Provision shall be provided in the contract for operation and maintenance of the pretreatment program. As a minimum, cost for treatment plant sampling, laboratory analyses and reports must be included. Provision shall be provided for costing industrial site sampling, laboratory analyses and reports.

It is the intent of the City to provide all management of the program and contact with the industry. The provision of the contract is to determine compliance.


The treatment plant must be manned on an 8-hour a day, 5-day per week basis. Staff to be on call seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Staffing levels must be sufficient to meet safety requirements and all regulatory agency requirements at all times.


All permanent equipment and spare parts which are to be provided by the City shall remain in the ownership of the City. All such equipment presently assigned to the facility will be provided for the Contractor's use restricted for the wastewater treatment operation only.


The City will pick up and remove from the site at its expense all trash, screening, garbage, grit and sludge. Proposal shall include provisions for placing all trash, screening, garbage, grit and sludge in containers or on trucks provided by the City.


The City will pay the cost of water used at the plant and pumping stations.


As set forth herein, the detailed proposals require submittal of a signed contract or agreement ready for immediate execution. Additionally, as may be necessary to meet the needs of the City of Dyer, contract proposals are subject to negotiation.

All proposals submitted on time will be reviewed and selected firms interviewed by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. Selection will be based upon, but not limited to, the following considerations:

1. The capability of the Contractor to assume responsibility for the care and management including complete operational and maintenance control within thirty (30) days following the execution of the contract.

2. Experience in furnishing operation and maintenance services for similar size and types of treatment facilities.

3. Financial stability and corporate commitment to the business including years of experience in the wastewater treatment field.

4. Proven technical and management backup expertise as demonstrated by an organization chart and personal resumes.

5. A list of references identifying customers with your firm for which you currently provide operation and maintenance services.

6. A list of references identifying all clients for whom services were provided for facilities utilizing comparable treatment process.


Each firm shall be allowed to inspect the treatment facilities, pumping stations and pertinent document data and operational records as may be available by contacting Mr. Kenneth McEwen, City Recorder, City of Dyer. Data and documents available for inspection and/or reproduction include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Monthly reporting forms.
2. NPDES discharge permit.
3. Contract plans and specifications.
4. O & M Manual
5. Sewer Use Ordinance


Four (4) copies of the detailed proposal must be received at City Hall, 123 East Maple Street, Dyer, Tennessee, by 4:30 p.m. on March 2, 1992, in order to be considered. Clearly mark the outside of the envelope "CONTRACT SERVICES, DYER, TENNESSEE, WATER POLLUTION CONTROL PLANT".

Note: This is a request for a proposal, not a bid. The City reserves the right to reject all proposals; negotiate individually with one or more firms and to select the firm on the basis of all factors, not just price.


Questions or clarifications of the request for proposal should be directed in writing to:

Kenneth McEwen
City Recorder
City of Dyer
123 East Maple Street
Dyer, Tennessee 38330

This information is provided by the University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service.