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Title:Public Records Resolution
Summary:A resolution providing for the maintenance, preservation and protection of public records, and establishing procedures for accessing and copying open public records.
Original Author:Hardy, Pat
Product Create Date:11/08/2006
Last Reviewed on::11/02/2017
Subject:Records management--Open records; Records management; Records management--Municipal resolutions
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Text of Document: Pigeon forge records resolution_2017.docxPigeon forge records resolution_2017.docxPIGEON FORGE RECORDS INVENTORY WORKSHEET_2017_mtas.docxPIGEON FORGE RECORDS INVENTORY WORKSHEET_2017_mtas.docxCITY OF PIGEON FORGE records disposition forms 2017_mtas.docxCITY OF PIGEON FORGE records disposition forms 2017_mtas.docx