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Title:Ordinance to Create a Class of Beer Permits Which Can Be Granted to Caterers
Summary:An ordinance amending the beer ordinance of the City of Martin to create a class of beer permits which can be granted to caterers.
Original Author:Ashburn, Melissa
Product Create Date:05/13/2008
Last Reviewed on::05/31/2017
Subject:Beer--Licenses and permits--Municipal ordinances; Beer--Municipal ordinances
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An Ordinance Amending Section 2-209 of the Beer Ordinance of the City of Martin to Create a Class of Beer Permits Which Can Be Granted to Caterers.

WHEREAS, the City of Martin Board of Mayor and Aldermen is aware that numerous parties and events take place in Martin at which alcoholic beverages, including beer, are sold and served to guests. The City of Martin Board of Mayor and Aldermen does not wish to restrict such activities, but believes there is a need for some regulation concerning the selling and serving of beer at such events; and,

WHEREAS, the current Beer Ordinance of the City of Martin contains no provision for granting beer permits to caterers providing food and drink service for such events.


Section 1. The following provision is to be inserted into the Martin Beer Ordinance as new Section 2-209(4):

Section 2-209(4). Class D - On Premises Permit
To qualify for a Class D On Premises Permit, the applicant must be a caterer meeting the following definition: A Caterer @ means a business engaged in offering food and beverage service for a fee at various locations, and which:
(A) Operates a permanent catering hall on an exclusive basis;
(B) Has a complete and adequate commercial kitchen facility; and
(C) Is licensed as a caterer by the Tennessee department of health.
The restriction contained in Section 2-206(C)(2), which limits a beer permit to one location, shall not apply to Class D On Premise Permits. The applicant shall give notice to the Board of locations at which catering services shall be rendered under the permit. Such locations shall be considered to be within the licensed premises for purposes of this Ordinance.

Section 2. This Ordinance shall take effect immediately upon its passage on the second and final reading, the public welfare requiring it.

Date of first reading: ________________

Date of second reading: ________________

Attested: Approved:

_________________________________ ___________________________________
Chris Mathis, City Recorder Randy Brundige, Mayor

Please remember that this ordinance was drafted based upon the drafting requirements and authority granted to a particular city or town in its charter and in general law. These drafting requirements and the authority exercised in this ordinance might not apply to your city or town.

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