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Title:Public Works Department Model SOP Outline
Summary:An outline of a model operating procedure (SOP) for a public works department.
Original Author:Rollins, Sharon
Product Create Date:08/16/2007
Last Reviewed on::06/05/2017
Subject:Public works--Administration
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Prepared by: Sharon L. Rollins, P.E., MTAS Manager of Technical Consulting

Source: American Public Works Association (APWA) Public Works Management Practices Manual, Fifth Edition, August 2004

The attached outline was developed by APWA. It lists recommended management practices which provide general guidance on what a public works agency should be doing. Note: this outline does not provide information on how the work should be carried out.

Each public works department is encouraged to develop written policies, procedures and guidance documents to meet their needs. The written policies, procedures and guidance should be clear, concise and kept current. Departments with written documents are likely to be better managed than those departments with informal practices and undocumented procedures.

It is MTAS’ hope that TN municipal public works departments will use this outline to develop applicable written SOPs for the work they perform to serve the citizens of their towns and cities.

APWA’s Public Works Management Practices Manual is the basis for an accreditation of the department by APWA.