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Title:Skateboard, Roller Skates and Coasters Ordinance
Summary:An ordinance on the safe operation of skateboards, roller skates, and coasters.
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Product Create Date:11/06/2003
Last Reviewed on::04/21/2017
Subject:Skateboards--Municipal ordinances; Skateboards; Municipal ordinances
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From the City of Auburn, Washington Municipal Code

Chapter 10.58



10.58.010 Definitions.
10.58.020 Traffic-control devices.
10.58.030 Speed.
10.58.040 Prohibited areas.
10.58.050 Violation – Penalty.

10.58.010 Definitions.
The following words and phrases when used in this chapter shall, for the purpose of this chapter, have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this section.
A. “Skateboard” means a footboard mounted upon four or more wheels and is usually propelled by the user who sometimes stands, sits, kneels, or lays upon the device while it is in motion.
B. “Roller skates” means a pair of shoes, mounted upon two sets of wheels and is most often propelled by the user in an upright, standing position or kneeling.
C. “Coasters” means a footboard mounted upon two or more wheels and controlled by an upright steering handle. This device is propelled by the user in usually an upright position.
D. “To operate in a negligent manner” means the operation of one or more of the above described devices in such a manner as to endanger or be likely to endanger any person or property. Examples of operating in a negligent manner include, but are not limited to, failure to obey all traffic-control devices, failure to yield right-of-way to pedestrians and/or vehicular traffic. (Ord. 4386 1, 1989.)

10.58.020 Traffic-control devices.
Any person operating a skateboard, roller skates or coasters shall obey the instructions of official traffic-control signals, signs, and other control devices applicable to vehicles, unless otherwise directed by a police officer. (Ord. 4386 1, 1989.)

10.58.030 Speed.
No skateboard, roller skates or coasters shall be ridden in a negligent manner but shall be operated with reasonable regard for the safety of the operator and other persons. (Ord. 4386 1, 1989.)

10.58.040 Prohibited areas.
It is unlawful for any person to operate or ride upon any skateboard, roller skates or coasters, upon any street, alley, sidewalk, or publicly owned parking lot in the Central Business District of the city as described in ACC 18.06.010(A)(11) and as delineated in the map attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter, designated Exhibit A and incorporated herein by reference. (Ord. 4386 1, 1989.)

10.58.050 Violation – Penalty.
Any violation of the provisions of this chapter is an infraction, subject to penalties in accordance with ACC 1.25.050. Further, such violation shall subject the device ridden to impound for a period of 10 days commencing as of the time of violation. (Ord. 5683 30, 2002; Ord. 4386 1, 1989.

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