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Title:Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2012
Summary:In this FY2012 annual report, there are a total of nine services measured and analyzed: police, fire, refuse collection and disposal, employment benefits, human resources, financial services, and building code enforcement, property maintenance code enforcement, and planning and zoning.
Original Author:Young, Sarah
Co-Author:Adams-O'Brien, Frances, Crawford, John, Thompson, Erin
Product Create Date:03/13/2013
Last Reviewed on::06/07/2017
Subject:Performance measurement; Municipal government--Administration; Municipal government--Services; Athens (Tenn); Bartlett (Tenn); Brentwood (Tenn); Chattanooga (Tenn); Cleveland (Tenn); Collierville (Tenn); Franklin (Tenn); Germantown (Tenn); Goodlettsville (Tenn); Greeneville (Tenn); Kingsport (Tenn); Knoxville (Tenn); Lakeland (Tenn); Morristown (Tenn)
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