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Title:Beer Board Information
Summary:A collection of materials on beer boards and bylaws, including: sample codes provisions establishing a beer board (Bristol, Kingsport, and Nashville); sample beer board rules and procedures (Kingsport, Nashville, and Oak Ridge); a sample beer board handbook (Bristol); and a sample beer board set of bylaws (Bristol).
Original Author:Broughton, Jeff
Product Create Date:03/11/2014
Last Reviewed on::05/31/2017
Subject:Beer--Boards; Beer--Municipal ordinances
Original Document: Shelbyville, Beer Board information.pdfShelbyville, Beer Board information.pdf

Reference Documents: Beer Board, sample ordinances establishing.docxBeer Board, sample ordinances establishing.docxBristol, Beer Board, Bylaws 2008.docxBristol, Beer Board, Bylaws 2008.docxBristol, Beer Board, Handbook 2007.docxBristol, Beer Board, Handbook 2007.docxKingsport, Beer Board, Rules and procedures.pdfKingsport, Beer Board, Rules and procedures.pdfNashville, Beer Board Rules and regulations.pdfNashville, Beer Board Rules and regulations.pdfOak Ridge, Beer Board, Rules and procedures.pdfOak Ridge, Beer Board, Rules and procedures.pdf

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