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Title:Fire Inspectors in the Codes Department
Summary:MTAS was asked whether any municipalities in the state have fire inspectors in the codes department rather than the fire department and, if so, how that works.
Original Author:Stokes, Richard
Product Create Date:07/17/2012
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Subject:Fire--Inspection; Code enforcement--Building inspection
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Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 4:30 PM

Subject: RE: Fire Inspector

Sorry for the delay in responding to your inquiry. I contacted other MTAS Consultants to see if anyone could add some light. Several cities use their fire inspectors in the codes department. Among them are:

Bristol - . The inspector used to be in the FD but was moved to codes as part of a “one stop shop” type program. As far as I know it works well.
Knoxville - MTAS reviewed plans for fire safety code provisions. The Knoxville Codes Study addresses his role. There are forty-six (46) employees, including part-time fire department personnel, working in the division of which thirty-two (32) are charged to the division budget:
• 16-inspectors
• 4-chief inspectors
• 8-support staff members
• 1-administrator
• 2-regular plan reviewers
• 1-chief building official (vacant)
• 1-sign inspector (vacant)
• 1-civil engineer (funded by engineering budget)
• 1-zoning inspector
• 1-KUB wastewater plan examiner (funded by KUB)
• 1-principal secretary (fire department budget funded)
• 9-fire department inspectors and reviewers (Most are part-time. All are funded in the fire department budget.)
The State Fire Marshal’s Office maintains a list of people who are certified fire inspectors and a separate list of certified deputy state fire marshals who enforce codes.

Here is the link to the code inspector’s list: . I also attached a pdf copy of the list.

Here is the link to the certified fire inspectors list: . I also attached a pdf copy of that list. Unfortunately, this list does not contain the city where the inspector works, so it may not be very useful for cross-reference except by name.

The SFMO may be able to provide a cross-referenced list, but I am not sure if they even have that.

I hope this information is helpful. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or I can be of any further assistance.

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