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Title:Landscape Ordinance Manual
Summary:The purpose and intent of this manual are the following: to promote the scenic quality of the community; to improve the appearance of parking areas and property abutting public rights of way; to protect property values; to reduce stormwater runoff and improve water quality; to provide transition between incompatible land uses; and to provide relief from traffic, noise, heat, glare, dust, and debris.
Original Author:Chattanooga
Product Create Date:07/01/2005
Last Reviewed on::12/19/2016
Subject:Land use--Municipal ordinances; Parking; Stormwater management; Trees--Municipal ordinances; Trees; Easements
Original Document: LandscapeOrdManual.pdf

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Please remember that this ordinance was drafted based upon the drafting requirements and authority granted to a particular city or town in its charter and in general law. These drafting requirements and the authority exercised in this ordinance might not apply to your city or town.

Please confer with your city attorney or an MTAS legal consultant, or both, before using this ordinance as a model.