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Title:Inter-Local Agreement for Automatic Response of Fire, Rescue and EMS Services
Summary:An agreement for public agencies to render aide through a predetermined plan for fire fighting, rescue, emergency medical, or related technical support services under specific arrangements.
Original Author:Wolf, Dennis
Product Create Date:06/20/2007
Last Reviewed on::11/07/2016
Subject:Emergency management--Intergovernmental agreements; Fire--Intergovernmental agreements; Intergovernmental agreements
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Pursuant to T.C.A. 6-54-601, et seq. and T.C.A. 12-9-104 et seq.

THIS AGREEMENT entered as of the______ day of ________, 20____, by and between SHELBY COUNTY, TENNESSEE, hereinafter called “SHELBY COUNTY” and the CITY OF BARTLETT, TENNESSEE, hereinafter called “BARTLETT”.

WHEREAS, Sections 12-9-101 through 12-9-109, Tennessee Code Annotated, authorizes public agencies of the State to enter into inter-local agreements; and

WHEREAS, Sections 6-54-601 through 6-54-603, Tennessee Code Annotated, specifically authorizes incorporated cities to enter into agreements with counties for fire fighting assistance; and

WHEREAS, the parties hereto desire to avail themselves of the authority conferred by these laws; and

WHEREAS, the purpose of this agreement is to provide each of the parties through their cooperation, a predetermined plan by which each might render aid to the other as needed for fire fighting, rescue, emergency medical (EMS), or related technical support services under specific arrangements as provided herein; and

WHEREAS, it is deemed in the public interest for the parties hereto to enter into an agreement for Automatic Response with regard to fire fighting, rescue, emergency medical (EMS), or related technical support services to provide aid as needed to assure each party of adequate depth of protection.

NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated 6-54-601 and 12-9-102, et seq., and in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

1. The parties agree to provide automatic response to the specific industrial, commercial and selected other properties as listed on Exhibit 1 as attached to this document and further, to provide Automatic Response to certain areas called “Automatic Response Zones” as the boundaries of such zones are Described in Exhibit 1, attached to this document. Adding or subtracting specific properties or zones, when agreed to by all the mayors and fire chiefs of the parties to this agreement may amend Exhibit 1.

2. Automatic Response is defined as the simultaneous dispatch and response of two or more fire departments to the same property, area, or zone regardless of the actual location or jurisdiction of the property.

2. This agreement shall be valid between the signed parties when the mayor and fire chief of the respective political jurisdictions execute it pursuant to the ordinance/resolution of each jurisdiction authorizing the mayor to execute it.

3. With the exception of the specific services described in this inter-local agreement, all other requests for aid or assistance between the parties shall be governed by Tennessee Code Annotated 58-8-101 et seq.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this agreement as of the day and year written above.


By: ____________________________________ By:_________________________________
Mayor Fire Chief


By: ____________________________________ By:_________________________________
Mayor Fire Chief

Approved as to form:___________________________________________________________
City and/or County Attorneys


Specific Properties:

1. Anytown High School
2. Big Employer Industrial Plant
3. Shady Grove Manufacturing

Automatic Response Zones:

1. Big Bend Industrial Park – All buildings and properties contained therein.
2. Twelve square blocks of Anytown near the County Fire Station #9. This 12 block boundary is described as follows: On the North, Maple Street, on the East Yellow Creek Road, on the South the City limits and on the West the Muddy River.