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Title:A Resolution to Adopt a Youth Sports Concussion Policy
Summary:This sample resolution accompanies the policy required by Public Chapter 148 passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in April 2013 and effective on January 1, 2014.
Original Author:Rogers, Honna
Product Create Date:01/13/2014
Last Reviewed on::05/30/2017
Subject:Parks and recreation--Municipal resolutions; Parks and recreation--Risk management; Children and youth--Municipal resolutions; Public health and safety--Municipal resolutions
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Text of Document: RESOLUTION NO.______

FOR THE CITY OF _________

WHEREAS, thousands of youth participate in recreation and sports activities every year; and,

WHEREAS, each year youth are injured during recreation and sports activities, sometimes resulting in concussions that can have long term affects; and,

WHEREAS, in April 2013, the Tennessee Legislature adopted Public Chapter 148 that requires school and community organizations sponsoring youth athletic activities establish guidelines to inform and educate coaches, youth athletes and other adults involved in youth athletics about the nature, risk and symptoms of concussion and head injury; and,

WHEREAS, municipalities are required to adopt a policy establishing guidelines in compliance with Public Chapter 148; and,

WHEREAS, the Tennessee Department of Health has adopted the Tennessee Youth Sports Concussion Policy;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Mayor and Commissioners of the City of ________ that the following is hereby approved:

SECTION 1. The City of ___________ adopts the Youth Sports Concussion Policy that is attached to this Resolution.

SECTION 2. This Resolution takes effect immediately upon its passage, the public welfare requiring it.

Approved this ___ day of _____________, 2014


City Recorder