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Title:Services MTAS Can Provide to Cities
Summary:MTAS was asked to provide an overview of the types of services that MTAS can provide to cities.
Original Author:Darden, Ron
Product Create Date:02/10/2012
Last Reviewed on::02/21/2012
Subject:Municipal Technical Advisory Service; Technical services--Tennessee
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Text of Document: February 10, 2012

The Honorable Donald Boyd, Mayor
Town of Beersheba Springs
P.O. Box 546
Beersheba Springs, Tennessee 37305

Dear Mayor Boyd

One of the services that MTAS provides is a review of charter provisions, personnel and purchasing requirements, rules of order, record preservation and other tips that may be beneficial to the commission. This review typically takes about 1.5 hours and can be conducted in the evening after work hours. There is no charge for the service. Please let me know if you are interested in a review and I will coordinate the meeting time with Marsha.

MTAS consulting services are funded by the State of Tennessee and we do not charge for basic consulting services. We do charge for utility studies, codification of ordinances, comprehensive management reviews and some training. We do not run a town, we only make recommendations. The town commission is responsible for decision making.

During yesterday’s visit I assisted Marsha in setting up computer files for ordinances, resolutions and minutes. It appears that past records have been lost or destroyed. The town needs to establish a permanent records management system that prevents lost and destroyed records.

We discussed the use of contractor provided services. It appears that Marsha’s wages are being reported on a 1099 form. Her wages should be reported on a W-2 form with withholdings reported. If state or federal department of labor officials discover this discrepancy, the town may be directed to pay past withholdings.

It appears that the town does not prohibit the sale of beer, therefore anyone, resident or non- resident can sell beer in the town, unless the county has some regulations prohibiting or regulating the sale of beer. If the town desires to regulate and control the sale of beer, the town needs to pass a beer ordinance and create a beer board for regulatory purposes.

In today’s business environment, much of the business is conducted by computer. It appears that the office computer may need to be upgraded to process office documents and communication with local, state and federal offices. I will provide Marsha with a recommended specification for a small computer system that you all may use if you decide to upgrade.

Marsha and I reviewed the financing of the proposed fire station expansion. This will be a great facility for the community.

Please call me at 615-772-3031 if you have questions or comments. MTAS is available to assist the town by providing consulting services.

Respectfully Yours

Ron Darden
Municipal Management Consultant