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Title:Cities with Recall Provisions
Summary:MTAS was asked to determine which Tennessee cities have recall provisions.
Original Author:Darden, Ron
Product Create Date:01/23/2006
Last Reviewed on::03/22/2010
Subject:Elections--Recall; Elections
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Text of Document: January 23, 2006

To: Frances Adams-O’Brien, MTAS Library
From: Ron Darden

Subject: Cities with recall provisions.

This is a list of cities that MTAS found in its data base as of January 23, 2006.

1. Lynchburg, Moore Co.
2. Oliver Springs
3. Cookeville
4. Knoxville
5. Chattanooga
6. Athens
7. Hartsville
8. Bluff City
9. Bristol
10. Columbia
11. Elizabethton
12. Etowah
13. Gatlinburg
14. Greenbrier
15. Jackson
16. Jellico
17. Kingston
18. Lebanon
19. Oak Ridge
20. Union City
21. Germantown
22. Nashville
23. Norris

Approximately 23 out of 347 or 6.63% of cities In Tennessee have charters with recall provisions. Some require petitions with as much as 50% of the registered voters who voted in the last governor’s election. The Oak Ridge charter requires 15% and includes recall provisions for school board members as well.