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Title:City of Tusculum Certified Municipal Finance Officer Job Description
Summary:Job description for the position of Certified Municipal Finance Officer for the City of Tusculum.
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Job Description


Under the general administrative direction of the Mayor this position is responsible for general oversight of the financial activities of the city. Work is supervised and evaluated by the Mayor.


The employee will operate a computer, calculator, fax and copy machines, and other modern office equipment.
The employee typically works indoors in an office environment. The employee may be required to lift objects such as journals and reports.


Responsibility to ensure that all financial operations are performed in compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws, as well as with acceptable standard principles of accounting and finance.
Reviews, gives advice, and provides oversight functions related to the city’s financial operations, which shall include accounting, budgeting, reporting, purchasing, tax collection, and other financial activities.
Provides oversight functions related to the reconciliation of bank statements and invoices, bond payments, drafting checks, accounts payable, etc.
Makes a yearly presentation to the City’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen on the activities and oversight functions of the CMFO.
Reviews statements and reports for workers compensation, annual audit, state and federal agencies, etc. Provides an analysis of the annual audit.
Reviews and provides advice related to the city’s investment program.


Recommends and may help implement, at the direction of the Mayor, changes in financial policies and procedures for each city.
May assist with the financial administration of grants, including required record-keeping, financial records, reporting, etc.
May assist with generating reports in a user-friendly format.


Knowledge of the principles and practices of modern municipal accounting, budgeting and finance, including capital budgeting, investment management, cash control, and the regulatory/legal environment of municipal organizations.
Must have good oral and written communication and presentation skills.
Ability to work with a variety of people, including both elected and appointed officials, as well as members of the general public.


Ability to be bonded.
Must have an ability to become a Certified Municipal Finance Officer by the State of Tennessee within 2 years of employment. Must maintain such certification.
Must be exempt from the Certified Municipal Finance Officer requirements under one of the exemptions provide in the law, and such exemption shall be approved by the State Comptroller’s office.