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Title:Building Codes Employee Classification System
Summary:A building codes employee classification system that includes job descriptions and pay grades with minimums and maximums for each position.
Original Author:Darden, Ron
Product Create Date:06/06/2006
Last Reviewed on::12/20/2016
Subject:Personnel--Classification; Code enforcement--Personnel; Code enforcement--Building inspection--Personnel
Type:Job Description
Original Document: Building Inspector I.pdfBuilding Inspector II.pdfBuilding Inspector III.pdfBuilding Official.pdfBuilding Roofing Inspector.pdfChief Building Inspector.pdfChief Electrical Inspector.pdfChief Mechanical Inspector.pdfChief of Code (S) Compliance.pdfChief of Inspection Services.pdfChief of Land Development.pdfChief of Unsafe Structures.pdfChief Plumbing Inspector.pdfChief Zoning Inspector.pdfElectrical Inspector I.pdfElectrical Inspector II.pdfElectrical Inspector III.pdfElevator Inspector.pdfMechanical Inspector I.pdfMechanical Inspector II.pdfMechanical Inspector III.pdfPermit Counter Assistant.pdfPermit Counter Representatitve.pdfPermits Plans Processing Assistant.pdfPlans Processing Aide.pdfPlans Processing Aide, Temp.pdfPlans Processing Specialist.pdfPlumbing Inspector I.pdfPlumbing Inspector II.pdfPlumbing Inspector III.pdfRecords Administrator.pdfRecords System Specialist.pdfTraining Coordinator.pdfTraining Officer.pdfZoning Administrator.pdfZoning Inspector I.pdfZoning Inspector II.pdf

Reference Documents: Letter Employee Classification and Pay System.pdfPay grades, minimums and maximums.pdf

Text of Document: June 6, 2006

Ms. Chevelle Lewis, Codes Administrator
City of Knoxville
City County Building, Room 505, P.O. box 1631
Knoxville, Tennessee 37901

Re: Employee Classification and Pay System

Dear Ms. Lewis

You recently requested MTAS to assist the City of Knoxville, Codes Department in locating a building codes employee classification system that the city could use as a model. The City of Miami, Florida has a detailed classification and pay system that may be beneficial for your use.

The City of Miami has the following building code positions:

A. Chief of Inspection Services
Chief of Land Development
Chief of Unsafe Structures
Chief of Code (S) Compliance

B. Records Administrator
Records Systems Specialist
Permit Counter Assistant
Permit Counter Representative
Permits/Plans Processing Assistant
Plans Processing Aide
Plans Processing Aide, T
Plans Processing Specialist

C. Building Inspector I
Building Inspector II
Building Inspector III
Chief Building Inspector

C. Building Official
D. Plumbing Inspector I
Plumbing Inspector II
Plumbing Inspector III
Chief Plumbing Inspector

E. Electrical Inspector I
Electrical Inspector II
Electrical Inspector III
Chief Electrical Inspector

F. Mechanical Inspector I
Mechanical Inspector II
Mechanical Inspector III
Chief Mechanical Inspector

G. Zoning Administrator
Zoning Inspector I
Zoning Inspector II
Chief Zoning Inspector

H. Elevator Inspector
Building Roofing Inspector

I. Training Officer
Training Coordinator

Enclosed is a copy of their pay grades, including minimum and maximum, and job descriptions including pay grades for each position.

I noticed in reviewing the job descriptions that they are based upon education, training, experience, and responsibility. I did not find any based upon the number of certifications. While it may be desirable and beneficial to have cross certifications, I do not recommend basing your classification and pay system on the number of certifications. You may want to base your system upon similar job descriptions including nature of the work, essential functions, desirable knowledge, abilities, and skills, requirements, ability to use tools and equipment, physical demands, and work environment as outlined in the enclosed job descriptions.

Please call me if you have questions or comments or if I may be of further assistance in developing a program for your codes department.


Ron Darden
Municipal Management Consultant