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Title:Clerk III - Accountant
Summary:Job description for the position of Clerk III Accountant.
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Product Create Date:09/24/2002
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Subject:Accounting; Clerks; Personnel--Classification
Type:Job Description
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This employee is responsible for accounting and support services under the general supervision of the City Administrator. Instructions to the employee are general and the employee must routinely use independent judgement when performing tasks. The employee must occasionally consider different courses of action. The uniform accounting code and accounting system must be followed in order to complete tasks.


The employee will operate a computer, typewriter, fax machines, copier and other modern office equipment.
The employee generally works indoors in an office.


Responsible for accounting and financial records of all funds, including reconciling bank statements and invoices, bond payments, drafting checks, accounts payable, etc.
Responsible for maintaining health insurance, and worker's compensation coverage.
Prepares all deposits and withdrawals.
Prepares all accounting reports.
Prepares all payroll.
Balances all receipts and tax collections monthly.

(Any one position may not include all of the listed duties or duties which may be performed.)
Prepares social security and tax withholding reports.
Prepares quarterly unemployment reports.
Prepares recorder reports submitted to state.
Maintains general records of account according to established accounting classifications, including various ledgers, registers, and journals.
Posts entries to books and computer from supporting records, makes adjustments, and prepares financial statements.
Deposit City receipts at bank.


Knowledge of basic principles and methods of bookkeeping.
Knowledge of business English and arithmetic.
Knowledge of modern office practices, procedures, and equipment.
Knowledge of the application of basic bookkeeping principles applied to routine transactions.
Knowledge of the overall City operations.
Ability to make arithmetic calculations rapidly and accurately.
Ability to exercise good judgement in evaluating situations and making decisions.
Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with other employees.
Applications of accounting principles to municipal finance.
Ability to use keyboards accurately on calculators, typewriters and computers.
Ability to keep written ledgers manually.


Graduation from a standard high school, or equivalent, including or supplemented by courses in bookkeeping principles and practices.
Experience in clerical accounting work.
Must pass drug screen by licensed physician.
Must meet City's "Weight Control Policy."