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Title:Performance Evaluation Survey
Summary:Thirty-six cities, counties, and departments were asked several questions about how they use performance evaluations.
Original Author:Stokes, Richard
Product Create Date:04/01/2005
Last Reviewed on::01/03/2017
Subject:Personnel--Performance appraisal; Personnel--Performance measurement; Performance measurement
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Text of Document: Performance Evaluation Survey
1. Does your organization administer performance evaluations to employees?
Yes - 33 No - 3
Blount County GovernmentCity of Crossville
City of AlcoaCity of Goodlettsville
City of AthensCity of Portland
City of Bartlett
City of Brentwood
City of Chattanooga (2)
City of Cleveland
City of Columbia
City of Gallatin
City of Hendersonville
City of Jackson (Fire Dept only)
City of Johnson City
City of Kingsport
City of Lebanon
City of Maryville
City of Memphis
City of Millington
City of Murfreesboro
City of Oak Ridge
City of Sevierville
City of Springfield
City of Tullahoma
Knox County Sheriff’s Office
Metro Development and Housing
Metro Nashville Airport (2)
Metro Nashville Police
Metro Parks and Recreations
Metro Water Services (2)
Shelby County Government
Town of Farragut

2. If yes:
a. Is the evaluation tied to pay (pay-for-performance)?
Yes - 21 No - 9 Sometimes - 3
YesNo Sometimes
Metro PoliceCity of Chattanooga (2)City of Lebanon
Blount County GovernmentCity of ClevelandMetro Parks and Recreation
City of AlcoaCity of ColumbiaMetro Water Services
City of AthensCity of Jackson
City of BartlettCity of Kingsport
City of BrentwoodCity of Memphis
City of GallatinCity of Murfreesboro
City of Hendersonville City of Tullahoma
City of Johnson City
City of Maryville
City of Millington
City of Oak Ridge
City of Sevierville
City of Springfield
Knox County Sheriff’s Office
Metro Airport Authority (2)
Metro Development and Housing
Metro Water Services
Shelby County Government
Town of Farragut

b. How often are evaluations conducted: (check all that apply)

Probationary - 29 Annually – 31 Promotional - 8
Return to Duty - 1 Upon Completion of a Project - 0
Others - 7
ProbationaryAnnuallyPromotionalReturn to DutyCompleted Project
Metro PoliceMetro PoliceCity of MurfreesboroCity of Columbia
City of HendersonvilleCity of Hendersonville City of Jackson
City of AthensShelby CountyMetro Water Svc
City of LebanonCity of AthensCity of Bartlett
City of MurfreesboroCity of LebanonKnox County Sheriff
City of GallatinCity of Gallatin City of Alcoa
Town of FarragutTown of FarragutCity of Oak Ridge
Metro Nashville Airport (2)Metro Nashville Airport (2)City of Maryville
City of Johnson City City of Johnson CityMetro Nashville Parks and Recreation
Metro Nashville Water SvcMetro Nashville Water Svc
Metro Nashville Water SvcMetro Nashville Water Svc
City of Chattanooga (2)City of Chattanooga (2)
City of SpringfieldCity of Springfield
City of BartlettCity of Bartlett
City of KingsportCity of Kingsport
City of MillingtonCity of Sevierville
Knox County SheriffCity of Millington
City of MemphisKnox County Sheriff
City of AlcoaCity of Memphis
Metro Nashville Development and Housing AgencyCity of Alcoa
City of Oak RidgeMetro Nashville Development and Housing Agency
City of ClevelandCity of Columbia
City of BrentwoodCity of Oak Ridge
City of MaryvilleCity of Cleveland
Metro Nashville Parks and RecreationCity of Brentwood
City of TullahomaCity of Maryville
Metro Nashville Parks and Recreation
City of Tullahoma

Other Comments:
1. (Metro Police) Work test, two-month – four month on new hires;
2. (Gallatin) While our evaluations are tied to pay, it is a 2.5% step increase program, which basically means that to get the pay increase their evaluation must be at a minimum satisfactory level, which as you know is pretty much a guaranteed situation. "Pay for performance" to me is a different type of evaluation, whereby the level of performance can create a different percentage wage increase, if any in some cases.
3. (Metro Water) Quarterly if unsatisfactory review
4. (Kingsport) Awaiting Board approval of pay-for-performance program.
5. (Blount County) Twice a year;
6. (Maryville) When asked if pay is tied to the evaluation, I answered yes because it was either yes or no. However, the introductory and promotional quarterly evaluations are not tied to money. If the annual evaluation is satisfactory and the employee is not topped out, then they receive a pre-determined amount (no flexibility in amount awarded).
7. (Metro Parks) Target upgrade;
c. Has your organization tried 360 Performance Evaluations?
Yes - 5 No - 28
Blount County GovernmentNo
City of AlcoaYes
City of AthensNo
City of BartlettNo
City of BrentwoodNo
City of Chattanooga (2)No
City of ClevelandNo
City of ColumbiaNo
City of CrossvilleNo
City of GallatinNo
City of Goodlettsville No
City of HendersonvilleNo
City of JacksonNo
City of Johnson CityNo
City of KingsportYes
City of LebanonNo
City of MaryvilleNo
City of MemphisNo
City of MillingtonNo
City of MurfreesboroNo
City of Oak RidgeYes
City of PortlandNo
City of SeviervilleNo
City of SpringfieldNo
City of TullahomaNo
Knox County Sheriff’s OfficeNo
Metro Nashville Airport Authority (2)No
Metro Nashville Development and Housing AgencyNo
Metro Nashville Parks and RecreationNo
Metro Nashville Police DepartmentNo
Metro Nashville Water Services (2)Yes/No
Shelby County Government No
Town of FarragutNo

Contact Information

OrganizationContact PersonContact Number
Blount County GovernmentBetsy Foxx865/273-5781
City of AlcoaWilliam Brown865/380-4753
City of AthensRita Brown423/744-2703
City of BartlettPeter C. Voss901/385-5522
City of BrentwoodKirk Bednar615/371-0060
City of ChattanoogaJean Smith
Stella Raymer
City of ClevelandJeff Davis423/559-3313
City of ColumbiaKate Collier931/388-2700
City of CrossvilleSandra Gruber931/456-5681
City of GallatinDavid Crawford615/452-5400
City of GoodlettsvilleJim Thomas615/851-2231
City of HendersonvilleKaye Palmer615/264-5314
City of JacksonLynn Henning731/425-8242
City of Johnson CityEd Fennell423/434-6016
City of KingsportBelva Hale423/224-2471
City of LebanonJim Henderson615/443-2809
City of MaryvilleTeresa Best865/380-1380
City of MemphisPearl Gibson901/576-5479
City of MillingtonMargaret Ridings901/872-4051
City of MurfreesboroSherry L. Carpenter615/848-2553
City of Oak RidgePenny Sissom865/425-3563
City of PortlandMary Lou Thompson615/325-6776
City of SeviervilleKristi Inman865/453-5504
City of SpringfieldGina Holt615/382-2200
City of TullahomaCasta Brice931/455-2648
Knox County Sheriff’s OfficeGary Hall865/215-4446
Metropolitan Nashville Airport AuthorityDirk Essary
Stephanie J. Ladd
Metropolitan Nashville Development and Housing AgencySteve Adams615/252-8551
Metropolitan Nashville Parks and RecreationPamela Crenshaw615/862-8400
Metropolitan Nashville Police DepartmentJackie Hoffman615/862-7351
Metropolitan Nashville Water ServicesMarilyn Tidwell
Martha Justice
Shelby County GovernmentJanet L. Shipman901/545-4359
Town of FarragutDenise Hairr865/966-7057
Town of SpencerDavid Vidrine931/946-2351