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Title:Using County's Bid Prices in City
Summary:Letter on legality and procedure to use County's bid asphalt unit prices to buy asphalt for small projects in Parsons.
Original Author:Chlarson, John
Product Create Date:05/13/2005
Last Reviewed on::06/19/2017
Subject:Purchasing--Laws and regulations; Purchasing--Laws and regulations--Municipal ordinances; Purchasing--Policies and procedures; Streets--Pavement--Asphalt
Original Document: Parsons Asphalt County Bid Letter.pdf

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2005 May 13

Ms. Judy Daugherty
City of Parsons
P.O. Box 128
Parsons, Tennessee

Dear Judy:

This is in response to your questions about buying asphalt using the County's unit price contract. As we agreed, this is legitimate. I am enclosing copies of the relevant sections of the Tennessee Code Annotated, T.C.A. 12-3-1004 and T.C.A. 12-3-1009. The best manner in which to proceed would be if the County mentions in its bid documents that the City may purchase asphalt at the unit prices presented in the bid proposals after the bid is awarded.

Please let me know if MTAS can be of further assistance to Parsons in this or any other matter.


Municpal Technical Advisory Service
University of Tennessee

John C. Chlarson, P.E.
Public Works/Engineering Consultant