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Title:Public Relations Coordinator
Summary:Job description for the position of Public Relations Coordinator.
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Type:Job Description
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This position is classified as Exempt for the purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Design public relations packets, flyers, advertisements and weekly news releases; operate and maintain all town social media outlets such as website and Face Book;
Promote the Town of Unicoi Buffalo Brand in all printed and verbal communications;
Arrange for art work on display at town hall and the visitor’s center;
Assist in all town fund raising efforts including soliciting donations and writing grants;
Promote public relations for projects such as the Mountain Harvest Kitchen, Tanasi, Cyclocross, Gateway Enhancement, Safe Routes to Schools, Park & Recreation, businesses, schools and churches; Help organize Town parades and festivals along with the Parks & Recreation Director, including all history committee events and other events as assigned by the Mayor or City Recorder;
Prepare a quarterly newsletter and arrange for printing and mailing;
Serve as the Public Relations Coordinator for the Town of Unicoi working with business and industry to promote economic development; Serve as liaison between businesses, industry, and other community organizations and the Town of Unicoi;
Conduct regular visits to existing businesses to discuss needs and other points of interest; Keep an accurate log of each visit with information obtained, name and phone number of contact, date & time of visit and recommendation(s); Update and maintain the Town of Unicoi Business Directory;
Coordinate and promote the Unicoi Business Alliance; Plan and facilitate new business grand openings & ribbon cutting ceremonies; Maintain a current list of available retail and industrial properties and share with the Joint Economic Development Board of Unicoi County; maintain a current directional map of the Town of Unicoi;
Attend all BMA, History Committee, Mountain Harvest Kitchen and Unicoi Business Alliance meetings to assist in planning, organizing and facilitating their events, reporting on activities and progress and attending their events, and attend all other meetings, seminars and training meetings as assigned by the City Recorder or Mayor;
Promote all town events and festivals; Create and distribute flyers, posters and news releases for these events; Promote all events and festivals on social media such as websites, Face Book, etc;
Attend all Unicoi Business Alliance Meetings and help organize, coordinate and attend all UBA events;
Provide weekly reports the City Recorder and Mayor and monthly reports to the Mayor and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen;
Prepare a Town of Unicoi Economic Development Plan including a town brochure and an outline of items and follow-up as directed; Coordinate Town of Unicoi efforts with the Unicoi County Outreach Coordinator;
Performs other duties as assigned by the City Recorder and Mayor;
Immediate Supervisor: City Recorder;
Chain of command is as follows: Mayor, City Recorder, Public Relations Coordinator;

Approved January 14, 2016

Johnny Lynch, Mayor Larry B. Rea, City Recorder

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