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Title:Sample Skateboarding Ordinances
Summary:A compilation of ordinances related to skateboarding.
Original Author:Adams-O'Brien, Frances
Product Create Date:02/23/2007
Last Reviewed on::04/21/2017
Subject:Skateboards--Municipal ordinances
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Sparks, Nev.
Chapter 10.74 Skateboards and Roller Skates
Section 10.74.010 Definitions.
As used in this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise, the words and terms defined in this section shall have the meaning ascribed to them herein.
A. "Business district" means that area bounded by the "C" Street right-of-way, the 15th Street right-of-way, the Nugget Avenue right-of-way and the Pyramid Way right-of-way.
B. "Skateboard" means a device with wheels for riding upon, usually standing, including without limitation, skateboards and roller skates.
(Ord. 1612 1 (part), 1988.)
Section 10.74.020 Skateboarding on a street.
No person shall operate a skateboard on a public street or alley in the city if there is a sidewalk adjacent or parallel to such street or alley. If no such sidewalk exists, street riding shall be done as far to the right side of the road as possible, and in the same direction as traffic.
(Ord. 1612 1 (part), 1988.)
Section 10.74.030 Clinging to a vehicle.
No person operating a skateboard shall attach himself or herself to any vehicle upon a roadway.
(Ord. 1612 1 (part), 1988.)
Section 10.74.040 Skateboarding on business property.
A. No person shall operate a skateboard on the premises of any business in violation of a sign complying with this section.
B. Areas in which skateboarding is prohibited must be indicated by one or more signs which are positioned to provide actual or constructive notice and which contain the words "No Skateboarding" or any other word or combination of words indicating that skateboarding is prohibited. Such sign must also contain the words "SMC 10.74.040" or "City Code 10.74.040."
Letters must be clearly legible.
(Ord. 1612 1 (part), 1988.)
Section 10.74.050 Skateboarding on public property.
A. No person shall operate a skateboard in, upon, or on the grounds of Sparks City Hall, Sparks Municipal Court or any city-owned parking structure.
B. No person shall operate a skateboard in violation of a sign erected by the city or other governmental entity prohibiting or regulating skateboarding.
(Ord. 1612 1 (part), 1988.)
Section 10.74.060 Yield right-of-way.
Any person operating a skateboard must yield right~-of-way to any pedestrian.
(Ord 1612 1 (part), 1988.)
Section 10.74.070 Skateboarding in the business district.
No person shall operate a skateboard within the business district of the city.
(Ord. 1612 1 (part), 1988.)
Section 10.74.080 Damaging city property.
No person shall operate a skateboard on or against any city-owned table, bench, structure, tennis court, swimming pool or other improvement which may suffer damage by such use.
(Ord. 1612 1 (part), 1988.)
Section 10.74.090 Skateboard ramps.
No person shall use or place a ramp, jump, or any other device used to force a skateboard off the pavement on the grounds of any city- owned parking lot or park.
(Ord. 1612 1 (part), 1988.)

Please remember that this ordinance was drafted based upon the drafting requirements and authority granted to a particular city or town in its charter and in general law. These drafting requirements and the authority exercised in this ordinance might not apply to your city or town.

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