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Title:Paying for Relocation of City-Owned Utility Lines
Summary:MTAS was asked who pays for changes made by a contractor who has a contract with the State.
Original Author:Darden, Don
Product Create Date:01/31/2008
Last Reviewed on::12/05/2016
Subject:Utilities--Contracts and agreements; Utilities--Relocation; Water--Lines and pipes; Streets--Construction--Contracts
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Text of Document: TDOT is widening Highway 64 into a four lane highway. This requires the relocation of city owned utility lines. The city elected to have TDOT include water and/or sewer line relocation included in the state's contract with a contractor. The contractor made changes totaling approximately $116,000 and billed the city for it. The city attorney objected and called and asked MTAS to review the matter. The city did not have control over the contractor, as he reported to and was accountable to the State TDOT. MTAS agrees that the city should not be required for the added expense.

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